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How To Make Android Look Like IOS? Let’s Find Out

how to make android look like ios

an Android device and wish it had the same feel as an iPhone without having to purchase one? Moreover, you can do so by using a combination of apps, launchers, and other tips and tricks.

However, if you want the appearance and feel of an iPhone with the advantages of the Android operating system. You can install a tonne of apps to make your phone appear to be an iPhone. The drawback of this is that you have to use more than two or three apps. Check Out These Leaked Moto G Stylus 2021 Specifications! learn how to make an Android look like an iPhone by reading this article.

Alternate Launchers

We are aware of how a launcher manages your device The way your home screen appears, how apps launch, how you place calls, and how you interact with the Android operating system are all influenced by this.

Installing a third-party launcher is the first step in changing the appearance of your phone. Installing the Phone X Launcher will give you the impression that you are using an iPhone right away. The app icons on Android will switch to those on an iPhone.

iPad Pro Launcher

Additionally, if Chrome is your default browser, the icon for the Safari app will appear in its place. However, keep in mind that it will still essentially be Chrome for Android rather than Safari.

From any location on your home screen, swipe down to swiftly look for an app or look for recently used apps. To go to the control center, swipe downward from the very top of your display. You can also change things like the wallpaper, swipe action, lock screen, app lock, scroll effect, dock, iPhone X notch, and more by going into the launcher’s settings.

Apple’s Lock Screen

This is a further stage in the process of turning your Android into an iPhone. since your lock screen is the first thing you see. You must download an app to customize your lock screen in order to do that. Your lock screen will eschew the past by installing the iOS12 Lock Screen.

Screen Lock

Additionally, this software will display all of your notifications with an iOS feel on your lock screen. It will. Obtain an iOS look for your missed calls and text messages as well. View Indian Prices And Release Dates For Apple’s New MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, And Mac Mini Here

The options that control how the fingerprint option is enabled, the passcode, date format, wallpapers, lock sound, text size, and other features can all be changed.

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Icon Packs For iOS On Android

This is yet another method for using the icon pack app to give your Android phone an iPhone-like appearance. Since it is the greatest on the market, you can utilize the iOS 11—Icon Pack.

Most iOS icons for Android are available in this icon set. Included under here are the Gallery, Settings, Weather, Calendar, Calculator, Camera, Google Pay, and a tonne of more apps.

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iOS13’s iCalendar

You will now have access to the iOS calendar you’ve always desired on your Android device. It has a pretty straightforward design and works with Google Calendar.

FAQs: People Also Ask

How can I download iOS themes for Android?

Step 1 is to download and set up the application. Downloading a launcher is the first thing to think about doing.
Step 2: Launch the programme by opening it. Open the launcher once you’ve downloaded it successfully.
Choose the theme that you downloaded in step three.

Can I use the Android launcher on iOS?

Even while an iPhone launcher programme will make your phone’s interface resemble iOS, it won’t let you use iOS apps on it. For that, you need an emulator. Without further ado, let’s look at the top iPhone launcher apps available in the Android Market right now.

Is Android launcher safe for iOS?

In a nutshell, the majority of launchers are safe. When you uninstall them, they are just a skin for your phone and do not remove any of your personal data.

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