What Is the Real Name Of The American Rapper And Songwriter Gorilla Zoe?

gorilla rapper real name

American musician Gorilla Zoe is best recognised for his time spent with the rap duo Boyz N Da Hood. Boyz N Da Hood is largely credited with launching his career. In 2007, he released his first solo album, titled Welcome to the Zoo.

His subsequent two albums, titled Don’t Feed Da Animals and King Kong, were released in the years 2009 and 2011, respectively. 2015 saw the release of not one but two mixtapes from him: Recovery and Raised in the Jungle.

He has been an independent artist since 2018. In addition to being a rapper, he is the proprietor of Fly Brand, which is a clothing company that can be found in Brooklyn, New York. There is a connection between Gorilla Nems and the music production names Lifer Gang, Gorilla Music, and Creative Juices.

Wikipedia does not yet contain any information about Raper Nems. Regardless of this fact, his meteoric rise through the ranks of the music industry over the course of the past few decades has made him a topic of discussion on a variety of online platforms.

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Gorilla Zoe Biography

Everything We know About Gorilla Zoe

Alonzo Keith Mathis is a rapper who was born on January 26, 1983 in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. He is most known for his participation in a number of rap groups, including Trustnobody Ent. and Boyz N Da Hood, amongst others. In addition, he is active in the solo arena and has issued a number of albums since 2007.

His current level of wealth is a direct result of the many efforts he has put forth over the years. Gorilla’s rise to prominence began after he took over for Young Jeezy as a member of Boyz n’ da Hood. This hip hop trio is famous for their brand of music known as southern gangster rap, and they have worked with a number of other artists on the same record label.

A number of Zoe’s collaborations, like “Coffee Shop” and “Bottle Poppin,” have been successful enough to score on the Billboard charts. After some time, he was taken on as a solo artist by Bad Boy South and Block Entertainment, which led to a gradual increase in his net worth.

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Gorilla Zoe Career

At the age of 17, Nems released F, his debut compilation. The Valium Won in Your Life. He has received close to forty different collections to his name so yet. He spent his formative years in Coney Island, Brooklyn, as Travis Doyle. He is the Coney Island city hall’s newly appointed head. Travis is well known for his battle raps, and he has had over 25 professional fight victories to date.

How Did Gorilla Zoe Became Famous?

The American rapper owns a clothing line called F*** Ya Life, or simply FLY. Other than rapping, skilled artisans continually produced items about clothing. He utilizes online media platforms for marketing his clothing brand in order to maintain a successful business. The multi-talented rapper also owns two barbershops in his former neighbourhood.

He is renowned for working with top rappers like Ghostface Killah, Sean Price, Kool G-Rap, Proof, and D-12 in the rap industry. Gorilla Nem is a rapper that is currently 45 years old and was born on January 1st, 1976. The real name of the American rapper is Travis Doyle. He was raised on Coney Island, Brooklyn, his old neighbourhood.

He delivered his first collection when he was just 17 years old, and as of this writing, he has north of 45 collections to his credit. When people learned his real name, many of them believed he was Caucasian. The 45-year-old, though, is half Latino and half Irish. Due to their unfounded racial suspicions, several people questioned his legitimacy in the rap games.

Gorilla is not a typical rapper; he is a battle rapper. Additionally, in a battle rap, the adversary typically makes comments about his identity. Tragically, the family data from the Brookly neighbourhood has been left alone. With that, virtually little information about his family’s foundation is known.

Gorilla Zoe Discography

  • 2007: Welcome to the Zoo
  • 2009: Don’t Feed da Animals
  • 2011: King Kong
  • 2017: Don’t Feed da Animals 2
  • 2017: Gorilla Warfare
  • 2019: I Am Atlanta 4ever
  • 2020: 31 DAYS OF COVID-19

Gorilla Zoe Net Worth

What Is The Net Worth Of The rapper?

Gorilla became famous when he replaced Young Jeezy in Boyz n da Hood, a southern gangster rap group that cooperated with other artists on the same label. Zoe has charted with “Coffee Shop” and “Bottle Poppin.” His net worth slowly increased once he joined with Bad Boy South and Block Entertainment.

His first single, “Hood Figga,” reached #38 on the Billboard 100 the following year. The song led to his first solo album, “Welcome to the Zoo,” which peaked at 18 on the Billboard 200 and 3 on the Top Rap Albums.

His popularity got him on the XXL Freshmen cover with Crooked I, Rich Boy, and Saigon. In 2008, he released the single “Lost” to promote his second album “Don’t Feed da Animals” “What It Is” and “Echo” added to his wealth.

Gorilla has released mixtapes on DatPiff.com since 2010. He released “I Am Atlanta 3” on iTunes. The next year, he released “King Kong,” although it wasn’t as successful as his first two albums, only reaching 56th on the Billboard 200.

The album’s most successful single is “What’s Goin’ On.” Zoe took a two-year music sabbatical, then released “Recovery” in 2014. Flo Rida’s International Music Group signed him.

Gorilla grew up in a rap-influenced environment, but nothing else is known about him. He began his music career at 18 and did numerous jobs before reaching success. He’s inspired by Dr. Dre, South Circle, and Outkast. At 11, he plugged a mic into a stereo and rapped along with music.

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