11 Best Websites To Send Free Text Messages (SMS) Online in 2022

How To Send Free Text Messages Online?

One of the most revolutionary aspects of modern life is the widespread availability of instantaneous cellular message transmission. In today’s busy world, texting is a quick and easy way to stay in touch with loved ones, acquaintances, and coworkers. Depending on your provider and the international Text Services you use, it can be quick and cheap.

Besides using a mobile phone, certain websites allow you to send text messages. On the other hand, some websites demand sign-up forms for new accounts, while others don’t even suggest them.

There are a plethora of Websites that offer free SMS sending, making it difficult to settle on just one. You’ll find a comparison of the best sites to send free text messages, along with detailed descriptions of their offerings, user reviews, and technical specifications.

You can send a text message online for free by using one of many websites that offer this service. There is no subscription needed to use the free features of text-based websites. Any laptop or smartphone with an internet connection can be used to send and receive text messages.

1. Simple Texting

The most effective use case for global SMS marketing is mass distribution.

Use the free service SimpleTexting to send international text messages online immediately. The official website requires a user’s name, password, email address, full name, gender, city, country, and date of birth in order to create an account.

After signing up, users can send and receive text messages, upload a profile picture, and generate a contact list. This page on a privately owned website is always available for users to use to communicate with one another.

texting sms online


  • The user’s inbox on SimpleTexting is where they’ll find replies to their messages.
  • Images and custom SMS profiles are both supported by the system.
  • Stores a log of past communications.
  • Able to send an infinite number of online text messages to other users.
  • One convenient feature of this website is the ability to set up a personal address book for storing important phone numbers.
  • You can embed this page on your own site by clicking the “TEXT Me” button.

2. AfreeSMS

Afreesms is a service that allows you to send SMS messages to any country in the world at no cost. No registration is required to view this content. On this page, you can choose the recipient’s country of residence. Select this option, then proceed to enter the recipient’s number and your desired SMS message. However, a captcha verification is required before the text message can be sent.

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This free web-based messaging app can determine the geographic location of the sender in order to filter out spam and other unwanted text messages. Emails, desktops, and mobile phones can all send and receive SMS messages.


  • The Afreesms service can handle multiple languages and characters.
  • A recipient’s location can be limited by country code.
  • Before sending a message, it checks to see if the number you’ve provided is valid.
  • Free and unlimited text messaging to other users is available on this website.
  • It is compatible with more than 640 different networks and carriers.
  • Offers confirmation that messages were successfully delivered.

3. Podium

Text message advertising is especially useful for drawing customers to local businesses.

Podium is a cloud-based SMS service that allows you to send numerous SMS messages simultaneously. Organizations can use the platform’s built-in mass messaging features to disseminate information such as meeting reminders, important announcements, and status updates.


  • SMS Marketing is a great tool for interacting with your clientele and increasing your revenue.
  • It facilitates prompt textual responses with relevant information or relevant links.
  • Current subscribers can be viewed and managed in real time.
  • Constructs a list of mobile contacts or leads.
  • Data is sent directly to Google Sheets without any manual intervention.
  • Group texting helps everyone from customers to workers stay in the loop.
podium online

4. EZ Texting

Great for mass-contacting thousands of people quickly and easily.

When it comes to SMS platforms, EZ Texting is among the best and has become the industry standard for businesses. Customers can be alerted to the great deals you’re offering via Free Text Online sent from this website. With its help, you can send out mass alerts and notifications to tens of thousands of people simultaneously.


  • A convenient way to inform clients of upcoming meetings and other scheduled activities.
  • Local and toll-free extensions can be added to your account as needed.
  • It allows you to send out mass alerts and notifications to a large number of people quickly.
  • An automatic reply is an excellent tool for doing just that.
  • You will be able to read and respond to incoming messages.
  • Includes tools for creating shortened links on the fly.
  • Allows for the attachment of images, audio, and coupons to text messages.
  • Provides a means of tracking clicks with short links and mobile landing pages.

5. Wifi Text

WiFi-Text Is Optimal When Used With Free unlimited SMS sending and receiving.

The WiFi Text service allows you to send free SMS messages to multiple recipients instantly. You can get started sending and receiving as a guest right away.

It’s a free texting service online that gives you the option of how you want to be contacted back. If people need to get in touch with you, they can use the publicly displayed number. You can, however, avoid further contact with those who send you spam or other unwanted communications by blocking their numbers.

You can also use WiFi Text to send text messages to a mobile phone without ever having to visit the website. It’s appropriate for use on both closed and public websites, including social media.


  • Messages you send can be responded to.
  • This platform can connect to your existing social media accounts or website.
  • Codes can be generated in HTML format for use in encrypted texting.
wifi text website

6. OpenTextingOnline

The Best Way to Send Free International SMS and MMS Messages!

If you want to send free text messages anywhere in the world, OpenTextingOnline is the best option. It’s capable of transmitting anything from brief written messages to lengthy audio or video files. There is no sign-up procedure to use the messaging features of this website.

To use this service for sending SMS, simply open the website in your browser. Next, enter the recipient’s phone number and country, compose your message, and hit the “Send Text” button.


  • Your live chats can be saved or downloaded at any time.
  • The mobile service provider can be determined.
  • The site allows you to silence unwanted text messages from specific people.
  • Choice of recipient’s mobile carrier is an option.
  • If you’re receiving spam or unwanted calls through OpenTestingOnline, you can block the number. The carrier lookup function allows you to locate recipient contacts as well.

7. TextForFree

Superior For Free U.S.-Based SMS And MMS Sending

The Textforfree platform allows users to send free text messages to nearly all US cell phone carriers. Before you can send a message, the site requires you to log in or create an account. For account creation, you’ll need to provide information like your phone number and email address.

Using this service, you can transmit video, audio, and image files. To send a text message, simply enter the recipient’s number and a subject line.

When users send a message through Textforfree, the service logs and track their IP address. That way, fewer unsolicited messages will get through.


  • You can make groups and communicate with them all at once.
  • It enables users to text in a number of different languages.
  • You can use the site to set up future SMS reminders and scheduled messages.
  • A free address book is provided so you can store the information of your most important contacts.
  • After a message is sent, automatic confirmation of delivery is provided.

8. Globefone

The top choice for sending free SMS messages domestically, internationally, or anywhere in between.

In order to send text messages online from your computer, you can use a service like Globefone. Not only is there no cost to use the service, but there is also no requirement to sign up for an account or download any software.

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This platform provides a safe and reliable means of communicating with loved ones anywhere in the world. After entering your message, you can send it via the site by clicking the “Send” button. With the help of the Globefone web application, you can place phone calls from your computer to any other mobile phone.


  • You can make totally free phone calls to regular phones and mobile phones alike from this website.
  • Worldwide GSM network access is available here.
  • The “Call my phone” function allows you to locate a misplaced device.
  • It’s important to note that Globefone is compatible with all modern and major web browsers.
globefone online texting website

9. TextNow

Perfect for making and receiving calls within the United States and Canada.

Using TextNow, you can make free and unlimited phone calls and text messages to any number in the United States or Canada. In order to begin sending messages, users must first register with their mobile phone number.

The website allows users to send texts to a single person or a large group. If you want to send a text message (SMS), you can either select the contact from your phone’s address book or begin typing the mobile number, at which point the page will populate with the correct contact information.


  • The ability to send as many or as few text messages as desired to another person.
  • To make it easier to use this website, you can import phone numbers from your existing contact list.
  • It includes cover images and wallpapers to personalize your conversations.
  • Including YouTube links in text messages is possible.

10. Text’em

For the most part, people in the US and Canada can receive your free text messages the fastest. In order to use this service, you must either create an account or enter your login information (username, email address, and time zone, for example) whenever you visit the site.

More than a hundred different carriers are compatible with this site. You can text anyone and choose whether their reply should go to your email or text ’em inbox. To send a text message to someone, you’ll need to enter their phone number and email address (if they have one), pick their mobile provider, compose your message, and then verify it using a captcha.

Each time the sender accesses the site, the recipient can see their IP address. In this way, it is possible to filter out unwanted correspondence.


  • The website should have a messaging system where users can send and receive messages.
  • Ringtone customization options are available in the settings menu.
  • There are more than a hundred different network providers it works with.
  • The website provides free, unlimited texting.

11. SendAnonymousSMS

The most effective method for sending over a thousand SMS messages to any country in the world without incurring any costs.

You can use SendAnonymousSMS to send and receive text messages anonymously, no matter where you are in the world. Anonymous messaging is a feature of this app. Among the app’s many benefits is the ability to send as many as 100,000 messages completely gratis. You have the option of sending messages without the recipient knowing who you are.

An excellent app for sending anonymous texts around the world is SendAnonymousSMS. It’s useful if you need to spoof your number for any reason, whether it’s to send messages to people who have blocked your number, to fool your friends, or to blow the whistle on wrongdoers.


  • You can send and receive up to 100,000 messages every day at no cost.
  • Secretive texting.
  • A message can only be 150 characters long.

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