Google Pixel Watch Release Update: Launch Date, Availability And Key Specs

Android users have been waiting for a Pixel Watch to kickstart Google’s efforts with Wear OS since the company debuted its Pixel-brand phones as a stock showcase for its phone software. 

It will undoubtedly run Wear OS 3, making it perhaps the greatest smartwatch for Google’s wearable platform to date. Additionally, it will bring some fresh Android experiences to the wrist and use Fitbit’s fitness monitoring technology.

It will face competition from the Apple Watch 8, the opulent Montblanc Summit 3, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, and Pixel smartphone customers who have been waiting years for an internal companion smartwatch.

But before we go any further, here is all we currently know about the Google Pixel Watch, from its anticipated debut date and pricing to its potential features.

What We Know So Far!

Even though the Pixel Watch won’t be available until later this year, we already know a lot about it thanks to Google and information that has leaked, including its potential RAM and battery capacities.

Historically, Google introduced new Pixel phones in the first few days of October. It is estimated that Pixel Watch will be introduced along with the already revealed Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Notably, the Pixel 7 is reportedly set to go on sale for pre-order this Fall. The launch window for the Pixel Watch might be comparable.

Google Pixel Watch Rumoured Price

The only indication of how much this watch will cost is the cost of comparable products on the market. For instance, the $400 Apple Watch Series 7 is available in 2021. But the Google-owned 2021 Fitbit Charge debuted for less than $200.

Google will go towards a middle ground: Another recent source supports the price range of $300-$350. The price will vary depending on the model, such as if one offers mobile network connectivity or has a more prominent watch face.

We do know that Google will offer a 4G LTE model, and based on how other brands are pricing the feature, it will probably cost an additional $50 to $100. Otherwise, unlike the Galaxy Watch 4, the Pixel Watch will only be available in one casing size.

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You might decide to purchase a Fitbit Premium subscription because the Pixel Watch will feature Fitbit integration; this would cost an additional $10/month or $80/year on top of the watch’s price. We wonder if Google would include that in addition to the 3–12 months of free premium service that the majority of Fitbit watches give.

What Characteristics And Specifications Will The Pixel Watch Have?

Google officially unveiled the eagerly anticipated smartwatch, the Pixel Watch, at I/O 2022 in advance of its availability this Fall. Even though the details were scant, they supported earlier design leaks. It confirmed information about Fitbit connectivity, a Google Home app for Wear OS, and many other things. Pricing is not yet obvious, but so far, things seem promising.

The Google Pixel Watch has some official information as well as some leaks and rumors that give us a good picture of what to anticipate from the wearable.

Some of the earliest semi-official information we discovered came from leaked materials that Jon Prosser was able to collect and discuss on his Front Page Tech YouTube program. In those promotional materials, Google described the watch’s features using terms like “planet,” “route,” “agenda,” and “health.”

Google made no formal announcements on the Pixel Watch’s specifications during I/O, leaks have provided us with a fair amount of information about the future gadget. Some of it looks good, but others are disappointing.

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According to a May leak, the 2018 Exynos 9110 chipset, which debuted in the first Galaxy Watch, would probably power the Pixel Watch. Samsung now utilizes the Exynos W920 in the Galaxy Watch 4. Google started building the watch when the 9110 was the most recent hardware. It did not adapt it to use the more recent model.

We are worried and unhappy that Google’s 2022 watch will rely on rather obsolete hardware. Even though Samsung’s hardware has historically outperformed Snapdragon Wear chips for consistent performance.

Google might team the Exynos 9110 with a coprocessor that does lighter tasks in tandem. More RAM than the 1.5GB present in the Galaxy Watch 4 is reportedly planned to be added. Although we don’t have a precise figure, the inference seems to be 2GB. It also has a huge 32GB of storage capacity.

The Pixel Watch’s circular front will go against Apple’s rectangle design tenet. On the right side of the device, there are at least two buttons visible. Although the flat button may have that capability instead, the central crown appears to be rotatable for navigation. It could potentially operate as a dedicated voice assistant button.

On stage, Google also stated that the watch will include exclusive bands. This means that you won’t be able to use bands that you already own or purchase from third parties. However, Google has confirmed that there will be a limited number of color options. Additionally, according to a recent leak, Pixel Watch purchasers will have access to up to seven strap options right now. This might come with a silicone band, two leather options, a steel mesh band, and two link bands.

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