Get To Know Your Customers Day 2023: History And Know How To Celebrate

Four times a year, on the third Thursday of the month (January, April, July, and October), businesses make an extra effort to learn about and satisfy their customers. Customers are the backbone of any successful organization, so devoting four days annually to cultivating relationships with them rather than just one demonstrates the need to always keep them in mind.

We’ve all been that consumer numerous times per week, if not daily, when we go shopping. The opportunity to learn more about one’s clientele and win their confidence and loyalty grows with each passing “Get to Know Your Customers Day.”


The history of “Get to Know Your Customers Day” is unclear, but its significance as a marketing tool is not. The continued support of loyal consumers is essential to the success of any business. Every three months, businesses are reminded by “Get to Know Your Customers Day” to conduct consumer surveys and focus groups to better understand their clientele.

Repeated research confirms that a company’s success is tied to the satisfaction and continued patronage of its clientele. Customers’ actions, both good and bad, are predictable based on their past experiences, making it essential to regularly survey your clientele. Customers who have positive experiences with a company and remain loyal to it are willing to pay a higher price for future purchases.

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On the other hand, negative customer experiences often result in more than just the loss of a single consumer in today’s digitally social environment. Here are some numbers about unhappy customers:

  • Nearly half of consumers will abandon a brand.
  • The vast majority (91%) will simply cease.
  • For 76% of consumers, switching to a competitor is easier.
  • The percentage of people who will tell others about a negative encounter is 62%.
  • Twelve positive experiences are needed to cancel out one bad one.
  • Poor service, not high prices, is the primary reason customers go elsewhere.

It takes more time and money to find a new customer once an old one has been lost. Making the most of this opportunity to get to know your clients will help you provide the kind of exceptional service that keeps them coming back and brings in new ones.

6 Ways To Engage Your Business Supporters

Inquire Into Their Views

Inquiring about how you’re doing from the perspective of your clientele Let them off the hook! Make a creative suggestion box and keep it where people can easily see it. Send out a survey by email if you conduct business online.

Don’t overcomplicate things. Just ask, “How are we doing?” and give folks the freedom to elaborate as much or as little as they desire. It’s also possible to simply ask them directly. Ask them for advice on how to enhance your service.

Celebrate Something New

On National Your Customers Day, you can acknowledge and appreciate everything they do for your business. Don’t forget to send out an email informing your guests that you appreciate their patronage and will be doing something special in their honor. Invite customers by email in advance of the event and explain that you will be holding a unique event to show your appreciation for their patronage. Naturally, this year should be low-key. It is difficult to have huge meetings due to COVID regulations.

All you have to do is put up some signs advertising your customer appreciation event and thank each and every customer who walks through your doors.

Create An Additional Loyalty Program Incentive

A simple gesture of increasing a customer’s “earnings” in a loyalty program is a terrific way to show appreciation and start a constructive dialogue with long-term patrons. If you use punch cards to track customers’ visits, you might consider rewarding those who come in on Customer Appreciation Day with an extra box punched.

It’s cheap and easy, and it makes your clients feel like they’re the only ones. In the absence of one already, now is the time to launch a loyalty program for your most loyal customers. Customer loyalty and customer engagement are two very essential indicators that you can and should build.

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Send Handwritten Letters Of Appreciation

Nothing says, “I appreciate you,” quite like a lovingly crafted, handwritten thank you note. Of course, if you have a lot of customers, writing all those cards by hand is impracticable.

Instead, ask your customers or clients for their home addresses and then forward them to Simply Noted along with a unique thank-you message. Our automatic handwriting machines will draw wonderful cards for each of your customers using real ballpoint pens and ship them out without any additional effort on your part.

Use Google To Promote My Company’s Advertisement

Google local search may be crucial to bringing in consumers for a small business. Both the search engine and potential customers can benefit from testimonials, as they provide searchable content. On Customer Appreciation Day, provide patrons with a link to your Google My Business page and a request for a testimonial. Many of your current clients will gladly take you up on the offer.

Promote A Rebate Sale As A Way To Say “Thank You”

Offering a freebie is a great way to get customers talking about your brand. Freebies are always appreciated, and they don’t even have to be expensive. A fantastic icebreaker is an email offering a little discount off the customer’s next purchase. Any other advantages? The number of sales has risen!


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