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Georgia Lineman Devin Willock, Dead In A Car Crash

devin willock accident

After the Bulldogs celebrated their second consecutive national championship with a parade and ceremony, Georgia offensive lineman Devin Willock and a member of the recruiting staff died in a car accident early on Sunday, according to the school.

The accident, which happened in Athens, south of the Georgia campus, also wounded two other football players. Although they could not be immediately identified, the school reported that both were in stable conditions.

The Athens-Clarke County police department released a statement stating that the single-vehicle collision happened at around 2.45 am. A procession around the city and a ceremony at Sanford Stadium were held on Saturday to commemorate Georgia’s 65-7 thrashing of TCU in the national championship game.

According to the preliminary inquiry, a Ford Expedition “left the roadway, striking two power lines and several trees,” according to the statement.

Willock, age 20, was declared deceased at the spot. Chandler LeCroy, the vehicle’s driver, was taken to the hospital, where she succumbed to her wounds. She was 24 years old. For the Bulldogs, LeCroy served as a recruiting analyst.

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Who Is Devin Willock?

Devin Willock, an American football player, was conceived in 2002 in Paramus, New Jersey. He was raised in the community of New Milford.

Willock, a sophomore with a redshirt, participated in each of the Dawgs’ 15 games this year. In the national championship game, he participated and started against Tennessee and Kentucky. Willock was listed by ESPN as the 39th-best guard in the nation and the 17th-best prospect from his native New Jersey.

Georgia defeated TCU 65-7 in the national championship game, and on January 14, 2023, they celebrated with a procession around the city and a celebration at Sanford Stadium. The team that had recently won the national championship depended on Willock in crucial ways.

Willock, a sophomore from New Jersey with a redshirt, filled that role for the whole season. Despite playing in each game, he only started two games for the Bulldogs this year. In the Bulldogs’ victories over Tennessee and Kentucky, 6-foot-7, 335-pound Willock started at right guard.

He took part in each of the team’s 15 games this past season. He was the 17th-best prospect in New Jersey and the 39th-best guard prospect in the country according to ESPN Recruiting in 2020 as a senior at Paramus Catholic High School.

On January 15, 2023, Willock and Chandler LeCroy perished in an automobile accident in Athens, Georgia. LeCroy passed away in the hospital from head injuries while Willock was pronounced dead at the scene of the collision.

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Is Devin Willock Dead?

According to the university, a single-car collision on Sunday morning claimed the lives of Georgia offensive lineman Devin Willock and football staff member Chandler LeCroy. Warren McClendon, another offensive lineman, and Tory Bowles, a member of the recruiting team, suffered injuries in the collision and are both doing well.

The terrible deaths of football staff member Chandler LeCroy and student-athlete Devin Willock left “the whole Georgia family inconsolable,” according to the statement. “The collision resulted in the injuries of two additional football team players. Both of them are in stable condition, and we will keep an eye on their health care providers’ reports on them.

“Devin and Chandler were two exceptional persons who had a significant impact on the University of Georgia, our football team, and our athletic department. During this extremely trying time, we kindly ask that everyone remember their families in their prayers.

Early on Sunday morning, Athens-Clarke County Police were called to a single-vehicle collision. According to the police report, the car “was heading southbound in the outside lane of Barnett Shoals Road when it exited the roadway, impacting two power poles and multiple trees.”

According to the report, Willock passed away from his injuries on the spot. LeCroy was taken to a nearby hospital, where she succumbed to her wounds and passed away. Compared to Bowles, McClendon only sustained minor wounds.

The death of Devin Willock and Chandler LeCroy has left everyone “heartbroken and devastated,” according to Georgia coach Kirby Smart. “In every aspect, Devin was an exceptional young guy. He was a fantastic teammate, constantly cheerful, and a pleasure to coach.

Chandler was a fantastic employee who consistently provided a great attitude and energy to our football team. We share their families’ grief at this awful loss and will do everything in our power to help them.

Willock, a 2020 recruiting class member, played in every one of Georgia’s 15 games this season, starting against Tennessee and Kentucky. LeCroy, 24, was employed by the programme as a football recruiting analyst after receiving both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Georgia.

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