Do You Want To Know How To Connect AirPods To Firestick?

how to connect airpods to firestick

Are you concerned that the volume of the streaming content on your Fire TV Stick will annoy others? Sending the audio to your Bluetooth headphones can solve this problem. You can connect to and use your device with your Fire Stick as long as it has Bluetooth functionality. We’ll demonstrate how to pair a Fire TV Stick with Bluetooth headphones.

This short tutorial showed you how to connect your AirPods to a Firestick and adjust the volume. This capability was likely forgotten or purposely deleted because Firestick is primarily designed to be used with TVs and the majority of Bluetooth speakers and headphones come with their own set of volume controls. We can simply get around the issue because Firestick is built on the Android framework. Please share any other effective Firestick volume-control methods in the comments section.

How To Connect Your Fire Stick To Your Bluetooth Headphones?

How to Connect Your Fire Stick To Your Bluetooth Headphones

The Fire Stick provides a simple solution to connect your audio equipment:

  • Put the pairing mode on your headphones. The gadget you use will determine how you do this. If you have AirPods, for instance, press and hold the device’s single button.
    On your Fire Stick, click Settings.
  • Open the option for Remotes & Bluetooth Devices.
    Fire Stick remote Bluetooth devices
    Choosing Other Bluetooth Devices.
    To connect a device to your Fire Stick, choose Add Bluetooth Devices.
    When your headphones appear, select them by clicking the Select button on your Fire Stick control.
    Bluetooth headsets are paired.

How To Adjust Your Bluetooth Headphones’ Volume?

Your Bluetooth devices’ volume settings cannot be changed on the Fire Stick. You can skip this section if your headphones have their own volume controls. To change the volume on devices without dedicated volume control buttons, such as AirPods, you must install and use an app on your Fire Stick. You can achieve it by taking the following actions:

  • On your Fire Stick, sideload the free Precise Volume app to install it.
  • On your remote control, hold down the Home button while choosing Apps.
  • To start the Precise Volume app, choose it.
  • You can now modify the headphones’ volume settings using the Media Volume slider.
  • volume on headphones

Make it simpler to adjust the volume by Using the Cursor Your Bluetooth device’s volume can be controlled with Precise Volume quite effectively. The slider isn’t particularly simple to use, though. The installation of a cursor app on your Fire Stick is one solution to this: our Fire Stick should have the Mouse Toggle app sideloaded.

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When The App Has Been Installed, Run It.

When the app has been installed, run it.

Enable the following options:

  • Activate the mouse service and set it to launch automatically when the device starts up.
    Cursor on fire stick added
    Double-press the Play button on your remote to bring up the cursor after starting the Precise Volume app.

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How To Remove Bluetooth Headphones From A Fire Stick Or Disconnect Them?

You can unplug your Bluetooth headphones from your Fire Stick to restore the audio to your standard audio setup. If you decide to stop using the headphones with your Fire Stick, you can easily unpair them from the same menu:

  • From the main Fire Stick interface, go to Settings.
    Choose Bluetooth devices and remotes from the menu.
    Select Additional Bluetooth Devices.
    Your screen will display a list of your headphones. When using your remote, highlight them.
  • Select the button to turn off your headphones.
    Press the Menu button on your remote and then confirm your decision if you want to unpair the devices.
    disconnect Bluetooth earbuds

Without disturbing others, watch Fire Stick content. It’s very handy that the Fire Stick supports Bluetooth for audio because it allows you to enjoy your material quietly. If your headphones are better than the speakers on your TV, that is also useful.

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