MotorTrend Has Renewed Garage Squad For A Whole New Season!

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The television programme Garage Squad, which is filmed in Chicago and has been on the air for seven seasons,

All of these shows, including West Coast Customs, Wheeler Dealers, Misfit Garage, and Garage Squad, focus on the customization and restoration of classic automobiles.

Another thing that they have in common is that viewers have a tendency to criticise them for being artificial, repetitious, and presented only for entertainment purposes.

This series takes viewers by surprise by offering those who are currently working on vehicle projects the chance to obtain expert assistance in order to complete their projects.

The “Garage Squad” crew of ace technicians searches auto parts stores around the United States for worthy backyard automobile restorers, and when they find them, they walk out with them ready to take those cars from the “DIY” stage to the “DONE” stage.

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Over the years, allegations have been made that some scenes and events were fabricated, and the makers of the show have defended their work in public.

GARAGE SQUAD, the smash hit series produced by MotorTrend, has returned with a new co-host, new cars, and fresh makeovers! Bogi Lateiner is an ASE master certified technician and the host of ALL GIRLS GARAGE.

MotorTrend has recently announced that she will be joining the GARAGE SQUAD crew. Alongside National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) driver Bruno Massel and lead technician Joe Zolper, who are currently in their 8th season as co-hosts of the series, Bogi will now be joining them in the role of co-host.

The eighth season of GARAGE SQUAD is available to stream on the MotorTrend app beginning on Thursday, October 14, and will make its premiere on MotorTrend TV beginning on Wednesday, October 20, at 10 PM Eastern Time / 9 PM Pacific Time.

As we begin the eighth season of Garage Squad and take on yet another set of dangerous car rescues, we are happy to have Bogi join the team. Bogi, a BMW technician who was trained by the dealership, established 180 Degrees Automotive in Phoenix in 2006.

What began as a simple auto service in her garage has since blossomed into a multi-award winning, enormously popular auto repair and education facility because to her ceaseless efforts.

Both at this location and at the one she runs now, which she calls Girl Gang Garage, her dedication to transforming the automobile industry into one in which everyone, and particularly women, can participate in a way that makes them feel accepted and at ease as either a mechanic or a customer is on full display.

Bogi’s rise to prominence as a speaker, writer, and educator may be attributed, in large part, to the women’s auto maintenance seminars she created and led as well as the incredible hot rod projects she oversaw.

We are very thankful that she is able to continue hosting All Girls Garage on MotorTrend while also contributing her expertise and passion to Garage Squad.

Over the past few years, Bogi has served as the leader of the All-Female Build of High Yellow 56, a 1956 Chevy 3100 that made its premiere at SEMA in 2019.

During the process of building the truck, more than ninety women participated, a number that she aims to more than quadruple with the next All Female Build, which will be a 1961 Volvo PV544.

It is becoming increasingly clear that this Volvo, which has been called the Iron Maven, will not be your typical Swedish fish as Girl Gang Garage continues to crank on it.

Bogi, the newest addition to the Squad, infuses the entire family with a burst of youthful vitality, and each and every member of the crew can sense it.

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This fall, you can witness all new episodes of Garage Squad on MotorTrend as Bogi, Joe, Bruno, and the rest of the Garage Squad save stalled projects and family heirlooms, all beginning with a woman-owned American classic, a 1989 Camaro.

The owner goes so far as to enlist members of her own squad to assist in the cleaning process. Bogi has been the host of the popular series ALL GIRLS GARAGE on MotorTrend since since the show’s debut in 2012.

As a young woman, Bogi decided to make a career out of working on cars, eventually becoming an ASE master certified technician as well as a custom car builder.

Girl Gang Garage is a one-of-a-kind auto shop with the mission of promoting and championing the entry and progress of women within the automotive and skilled trade industries.

The founder’s enthusiasm for enhancing the lives of women through car repair was the impetus for the store’s creation. The GARAGE SQUAD comes to the rescue in each episode with a team of highly trained mechanics and experts who take over a car owner’s garage with the goal of transforming their stalled project into an automotive dream ride.

In each episode, the GARAGE SQUAD comes to the rescue with a team of highly trained mechanics and experts who take over a car owner’s garage.

Car enthusiasts all around the United States have purchased an imperfect model of their ideal vehicle in the vain hope that they might restore it to its former glory using their own meagre mechanical skills, despite the fact that they lack the necessary knowledge, resources, time, and money.

To everyone’s relief, the GARAGE SQUAD is always willing to do whatever it takes to make even the most jaded automobile owners cry tears of delight at their antics.

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