How To Find My Phone With IMEI Number in 2022?

Have you ever misplaced your phone and pondered, “Now what?” These days, a person’s mobile phone is practically an extension of their body. Lost cell phones are commonplace during the day. You’ve probably gone through the apartment more than once looking for your phone.

Any Android device has a “Find My Device” option, of course. A Google Account is not required to use your phone to locate the gadget; all you need is a Google Account.

Your mobile device’s power switch must be set to “on,” “location” must be toggled “on,” and it must be connected to either Wi-Fi or mobile data. Either online or with a dedicated mobile app, you can keep tabs on where your phone is at all times.

Discover the fundamentals of Internet use right here. In order to locate your device on Google Maps, you’ll need to sign into your Google Account. Moreover, the “Find My Device” app is available in the Google Play Store, and it can be used to track down a misplaced phone from another device.

If your phone is turned off or not connected to the Internet, the last location it was tracked at will still be displayed on Maps.

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number refers to a unique number assigned to each mobile device. The 15-digit code is the mobile device’s unique identifier on the network.

A Guide To Locating The IMEI Number

It is possible to obtain an IMEI number in a few different ways:

  • The simplest method is to dial *#06# from your phone’s keypad.
  • Your phone’s IMEI number is located on a silver sticker on the back, below the battery.
  • In the packaging that your phone was originally sold in.
  • In addition, it may be accessible via your phone’s preferences.
imei number on phone

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Online IMEI Tracking Methods

In general, IMEI Trackers can be divided into two categories. Web-based and mobile tracking systems. Any IMEI can now be traced directly online without going through a third-party service.

Just type “IMEI tracker online free” into Google and pick a site. With this helpful online tool, you can see exactly where a given phone number is located on a map. If you know the IMEI and country of the device you want to track, you can use the appropriate platform to initiate a procedure that will return your phone’s location.

Using an app or an operator will likely take more time, and most apps require some sort of initial setup. An IMEI tracking service that operates online saves time. If your phone is lost or stolen, the IMEI Phone Tracking Service can use the GSM network to locate it and prevent it from using any other networks within a specified country.

Why Use IMEI Online To Track A Phone?

Locate Misplaced Cellular Devices

It’s inevitable that some kid will misplace their phone. In the event that your phone ever disappears from your pocket, gets lost, or is stolen, you can use a tracking service to locate it.

Confine the Kid to Familiar Grounds

Your child is exactly where you expect them to be. The instant you see their location in an unexpected place on the map, you can give them a call.

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Locational History

You can compile a report detailing your kid’s travel history for reference purposes.

If your children need to be grounded, you can use tracking to make sure they go to school and stay there without going out to play or visiting friends or stores.

What Is IMEI?

The sticker under the battery contains the IMEI number for your phone. You will require this IMEI number to obtain a replacement phone if yours is ever lost or stolen. You must write down this IMEI number as soon as you can in order to use the IMEI Online Website Tracker. It stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity.

The IMEI is permanently assigned to each device, in contrast to the SIM number, which can be changed at any time. One’s device is identified by its IMEI, while their SIM number represents their subscriber account. Manufacturers of mobile devices assign specific identification numbers to each device (IMEI).

The phone device will send data packages to the operator service on a continuous basis. As a result, communication between people involves constant information exchange. The device can also be given root access using the IMEI. Simply enter your IMEI number into the IMEI Online Tracking app and press “Go,” to put it simply. You can find a ton of results by searching Google for “IMEI tracker online free” or “IMEI tracker online.”

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How To Track A Phone Online Using The IMEI?

To begin, search for “track phone using IMEI online” on Google. The use of this technology in parental monitoring and social assistance is feasible. A word of caution, though: using this service too frequently can have negative consequences. For the owner of the phone, it could feel too much like a privacy invasion.

The process of using an IMEI Tracker that is accessible online is straightforward. But how exactly does one go about using a web-based IMEI tracker to find a misplaced mobile device? An accurate IMEI number must be entered in order to continue with the online procedure. The country of registration for the mobile phone must then be entered. The phone’s status is accurately updated once the IMEI has been located. As a result, you can immediately determine whether it has been lost or stolen.

Phone Recovery

Being cautious is warranted if theft occurs after the phone’s location has been determined. Contacting the police to help you recover your phone is a good idea to prevent any unwanted conflict.

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Warning For Parents About Tracking App

You should have a family meeting to explain IMEI Phone Tracking and other forms of parental control software to your kids before you implement them. Avoid the risk of your child rebelling and refusing to conform by being explicit. Have everyone in your organization review the cell phone tracking policy.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Can the IMEI number be changed?

Yes, using a tool called a “flasher,” criminals can alter the IMEI of the stolen mobile phones. It’s a tiny piece of cutting-edge technology that facilitates the phone’s connection to a personal computer and makes changing the IMEI number possible. Changing the IMEI on a lost phone makes it nearly impossible to track it down.

How to unlock an IMEI?

Your IMEI number will be blacklisted once it has been blocked, making your phone useless. Locking a device typically serves security purposes, such as preventing theft. The IMEI can be legally unblocked once the issue has been resolved.

How can an off cell be found?

Google’s location history feature now goes by the name “Timeline,” and it can be used to locate a lost mobile phone even if it is off. In addition, before it shut down, your phone ought to have been connected to the internet and connected to your Google account.

How do I disable my lost smartphone?

  • Simply log into with your Google Account.
  • It will send a message to the lost phone.
  • Your phone’s location will appear on a Google map.
  • Just do whatever it is you fancy. If you need to lock and delete something, go there first.

What does the IMEI number mean?

Every mobile device has a 15-digit identifier called an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). You are not able to alter this number as it serves as your phone’s official certificate of identity. The IMEI number can be found on the phone’s packaging or within the device’s Settings. If you ever lose your phone, it will be extremely helpful to have this number written down and stored somewhere safe.

How do authorities keep tabs on IMEIs?

Every mobile device is assigned a unique 15-digit code known as the International Mobile Equipment Identity number (IMEI). If you misplace or lose your phone, the authorities can track it down for you using this number. When making a call, even with a different SIM card, the IMEI number can be used to identify the cell phone tower to which the device is linked.

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