Former WWE Wrestler And “Tough Enough” Champion Sara Lee Passed Away At The Age Of 30

how did sara lee die

Powerlifter, professional wrestler, and television personality Sara Lee was born and raised in the United States. It was on August 25, 2015, when she featured as the winner of the American professional wrestling reality television show Tough Enough that was shown on USA Network.

This appearance propelled her to the forefront of the news. The news of former NXT wrestler and winner of World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) ‘Tough Enough’ show Sara Lee’s passing came as a shock to the wrestling community on October 7, when it was announced that she had passed away.

Lee was 30. Her mother shared the tragic news about her daughter’s passing on Facebook. It is not yet clear what brought about her passing. She was married to former WWE wrestler Westin Blake, who was also in the ring (real name Cory Weston). Two of her offspring will be left behind.

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Who Was Sara Lee?

Who Was Sara Lee?

A well-known Wrestler, Sara Lee was born in the United States on June 7, 1992. Her birthday is June 7th. The winner of the sixth season of WWE’s television series Tough Enough who would accept a contract with WWE using her true name.

In the episode that concluded the show, she decided to go by the ring name of Hope. Astrologers have determined that the zodiac sign of Sara Lee is Gemini.

Sara Ann Weston is an American television personality and professional wrestler. She is most known for her time spent competing for the American wrestling organization WWE between the years of 2015 and 2016.

Lee was crowned the female champion of the sixth season of the WWE competition Tough Enough in 2015, and as a result, she was awarded a one-year contract with WWE.

She was the first child of Terri and Bob Lee and was born in Hope Township, Michigan. In later years, she settled in the city of Orlando in the state of Florida. Along with fellow wrestler Wesley Blake, she gave birth to a daughter in May of 2017 and called her Piper.

Hope Township, Michigan is where Lee spent his childhood years and where he was born. She has competed in the sport of powerlifting at one point. After completing her high school education at Meridian in 2010, she enrolled at Delta College in Bay City, Michigan, to pursue a degree in diagnostic medical sonography.

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Sara Lee’s Professional Career

Sara is a well-known American former professional wrestler and popular television character. She is most known for her career in the American promotion WWE from 2015 to 2016, at which time she was employed there. On October 5, 2022, Sara Lee passed away at the age of thirty.

In 2015, Sara Lee’s WWE career reached new heights after she won the Women’s Championship on the sixth season of WWE Powerful Sufficient. As a result of her one-year deal with WWE, she received a salary of $250,000.

Along with her ring, which was also named Hope, she exuded sophistication. After losing a singles match to Alicia Fox, Sara Lee was placed in WWE’s developmental territory NXT, which is headquartered at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, United States.

This assignment came after Sara Lee competed in a number of other matches in WWE, some of which she won and others which she lost. Following the completion of her training to become Sara Lee, Sara Lee reverted to her original name and made her debut for NXT at a live event on January 16, 2016, during which she gave a heel promo.

Sara Lee made her official in-ring debut during a live event on January 30, 2016. Sara Lee was released from her contract with WWE on September 30, 2016, following an incident that took place during a six-team Diva tag match featuring fellow Powerful Sufficient rival Mandy Rose.

Sara Lee Husband & Children

Whom Was Sara lee Married To?

American professional wrestler Cory James Weston, better known by his ring name Wesley Blake, and Sara were wed on December 30, 2017. Wesley Blake, Sara’s husband, described how he first met Sara in a radio interview by saying, “We met in the Performance Center.”

I used to visit a friend’s apartment when Tough Enough was out, where we would watch it together. I will always remember the moment they introduced the 11 Tough Enough candidates. I told the boys that Sarah was the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen as she came on the screen, adding, “I don’t know what it is, but she is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on.”

It was bizarre; this was before the show even existed. She ends up winning it purely by chance. I was so happy for her. It’s obvious to the camera when you’re so gorgeous on the inside and out. That, in my opinion, contributed to her victory.

At the NXT Combine, we first spoke. We were testing in the weight room. I used the rower so vigorously that I puked. As the girls were about to begin, I was in the weight room, head over a garbage can. Excellent first impression.

She was so kind that later that night, she sent me a message on Twitter with the phrase, “Hey, I hope you feel better.” It simply took off after that. They are parents of two sons and one daughter. Piper Weston, Sara’s daughter, was born on 1 May 2017. Brady was born on 27 February 2019 and their second son was born on 7 September 2021.

Sara Lee Death

How did Sara Lee die?

After winning the sixth season of the wrestling reality series in 2015, Lee received a one-year WWE contract. Recently, Lee said she developed a sinus illness. She did, however, claim earlier this week that she was sufficiently recovered to exercise.

Lee’s mother, Terry, posted the following on social media on Thursday, October 6: “It is with heavy hearts that we wanted to report that our Sara Weston has gone to be with Jesus.”

“The plans are not finalised, and we are all in shock. We sincerely request that you allow our family to grieve.”

No specific reason of death has been given. Lee shot Tough Enough in 2015, but the show didn’t air until 2016.

One person commented, “That’s just incredibly terrible,” and added, “Rest In Peace! To her friends, family, and loved ones, I only send love and prayers.

Someone else chimed in, “F*** dude, not Sara Lee. Throughout Tough Enough 2015, I had a lot of support for her. We send our condolences to her family.

One supporter wrote: “Rip beautiful darling. For her husband and father, my heart aches. On Tough Enough, she was my favorite and the sweetest. I’m sending Wes and the three kids love and strength. I’m sorry; this is incredibly sad. 30 is way too young.

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