How To Copy And Paste On Chromebook in 1 Click?

How To Copy And Paste On Chromebook?

Chromebooks are laptops that can be changed and taken anywhere. Chrome OS, which is a portable operating system, is what they use. It doesn’t have as many features as macOS, Windows, or Linux.

Over time, more and more people have bought Chromebooks. Since Chromebooks use cloud storage, they don’t have a lot of storage space. Chromebooks are cheaper than Windows or Mac computers.

Some of the shortcut keys and instructions are different between Windows and macOS, though. This article will show you how to copy and paste on a Chromebook.

Copy And Paste On Chromebook

People generally agree on three ways to copy and paste information on Chromebooks. Each one does the same thing, so all you have to do is choose which one you want.

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How To Copy And Paste On Chromebook?

Keyboard Combos

This way of copying and pasting is a lot like using a keyboard combination on a Windows computer.

  • Press the text that you want to copy and paste.
  • Press the letter c after holding down the Ctrl key, which is usually in the bottom left corner of the keyboard.
  • Hold down the Ctrl key and hit the letter v to paste.

You can copy and paste text on Chromebooks while keeping the formatting if you first use the above-mentioned keyboard and hold down shortcuts.

copy paste on chromebook

Follow the steps below to make sure you only copy text and not links or another formatting.

  • Read the text you want to copy and paste.
  • Press the letter c after holding down the Ctrl key, which is usually in the bottom left corner of the keyboard.
  • To paste, hold down both Ctrl and Shift and press the letter v.


Chrome OS works well with mice, so you can copy and paste like you normally would on a Chromebook.

  • The text you want to copy can be copied and pasted.
  • Move the cursor over the highlighted text.
copy paste through mousepad
  • Use your mouse to right-click.
  • The choice is to copy.
  • Right-click where you want to put the text and move the mouse to that spot.
  • The choice is Paste.
  • If it makes sense, you will also see an option that says Paste without formatting.


Chromebook users who don’t like the combination of keys can use the trackpad to copy and paste.

  • Pick the text you want to copy and paste.
  • Move the mouse pointer over the highlighted text.
  • Use two fingers to tap on the trackpad.
copy and paste on chromebook
  • Choose Copy.
  • Put the cursor where you want the text to go, and then press the trackpad with two fingers.
  • Select Paste.
  • If it makes sense, there will be a new option called Paste without formatting.

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How Do You Access The Copied History?

Google just recently added the ability to paste text that is longer than the last text you copied. Because of this, you can now see the five most recent times you used the copy function! Just do what’s written down below.

  • Any of the above ways can be used to copy any kind of text.
  • There should be at least one more piece of text copied.
  • When you’re ready to paste, press the Search and V keys at the same time.
  • You will be given a list of up to five copied texts.
  • Choose one and see what happens.

How To Copy And Paste Images On Chromebooks?

You might have to copy and paste an image instead of text. You can do the same thing on a Chromebook. To copy and paste an image, move the pointer over it and press the Alt key on your keyboard. Next, click the trackpad on your Chromebook while you hold down the Alt key.

On the screen of your Chromebook, a box with a number of options will show up. First, put your pointer where it says “Copy image.” Then, hold it down and click it with your trackpad.

Go to the page or document where you want the image to be pasted. Hold down the Alt key and press down on the trackpad on your Chromebook to bring up the quick menu. Then, choose Paste to paste your image.

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