When Will Justin Roiland’s Satirical Space Shooter “High On Life” Be Released?

High On Life Release Date

High on Life, a game created by Roiland’s very own Squanch Games studio, puts a comic spin on first-person shooters. It is set in a bright sci-fi universe where you will battle extraterrestrial foes by joining anthropomorphic talking weaponry. Along with a brand-new animated short associated with the game, the creator confirmed the date.

However, there wasn’t any brand-new gameplay or even specific story information, in keeping with the odd humor that the Justin Roiland-led developer is known for. No, the brief is just one of several non-sequiturs that will appear during the game. On screens all across the world, these shorts will resemble the Interdimensional Cable sketches from Rick & Morty.

You’ll come across many bizarre and eccentric people along the road, not the least of which are your weapons. You see, they’re intelligent, and they’ll talk away as you use, reload, and otherwise employ them against your adversaries. You know what to anticipate if you enjoy Roiland’s particular style of humor.

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High On Life Release Date

High On Life Release Date

On December 13, 2022, High On Life will be released. The team required additional time to polish the game, therefore it was postponed from its original October 25, 2022, release date. The game will still launch as an exclusive for the PC and Xbox and will continue to be a Game Pass title because nothing else has changed. We shouldn’t have to submit our eyes to this disgusting dating ad animation, but Squanch Games supplied it as an apology.

High On Life Game Pass

After the debut of Game Pass, players will be able to access High On Life there. The video game will be playable on a variety of devices, including consoles, personal computers, and the cloud. Because the game focuses on providing a challenging experience for a single player, you should be able to breeze through it using Game Pass and then go back for more if you want to.

High On Life Cast

The plot of High on Life is notable for a number of aspects, one of which is, of course, the extremely peculiar talking firearms, which, to put it mildly, have a propensity for having dirty mouths. In addition to the work of Roiland, High on Life will feature the voice work of such notable actors as J.B. Smoove, Tim Robinson, Zach Hadel, and Michael Cusack.

High On Life Storyline

What is the storyline of science fiction  game High On Life?

In the ludicrous science fiction universe of High on Life, humanity has been kidnapped by an extra-terrestrial gang and is being used as a source of drugs for extra-terrestrials. Along the route, you will stop at a number of unique destinations, such as a lush tropical paradise and a sprawling metropolis constructed entirely within an asteroid.

This is the official description that can be found on the game’s website:

“You’ve just graduated high school, but you don’t have a job and you don’t have any goals for your life. Until an alien cartel that wants to get high off of humans invades Earth, you really don’t have much going on for you.” Now, you and a crew of charismatic talking guns have been tasked with answering the hero’s call and becoming the most lethal interplanetary bounty hunter the universe has ever seen.

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High On Life Features

One of the most notable aspects of High on Life is the wide variety of talking, bug-eyed weaponry that are available to the player. As they fire projectiles, such as bullets and their own spore-like offspring, the guns offer comments and crack jokes while they do so. In addition to that, there is a dagger that screams for blood and yells “stab” as its blade is sunk into an opponent. It’s all extremely wholesome, in the way that mature cartoon violence can be wholesome.

High on Life Trailer

In the world depicted in the High on Life trailer, humans are treated like patients. You have a responsibility to destroy the alien drug cartel as an intergalactic bounty hunter. You will travel the cosmos using a unique group of aliens that can be used as weapons, dishing out a lot of ultraviolence in your attempt to save humanity.

High On Life Gameplay

Although High on Life is primarily a first-person shooter, the majority of gameplay will focus on the game’s fundamental shooting mechanics. However, in addition to this, there also appears to be some platforming and puzzle-solving elements included. We have seen a couple different types of weaponry from the game so far.

There is a standard blue handgun, a crimson dagger that can convert into a type of grappling hook, a green gatling rifle, and a yellow weapon that fires forth horrifying little creatures. In the most recent gameplay clip, a boss fight is demonstrated in which the player must avoid the boss’s beam assaults and use the grappling hook to fly across the area when the platform evaporates. The only aspects of the gameplay that we are familiar with are shooting and exploring, however the official website and the Steam page both mention something called “Hunter Challenges.”

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