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Las Vegas Raiders Performs Poorly Under The Guidance Of Their Coach Josh McDaniels: The Team Is Quite Broken

How broken are the Raiders andJosh McDaniels

Most people agree that the Las Vegas Raiders are a failure. The Raiders are in last place in the AFC West, which also includes an injured Russell Wilson and a run-stunting Chargers squad.

Las Vegas is 2-5 as of the midway point of the 2022 campaign, the same record as a Cleveland Browns squad that had to start Jacoby Brissett for the first 11 games of the season. In a season full of losses, McDaniels’ Las Vegas Raiders experienced their worst one yet.

And that happened when Jeff Saturday, a contentious choice by Indianapolis this week who previously worked as an NFL analyst for ESPN, outcoached McDaniels as Colts coach. It was the first time Saturday, a seasoned NFL centre, had coached from the sidelines.

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Who Is Josh McDaniels?

Josh McDaniels is the head coach of the National Football League’s Las Vegas Raiders. The New England Patriots set a record for points scored and became the first team to win all 16 games in McDaniels’ first season as offensive coordinator.

Similar to how they did during Josh’s first term, the Patriots won three Super Bowl titles in his second, which spanned from 2012 to 2021: Super Bowl LIII, Super Bowl XLIX, and Super Bowl LI. For Michigan State University, McDaniels began his coaching career in 1999 as a graduate assistant.

Working for Nick Saban as a senior assistant was he. Josh used the opportunity to work for Nick Saban by taking advantage of his father’s friendship with him. To pay his bills, he also had a job in Cleveland as a plastic sales representative.

When McDaniels accepted a position as the New England Patriots’ personal assistant in 2001, he began his coaching career in the NFL. Josh worked with the defensive players to help them elevate their game for the two years, 2002 and 2003, that he held the position of defensive coaching assistant.

His promotion to quarterbacks coach occurred in 2004. Throughout his first tenure as a Patriot, McDaniels accompanied the team to each of their Super Bowl victories. After Charlie Weis left in 2008, McDaniels was given the opportunity to take over as the Patriots’ new offensive coordinator.

The fact that his talent was also valued there, however, led to him being asked to coach the quarterbacks. With 75 touchdowns scored in 2007, 67 of them coming on offense, the Patriots set an NFL record.

As a result, there was speculation that McDaniels might resign as head coach of the Patriots and join another organization. Other teams began to notice his extraordinary coaching skills and thought he was capable of moving beyond the role of assistant coach and taking charge of his own team.

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Josh McDaniels Scandal

In 2010, while working for the Broncos, McDaniels became embroiled in a videotape scandal. A walkthrough practise game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Denver Broncos at Wembley Stadium in London, England, on November 27th, 2009, was reportedly videotaped by Steve Scarnecchia, who had previously served as the Broncos’ director of video operations.

The Broncos and McDaniels each received a $50,000 fine from the NFL on the same day that this was discovered. Scarnecchia was let go after the incident. Scarnecchia confessed to being alone in this when questioned by the NFL investigators, and despite knowing it was wrong, he continued with it.

He added that after recording the practice, he gave McDaniels the six-minute video but McDaniels turned it down. As a result, the NFL determined that the Broncos did not possess any tactical advantages over the 49ers during the game.

McDaniel’s name was cleared after a protracted investigation, leading to the assumption that he was innocent and hadn’t seen the recording.

Although McDaniels was offered the recording, the NFL still fined him, claiming that he should have turned it over to them right away instead of keeping it a secret. Because “clubs are ultimately accountable for the behaviour of their employees,” according to the NFL, the fine against the Broncos was not withdrawn.

How Broken Are The Raiders?

Embarrassment for Josh McDaniels keeps rising to new heights. The Raiders are currently 2-7, and McDaniels just experienced what is probably the worst loss of the 24 on his head coaching resume. “It’s like a broken record,” he said to begin his news conference on Sunday, according to the team.

With Jeff Saturday serving as their captain despite having no prior coaching experience at the highest levels of football, the faltering Indianapolis Colts, who were responsible for this defeat, defeated the Raiders despite their lack of coaching expertise.

Compared to other moments, this one is both lower and more dissimilar. Having a 3-9 record in 2010, which ultimately led to McDaniels’ firing during his first season with the Broncos, was a worse turning point than this one.

The head coaches he encountered on the other side of the field at least all had respectable resumes that qualified them to be on the bench in that scenario. They have several weeks, months, or years of experience to use in order to get ready for McDaniels.

Losses have been many this season, but this was the hardest one for McDaniels and the Las Vegas Raiders. And it happened as Jeff Saturday, the Colts’ head coach, who was hired by Indianapolis this week amid controversy and had previously worked as an NFL commentator for ESPN, outcoached McDaniels. Saturday, a seasoned NFL centre, was serving as a coach for the first time that game.

McDaniels lost to a coach who had never held a collegiate or professional coaching position by a score of 25-20. McDaniels urged media to “congratulate the Colts.” “They clearly made a couple more plays than we did,” I said.

During his first season with the team, a head coach rarely gets requests for his resignation. McDaniels has, however. Following the Raiders’ first four games, which they dropped by a combined six points or less in three of those losses, things got quiet.

After dubious coaching choices against the Kansas City Chiefs, for example, those rumblings persisted, and they really picked up pace in Week 8 when the Raiders were defeated.

The public backlash was exacerbated by Las Vegas’ setback in Week 9, their third this year, despite holding a 17-point lead. The frequency of well-founded calls peaked on Sunday, though, and McDaniels quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.

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