How To Combine PDF Files? Windows & Mac OS Both

How To Combine PDF Files?

If you spend all day working with PDF files, you know how important it is to merge them. Merging PDF files is not that hard, and you don’t need to know a lot about computers to do it. There are different ways to combine PDF files into one.

It’s already a hassle to manage and categorize the accounting department’s paperwork, you have no desire to add another half dozen PDFs to their plate. And, maybe most importantly, it saves you the trouble of tracking down and sending files again if you lose some of them.

Or maybe you have four or five parts of a report that you printed from Word, Excel, and an image editor as separate PDF files. How do you combine all of them into one PDF?

During the pandemic, these questions are even more important because let’s face it, one of the few good things about so many of us working from home is that we’re going paperless more than ever, which means PDFs. The steps to merge PDF files are simple and clear.

Combining PDF Files On Mac OS

The Preview app that comes with macOS makes it easy to combine PDF files. Just drag and drop the PDF files you want to put together, and you’re done.

combine pdfs in one file

Save all PDF files in one place to make this process go quickly:

  • Open the folder where PDF files are stored and copy them to a single folder.

Making copies of the files will let you use the originals when you need to in the future.

  • Launch the Preview app and open the PDF file.

If you can’t see the thumbnail sidebar, click View and then click Thumbnail.

  • Now, drag and drop other PDF files or other file types like JPEG, PNG, etc.

You can’t add Word, HTML, or Excel files to PDF files to merge them. You must first turn these files into PDF files before you can add them.

  • The files to be combined can be arranged in the sidebar.
  • Go to files > Export as PDF once the PDF files are in the right order. Save the file wherever you want to.
combine pdfs on mac

Combining PDF Files On Windows

Using powerful and effective PDF Management Software like Advanced PDF Manager is one of the best ways to merge PDF files on Windows 10/11.

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It’s a great program with a lot of modules that let you merge multiple PDF files into one, split or extract certain pages from a PDF, rotate, reorder, print, duplicate, protect, and more.

Follow the steps below to find out how this PDF manager tool can help you merge PDF files on Windows 10:

  • Download Advanced PDF Manager set it up, and run it on your device. The program works with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and 7. (32 & 64 Bit). You can get the most recent version by clicking the button below.
  • When you first open the program, you’ll see a simple and easy-to-use dashboard with a number of modules to Open Files, Merge PDFs, Split PDFs, Protect PDFs, and more.
  • Here, you need to click the Merge PDF button and add the PDF file you want to combine. Once that is loaded, click the Merge PDF tab to add another PDF file you want to combine.
  • At this point, you need to choose the PDF file you want to combine with the one you’ve already added.
  • All done! As soon as you add the file, it will be merged right away!
combine pdfs on windows

The PDF Manager Software works very quickly to do a wide range of tasks related to reading and managing PDF files.

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You can also combine PDF files on Windows by using the Adobe Acrobat program. This app has a Free PDF Manager and a Paid PDF Manager, with a monthly subscription costing US$24.99 and an annual subscription costing US$14.99/month.

Use The Following Software To Combine PDFs:

If you use a Mac, the only tool you need is already built into the macOS operating system. However, you can buy third-party commercial applications that are more flexible and have more features.

You’ll need third-party apps if you use Windows, but you can find free open-source apps that will do the job. There are also online apps that let you combine and edit PDF files you upload, but I don’t recommend any of them.

Your PDF files have invisible data called metadata that can be used to find out who you are and what system you use. You might not want to give this metadata to a website that lets you edit PDFs for free.

adobe combine pdfs

1. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe is a well-known company all over the world. Its products have a good reputation, and it is still the best in its field. Adobe came up with the idea of PDF.

Adobe made a program called Adobe Acrobat that makes it easy for users to make changes to PDF files and do other tasks. The product looks great and is very simple to use. It makes it easy for people to make changes and add them to a PDF.

2. PDF Element

IskySoft lets you change, combine, or delete pages in a PDF file. This software has different features that let the user do different things with PDF files.

The software not only comes with extra features, but it also lets users make changes to the PDF to fit their needs. It is a way to put together more than one PDF.

3. Soda PDF

Soda PDF lets users do all the important things they need to do with PDF files. The best reason to use Soda PDF is that it can be used both online and offline. It lets you work on different services, like signing documents and so on. It is the answer to how to put PDFs together.

combine pdfs into one file

4. Online PDF Merging

Using online merging tools is the quickest and easiest way to combine two PDF files. There are a number of online tools for merging PDFs that will help you do the job.


Merging multiple PDF files into one is easy if you know the right steps. On macOS, you can merge files using the Preview app or Adobe Acrobat DC. But you can use third-party apps on Windows to merge PDF files. Adobe Acrobat DC is one of the best apps for merging PDF files, so we recommend using it.

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