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How To Pair Firestick Remote To Tv?

how to pair firestick remote to tv

The Amazon Fire Stick is a tiny gadget that fits into the HDMI port on a television and gives users access to numerous Wi-Fi-based streaming services and apps, including HBO Max, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. The Fire TV software, upon which the Fire Stick is built, is also present in many contemporary 4K televisions, including the Toshiba M550KU 4K Smart TV and the appropriately named Amazon Fire TV.

until it ceases functioning, that is. There is a significant problem with the remote on the Amazon Fire Stick that is difficult to ignore. It appears to have become such a problem that Amazon itself intervened and provided its own set of instructions for resetting Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick remotes. Reddit is rife with threads started by frustrated Fire Stick users who were unable to make their remote work after using their devices for various lengths of time.

Pairing The Remote Control For The Original Fire TV

GrandAve/Shutterstock. In order for the remote to sync with the base device, Amazon advises keeping it “within 10 feet of your Fire TV device.” In light of this, Amazon advises using the steps listed below to reset your first-generation Fire TV with an Alexa Voice remote:

After waiting a full minute, unplug your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick from the power source. You should use the timer feature on your smartwatch at this point if you have one since you must wait at least 60 seconds before moving forward.

Holding the Left button and Menu button (which resembles three small arrows) after the Fire TV has been shut down for at least a minute will allow you to access the menu. lines layered on top of each other) for a minimum of 12 seconds.

You need to remove the batteries from the remote after waiting a full five seconds after releasing both buttons, according to Amazon. Remove the batteries from the remote’s rear cover by sliding it off.

You can now re-plug your Fire TV or Fire Stick into the appropriate power source, but you must wait a further 60 seconds before moving on. You can put the batteries back in the remote after the minute has passed. You can now press the Home button once again to verify that the remote and Fire TV are correctly connected.

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Resetting The Fire TV, Lite, And Smart TV Of The Second And Third Generations

There is only one significant difference between the first-generation Fire TV with Alexa Voice remote and ones that come after it — specifically, the precise combination of buttons you’ll need to press in order to reset the remote during step two changes. The instructions for resetting your Fire Stick or Fire TV remote don’t differ too significantly between remote versions. You’ll also need to press the Back button in addition to the Left and Menu buttons.

The Back button, which resembles an arrow doing an unintentional U-turn and swinging to the left, is located to the left of the Menu button. You’ll need to hold all three buttons down, just like you did with the first-generation remote in the preceding section. You can then continue with the steps outlined in the section before this one in the handbook.

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Remote Control Reset For Basic Edition

Users of the Fire TV Stick Basic Edition must adhere to the following instructions:

FAQs: People Also Ask

Why are some apps unavailable on my Fire TV or Firestick?

Your Amazon account is probably not set to the appropriate country because specific apps aren’t available in the app store. For instance, British customers cannot directly install the ESPN app because it is unavailable in the UK. You have two options for fixing this: either sideload the software onto your device or use the aforementioned instructions to alter the region of your Amazon account. Make careful you just download if you choose to go with option two. APK files from a reliable source are recommended because dubious websites frequently repackage malicious apps that are popular.

Which Amazon Firestick models support VPNs?

Currently, all Fire TV models enable VPN connections, with the exception of the first generation. In other words, you’re generally safe if you purchased your gadget after 2014. You may just check your gadget to find out for sure if it is a first-generation device if any of the following apply.

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