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How To Get The G.O.A.T. Skin In Fortnite 2022?

How To Get The G.O.A.T. Skin In Fortnite?

Fortnite has a history of teaming up with other popular games, and the current season, Fortnite Paradise, is no exception. The next game on the list to join the Battle royale is Goat Simulator.

The next installment in Epic Games’ Soundwave Series, which features partnerships with well-known musicians, was also recently announced. To top it all off, this season also features a massive crossover event with Coffee Stain’s smash hit game.

The newest trend in the widely played video game is the Fortnite GOAT skin. It’s the result of a team-up between Epic Games and Coffee Stain for Goat Simulator 3.

On September 29, 2022, Epic Games released a hilarious trailer announcing the new crossover. Players in the Fortnite community were taken aback by the GOAT skin, but it makes sense given the developer’s history of working with a wide variety of other games and brands.

With the help of marketing campaigns timed to coincide with new game releases, Epic Games has been able to port over a large cast of characters from competing video games. Uncharted’s Sully’s Sea Plane Glider is among the cosmetic items available to Fortnite players, alongside Assassin’s Creed skins like Ezio and Eivor.

How To Get The Goat Skin In Fortnite?

To mark the release of Goat Simulator 3, one of the most outlandish partnerships in gaming history allows players to assume control of a man-goat chimera.

Pre-ordering Goat Simulator 3 from the Epic Games Store grants you early access to the A Goat skin in Fortnite. If you want to get the skin right now, just follow these steps:

Despite the fact that Goat Simulator 3 won’t be available until November 17, pre-ordering the game will still net you the skin. A third option is to wait for a critical reception of the game to emerge.

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If you buy the game from the Epic Games Store on PC, you’ll get the new skin for free. For the time being, it seems that console players won’t be able to get their hands on the outfit early.

The Fortnite Goat Skin Looks Awesome

The release date for Goat Simulator 3 has been set for November 17, 2022. The video game can be purchased from the Epic Games Store on Xbox One Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and personal computers.

The goat named Pilgor serves as the game’s protagonist, and he is the inspiration for the Fortnite GOAT skin. The protagonist of the Goat Simulator games is Pilgor, who enjoys nothing more than going on a worldwide rampage.

As seen in Fortnite: Battle Royale, Pilgor here dons some denim and a T-shirt. Even though he’s brand new, we have no doubt that this skin’s hilarious design will quickly make him a fan favorite.

There is currently no information available regarding the prerequisites for receiving free skins from Epic Games. Each recipient, however, is a member of Fortnite’s Support-A-Creator program and has amassed tens of thousands of fans.

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Cost Of The Fortnite Goat Skin

Although Epic Games has not yet announced how many V-Bucks the Goat skin will cost. It can be unlocked in Fortnite by purchasing Goat Simulator 3 from the Epic Games Store for about $30/£25.

Goat skin in Fortnite is likely to cost between 1,500 and 1,600 V-Bucks, the going rate for Gaming Legends skins. Visit this Epic Games Store link to pre-order Goat Simulator 3 and get the GOAT skin absolutely free.

You can pre-order the game for $29.99 but remember that you won’t be able to play it until it’s actually released. It appears that this is the only method for obtaining the skin at this time. Epic Games has announced that the Gaming Legends outfit will be available in the Item Shop in the near future.


It’s easy to tell that the Fortnite Goat Skin wasn’t based on the one found in Goat Simulator. The folks at Coffee Stain Studios had some very insightful things to say about it. Read the official company statement regarding Pilgor’s Goat skin in Fortnite from Elin Hamberg below.

“Now we know Goat Simulator 3’s Pilgor looks different in her ‘A Goat’ Fortnite form. But our signature approach to hyperrealism simply didn’t fit in this bright and colorful game. Her arrival in this new world meant giving her a Fortnite twist, and muscles. If the thought of transforming into a questionably named, half goat/half human hybrid. Rocking a ragdoll print crop top is still your thing – live your best life. We won’t judge.”

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