How To Make A Paper Airplane? Without Using Seasor & Cutting

How To Make A Paper Airplane?

Examine these paper airplane examples to gauge your folding skills. These planes are a great way to lighten up your day, whether you’re looking for a quick break from the stress of adulthood or trying to teach a child how to do things on their own.

All of the examples below are either easy or easy to moderate. The materials are cheap, and you only need paper, scissors, a ruler, and (optional) double-sided tape to make it.

Use a flat, thin-edged ruler for the best results. Fold each edge in a good way. By putting double-sided tape on the inside of the body, you can keep the wings from coming apart while the plane is flying.

You wouldn’t believe some of the science behind paper airplanes, but the design below is tried and true and great for beginners.

Bulldog Dart: Easy Peasy For Beginners

This paper airplane is kind of like a warm-up. It is easy to make, doesn’t need many folds, and flies well. You won’t win any contests or style points with that. This is a good place to start if your child has never made a real paper airplane before.

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Step 1

First, you fold the paper in half along its length, and then you open it back up. This first fold is just a guideline for the rest of the folds.

paper plane steps

Step 2

Fold the two corners at the top down so they meet in the middle. This is the classic way to start a paper airplane, and you probably learned it when you were young.

paper plane steps

Step 3

Turn the plane over and fold the corners back into the middle. You want the diagonal line coming from the plane’s top (on the left) to be in the middle (like on the right side).

paper plane steps
paper plane steps

Step 4

Fold the point at the top down so that it meets the bottom of where the other folds meet.

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paper plane steps

Step 5

Fold the plane in half, so that it is inside out. This makes the Bulldog Dart’s short nose, which gives it its name.

paper plane steps

Step 6

Fold the wings down so that, from the top of the snub nose, you can make a straight line. On the other side, do it again.

paper plane steps
paper plane steps

The Bulldog Dart when it was done. When thrown slowly, this thing flies better. You want to throw it, but the nose is too heavy. It will just crash into the ground. If you throw it with less force, you’ll have better luck.

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