Hasselblad Unveils X2D 100C Camera And 3 Lenses

Hasselblad unveils X2D 100C camera and 3 lenses

NEW YORK The Hasselblad X2D 100C mirrorless medium format camera and three new X system lenses—the XCD 38mm f/2.5 V, XCD 55mm f/2.5 V, and XCD 90mm f/2.5 V—are being released by B&H with much anticipation. With a new 100MP BSI CMOS sensor, phase-detection autofocus, 7-stop image stabilization, a revamped design with a better EVF tilting touchscreen, and an integrated 1TB SSD, the X2D camera offers all of these capabilities and more. The new lenses have updated external designs. They have better autofocus performance, an easy AF/MF switching design, new customizable control rings, and lighter, more compact designs.

“Touchscreens now have a tilting design that works better when photographing from low angles.” The X2D now includes a built-in 1TB SSD for onboard file storage, which is possibly the most surprising addition.

The Single CFexpress Type B Memory Card Slot, In Addition.

The Single CFexpress Type B Memory Card Slot, In Addition.

A big improvement for mirrorless medium format cameras is the X2D. This camera’s new 100MP sensor gives it a distinct advantage, but its primary selling point is unquestionably superior color and detail. This 44 x 33mm BSI CMOS sensor features an outstanding 16-bit colour depth, a higher dynamic range (15 stops versus 14 stops), and a lower base sensitivity than the X1D (now at ISO 64 vs ISO 100). The sensor’s design, which features 294 phase-detection zones for increased accuracy and focusing speed in a variety of lighting settings, also contributes to improved autofocus performance. Also related to the sensor, the X2D is the first camera

With in-body image stabilization, the X system. This sensor-shift stabilization technique adjusts for up to 7 stops of camera shake and benefits operating in low-light circumstances with slower shutter speeds.

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The X2D offers a plethora of improvements to its physical design and functional aspects in addition to imaging enhancements. With a 5.76 million dot OLED panel and 1.0x magnification for a larger, sharper viewing experience, the electronic viewfinder has been upgraded. Now also equipped with a tilting design that makes it easier to use from low shooting angles is the rear 3.6″ touchscreen. And perhaps most interestingly, the X2D now has a single CFexpress Type B memory card port in addition to a built-in 1TB SSD for onboard file storage.

A Camera’s Body, Additionally, Hasselblad Is Introducing Three Lenses

: the wide-angle XCD 38mm f/2.5 V, the wide-normal XCD 55mm f/2.5 V, and the short-telephoto XCD 90mm f/2.5 V. These lenses have more compact and lightweight profiles compared to earlier XCD lenses, as well as revised exterior designs with style that is reminiscent of the film-era V lenses. These “V” lenses also have an adjustable control ring that may be used to change a number of exposure settings, which is another physical improvement.

In terms of both aperture and focusing speed, these lenses are also comparatively quicker than those with other equivalent focal lengths. They operate better in low light and have better depth of field control despite being smaller and lighter than most Hasselblad X series lenses.

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Due to a redesigned stepping linear AF motor and internal focusing architecture, these three lenses also provide faster AF performance when coupled with the X2D. They also offer a mechanically linked MF mode, matching focus distance and depth of field scales, a push-pull mechanism for swiftly switching between focusing modes, and more.

Concerning B&H Photo Video

Concerning B&H Photo Video

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