What Happened To The Heidi And Frank Show On CITADEL Talk KABC-A?

heidi and frank show cancelled

Frosty, Heidi, and Frank’s midday show on CITADEL Talk KABC-A in Los Angeles is coming to an end as a result of a decision not to extend the trio’s contracts for an additional year.

The show will finish on October 4th; FROSTY STILWELL is leaving the programme; HEIDI HAMILTON and FRANK KRAMER will carry on with a daily live streaming broadcast and podcast.

“TALKRADIO 790 KABC will maintain a sales and marketing cooperation with HEIDI & FRANK’s podcast project involving commercial endorsements and live events,” declared OM/PD JACK SILVER.

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What happened to Heidi and Frank?

Kramer has been missing from his routine for the previous two weeks, but he has now provided fans with an explanation of his puzzling departure.

He gave the reason as health difficulties in an Instagram post from 18 October. He will have surgery on Wednesday, October 20 to have “something growing” that UCLA medical professionals found on his vocal cords removed.

What happened to Heidi and Frank?

Although the 51-year-old declined to say when he would return to everyone’s favourite morning programme, he told supporters that, “barring an earthquake,” he would do so soon.

Regarding Hamilton, there hasn’t been any information released as to why she left the show; instead, there has just been a video promoting a contest to win tickets to see The Rolling Stones.

Hamilton’s Instagram is where she most recently posted on social media, posting pictures of herself with her pets. As a result, we’re presuming the 48-year-old is healthy and fit.

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About the Hosts

Heidi Hamilton and Frank Kramer once again skipped their radio show, disappointing their devoted audience.

During the previous year, the KLOS FM show underwent a few changes: Due to “decreased advertiser revenue” brought on by covid, Frosty was placed on leave in March of 2020.

The following host to say goodbye was Sammi Marino in May 2021, and most recently, Erik Scott Smith, who has been hosting the programme for 14 years, announced his departure on October 7. Listeners are concerned that with Heidi and Frank missing, the show may have reached its final act.

Erik Scott Smith Departs KLOS FM’s ‘Heidi and Frank Show’

Erik Scott Smith Leaves ‘Heidi and Frank Show’

Erik Scott Smith made his departure from “The Heidi and Frank Show,” a well-liked Los Angeles morning radio programme, official on Thursday.

During his stint with the Meruelo Media station, which started in 2012, he worked as an executive producer and on-air performer.

According to his LinkedIn, he co-hosted Dish Nation on Fox from 2012 until 2019, and earlier this summer he started a streetwear company to support inner-city children.

A request for comment was not immediately responded to either KLOS FM or Meruelo Media representatives. Smith, an actor best known for roles in “A Walk to Remember,” “Dawson’s Creek,” and “Squatters,” among other films, did not announce his departure on his social media platforms.

The Heidi and Frank Show Returns to Los Angeles Radio

The Heidi and Frank programme will return to Los Angeles radio on September 4 according to Cumulus Media’s KLOS/95.5 FM. Every Monday through Friday from 6 am to 10 am PST, the show will be carried live on KLOS.

Your experience as a Premium Member won’t change at all, except than the fact that you’ll receive more fantastic Heidi & Frank Show content.

Our live audio feed has always been free and will remain so. However, you can now tune in between the hours of 5 and 10 in the morning. worldwide here on heidiandfrank.com or on 95.5 FM in Los Angeles.

You still have EXCLUSIVE access to the live webcasts, show archives, commercial-free podcasts, members-only films, and much more as a Premium Member. The ideal moment to become a Premium Member is right now more than ever.

The Heidi and Frank Show Cast

Heidi Hamilton

Frank is perceived by Heidi as her elder brother, who she adores but occasionally wishes she could strangle. When she’s not working on the show, Heidi enjoys running, wine-drinking, and working on her house in addition to caring for her four dogs and two cats.

Her projects are continually in progress. When asked what she liked best about performing the programme, Heidi, who has been working with Frank for eleven years, responded, “My favourite thing, along with having a booze cupboard in our office, is that I get paid to laugh every day. Most jobs, I’m pretty sure, don’t allow for that.”

James Bergener, the Dense Beard of Justice, has Heidi Hamilton and Frank Kramer’s best interests in mind.

Frank Kramer

One of the most blunt, witty, and entertaining talk show hosts on radio today is Frank Kramer. He has ruled the airwaves for close to 20 years, dominating the AM/FM and podcast markets.

The most sincere, aggressive, and shockingly endearing person you will ever meet is him. He won’t care about how you feel; he will always tell it like it is, and you can trust that he has good intentions when he expresses his horrifying thoughts.

His incisive criticism and hot wit have given listeners across the West a voice that toasts to everyone. Both Frank and the people are well-known to one another.

Frank Kramer inspires you to “actually WANT to listen to the whole show” as he takes you through his successful beginnings and L.A. talk radio hegemony with a global listening audience.

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