How To Get To Howling Fjord Alliance? Horde vs Alliance

How To Get To Howling Fjord Alliance?

The time has come at last. When Wrath of the Lich King Classic opens in the middle of the night between September 26 and September 27, hundreds of thousands of players will go back to Northrend to finish their quests.

But a lot of players think that the Horde and the Alliance have set starting points where they must begin their journeys.

That is not true. You can start in either of two places, and this is true for both factions. As a Hordler or an Alliance member, we’ll tell you how to get to the “Borean Tundra” or the “Howling Fjord.”

The Howling Fjord is one of the first places you’ll see when you go to Northrend. At the beginning of the WotLK expansion, players can start out in either the Fjord or the Borean Tundra.

There are two ways to get to the Howling Fjord, so it’s unlikely that players from different factions will run into each other there. Since Alliance and Horde players started in the same zone in The Burning Crusade, there were too many people trying to move forward on the same quests.

Many WotLK veterans shouldn’t be surprised by this. In Wrath, that won’t happen because the two factions are all in different parts of two different zones.

How To Go To Howling Fjord?

  • Alliance members can go to the northernmost dock in Stormwind Harbor to get to the Borean Tundra, or they can take a boat from Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands to Howling Fjord.
howling fjord alliance
  • The zeppelin in Ogrimmar takes you to Borean Tundra, while the one in Undercity takes you to Howling Fjord.
  • You might want to have your character camp out at one of these places the night before the launch so that you can quickly go there after the WotLK expansion has been downloaded.

Alliance vs. Horde

Here are the ways that Alliance and Horde WotLK players can get to the Howling Fjord.

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If Alliance players have unlocked the Menethil Harbor flight path, they can get to Howling Fjord very quickly.

When you get to Menethil Harbor, go to where the docks are and walk to the dock that is the farthest to the right. Ludin Farrow is in charge of the ship that goes to Howling Fjord’s dock. If you see him, you’re in the right place.

The ship that will take you to Howling Fjord is different from other Alliance ships because it has the head of an eagle and golden decorations on its sides.

Get on the boat as soon as it gets there and get ready to go to Northrend. After a quick but beautiful boat ride across the Great Sea, you’ll reach Valgarde, the Alliance’s main base of operations in the Howling Fjord.

howling fjord wow


To get to Howling Fjord, players from the Horde will use a zeppelin. The zeppelin to Howling Fjord is easy to get to from the Undercity.

After going through the Undercity’s entrance gates, go to the zeppelin tower on the western edge of the area, which is far to the left. Climb up the steps of the zeppelin tower until the Cloudkisser lands at the tower.

After a short ride in the zeppelin, you will be taken to Vengeance Landing, the Horde’s camp on the far eastern edge of the Howling Fjord.

borean tundra world of warcraft

Is It Important Where You Begin?

In general, yes. At that time, Blizzard made two starting areas so that there wouldn’t be too many players in the same place. Even though that isn’t always a problem with the technology we have now, it does give you a few options. You can choose to start in Northrend if that’s where you want to go.

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Find The New Shattrath

The place is Dalaran. Both the Horde and the Alliance can use these things in this neutral city. There won’t be any class trainers or an auction house like in Shattrath. But there will be Grand Master profession trainers and one-way portals to all of Azeroth’s major cities instead, including one to Shattrath.

shattrath world of warcraft

Before level 74, you’ll need a Mage portal to get to Dalaran, so there will be trainers for this skill. Without a portal, you’ll have to wait until level 74. Then you can get a quest that lets you use a crystal on the floor of the Crystalsong Forest to get to the floating city. Bind quickly when you get there.


As a Horde player, you must first make your way to the Undercity before you may access the Howling Fjord. The Zeppelin Tower is located to the north, thus you should leave the city.

Make your way to the top of the tower and wait for the zeppelin on the western side of the structure. This zeppelin will whisk you away to the first Forsaken stronghold, the “Haven of Vengeance,” deep within the Howling Fjord.

To move into the Howling Fjord as an Alliance valiant, you will have to take a slightly less obvious path. Visit the Port of Menethil in the Wetlands, which are north of Ironforge.

Every few minutes, a new ship stops at the northernmost dock and takes anyone who wants to go to Northrend straight from the harbor. Then you’ll be in “Valgarde,” where you can start your journey up to level 80.

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