Rainer Schaller And His Family Died In A Plane Crash Near Costa Rica

gold gym owner plane crash

A plane carrying German businessman Rainer Schaller and his family crashed off the coast of Costa Rica on Friday, leaving the 53-year-old Gold’s Gym owner, his 44-year-old girlfriend Christiane Schikorsky, and his two children Aaron Schaller and Finja Schaller missing.

Marcus Kurreck, a personal trainer for Schaller who is 40 years old, and a Swiss pilot who is 66 years old were both aboard the plane when it crashed, according to McFit, one of the businesses owned by Schaller.

Schaller is the CEO and founder of the RSG Group, which has over 200 gym studios in Germany alone as well as a number of others in Austria, Poland, and Spain. The number of its members exceeds 1.4 million. Fitness-related companies like McFit, Gold’s, John Reed, and others are owned by the RSG Group.

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Who Is Rainer Schaller?

Who Is Rainer Schaller?

The president and CEO of McFit GmbH, Lopavent GmbH, Loveparade Berlin GmbH, and LoveParade.net GmbH is Rainer Schaller. Since 2006, these companies have organised the electronic dance music festival and procession known as the Love Parade.

Schaller, who dropped out of high school, finished his training as a retail salesperson at Edeka, the grocery store his mother ran, according to Trend News Detail. After ten years, he was in charge of four Edeka stores before entering the fitness business.

His sibling was responsible for his entrepreneurial aspirations. According to Trend News Detail, Schaller stated in an interview with the German business newspaper Handelsblatt that despite not being a strong student, the constructive competition he had from his brother, who was a model student, helped him develop his personality and establish himself.

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Rainer Schaller Career

The RSG Group, named the top company in the fitness sector globally, was founded and is led by Schaller. In 1997, he launched McFit, his first gym, in Würzburg, Germany. With over 200 gym studios in Germany alone with locations in Austria, Italy, Poland, and Spain as well, McFit is currently recognized as the country’s largest fitness network.

Let's Know About Rainer Schaller's Career

DW estimates that they have more than 1.4 million members. With brands like John Reed, High 5, Cyberobics, Qi2, Loox, McFit Models, Tigerpool, and The Mirai, Schaller expanded the McFit Global Group into 12 fitness franchises in 2019 and changed its name to RSG Group. He discussed the group’s rebranding choice with Spa Business.

Although the McFit Global Group’s portfolio now includes 12 companies, it has recently expanded 360 degrees around the customer into allied fields of design, lifestyle, art, fashion, and architecture.  After Dallas-based Gold’s Gym filed for bankruptcy relief in 2020 as a result of Covid-19, Schaller acquired the company through RSG Group for a staggering $100 million USD, according to The Business Journal.

“We are assuming a legacy with the purchase of Gold’s Gym, and I have the utmost respect for that legacy. We want to concentrate on the essential principles of Gold’s Gym and strike the correct balance between upholding the company’s history and advancing the brand, Schaller said in a statement at the time.”

Following the purchase of Gold’s Gym, RSG Group now owns 21 companies that include fitness, lifestyle, and fashion businesses, are sold in 48 countries, and have more than 41,000 employees, according to ABC News.

Rainer Schaller Plane Crash

Last Photo Of Rainer Schaller With His Family Before They All Died in The Plane Crash

Six people were reportedly killed when a tiny plane off the coast of Costa Rica crashed on Saturday. They included the Gold’s Gym founder, a German businessman. It is believed that all five of the passengers are German citizens, according to Jorge Torres, Minister of Security. A citizen of Switzerland, the pilot.

The missing twin-engine turboprop plane’s remains had been found in the water the day before, according to authorities in Costa Rica, who announced this on Saturday. Rainer Schaller’s name was on the flight plan for the small charter plane. In addition, he is the owner of two of the biggest fitness businesses worldwide, Gold’s Gym and McFit.

The aeroplane, according to pieces discovered, has been found, according to Arias. No bodies, dead or living, have been discovered as of yet. An eminently recognisable Italian aircraft, the Piaggio P180 Avanti, was the one in question. According to Torres, the aeroplane began in Mexico, but it ended up landing near the seaside tourist town of Limon before vanishng from radar.

Five German passengers were on a flight from Mexico to the Limon airport when it was alerted to them at around six o’clock in the afternoon, according to Torres. The search was temporarily suspended because of the poor weather.

Rainer Schaller gained notoriety in 2010 for his role as the man in charge of the Berlin Love Parade techno event. During the incident, 500 people suffered crush injuries and 21 people were killed. The situation was already critical at the entrance to the festival grounds, and according to the authorities, “Schaller’s security failed to prevent the flow of people into a tunnel.”

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