How To Delete A Page In Word? (Step by Step Guide 2022)

How To Delete A Page In Word?

If there are blank pages in a document, editors or potential employers might think it’s not done professionally. Since Microsoft Word might generate blank pages, you should remove them whenever possible.

As a group, we hope to save people from the mental anguish of staring at blank pages. There are also directions on how to delete a page in Word that has both text and images.

You don’t want Microsoft Word to add extra pages at the end. Or blank ones in the middle of your manuscript. There are too many extra pages because of many things. Like tables, excessive use of the Enter key. section breaks, accidental page breaks, extra paragraph markers, etc.

How To Get Rid Of A Blank Word Page?

Using the Delete or Backspace key is the quickest approach to get rid of a blank page in Microsoft Word. To delete something, though, the cursor positioning is crucial.

Delete A Page In Word
  • In Word, put the cursor at the bottom of a new page. Place the cursor at the beginning of the blank line at the top of the next page if there is extra space.
  • You can get rid of an entire blank page by pressing the delete/backspace key on your keyboard until all of the white space has disappeared. The top of the next page needs to be aligned with the top of the current page, therefore any blank lines left behind may need to be adjusted.
ms word delete blank page
  • An alternative method for erasing a blank page in Word is to select the entire page by placing the cursor at the top of the page, holding down the Shift key, and then pressing the down arrow key. When you’re done, hit the delete/backspace key once to erase the entire page.

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ms word delete blank page

How To Remove Word Page That Has Content?

Delete a page that has text and images, not a page that is entirely blank. So let’s start by going through how to erase a Word page that has the text:

  • A page must first be selected before it can be deleted. Alternatively, you can use the Go to feature (Ctrl + G on Windows, Option + Command + G on MacOS) to scroll to the desired page. Select any area of the page once you’ve located it.
ms word delete blank page
  • Next, pick the entire page’s content. Although it may appear that you have already completed this step, Word needs to be informed that the entire page, not just a portion of its contents, is what you wish to erase. Access the ‘Go to’.

Word Tables And Blank Pages

A blank page can also be produced by a table that is added at the end of a page. Tables automatically conclude with a paragraph, leaving your document with a blank page.

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  • By putting the cursor at the start of the blank page and using the delete or backspace key, you might be able to get rid of this blank page. Continue with the next fix if this one doesn’t work.
  • Apply the same procedure as in the previous section to enable formatting marks. Under the table, highlight the paragraph marker, then choose “Paragraph” from the context menu. Verify that the Indentation and Spacing sizes are both set to 0 points.
ms word delete blank page
  • If that didn’t work, use the right-click menu to select the paragraph’s font size and set it to the smallest value.
  • Consider hiding the paragraph. Toggle the checkbox to the left of the Hidden option under Effects, choose the callout arrow in the Font part of the Home menu, and highlight the paragraph mark.
  • If everything else fails, try deleting one or more of the paragraph marks above the table to raise it sufficiently in the preceding page, which will make the blank page below disappear.


When you reach the end of a document in Word, you may notice that the final paragraph spills over onto a new, blank page. The page can be removed by moving the ending paragraph to the page before it.

When you have a few blank pages smack in the middle of your document. It’s probably because you accidentally added a few extra paragraphs or page breaks. If the blank page appears at the end of the document, it could be for the same reason.

Or it could be due to the hidden end paragraph feature in Word. Turn on the visibility of paragraph and page break markers. It allows you to manually edit or delete them, thereby eliminating blank pages.

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