How To Stop Sharing Location Without Them Knowing? Some Of The Best Method To Do So

People share their iPhone locations with friends and family for a variety of reasons, including to let them know where they are. This is helpful in a variety of ways, including allowing friends and family to contact you in case of an emergency and allowing you to find where your iPhone is. Since you provided your location while meeting up with friends, they can find out where you are.

Sharing a location, though, can occasionally violate one’s right to privacy. For a private meeting, you might not want your friends and family to know where you are going. However, you don’t want to alienate your family and friends by disclosing your situation to them. no longer utilize the same spaces as before. We’ll go over how to stop iPhones from sharing locations secretly in this article.

  • Method: Activate Airplane Mode.
  • Method 2. Utilize a different iPhone
  • Method 3. Disable the Share My Location” feature.
  • Method 4. Abandon the Find My App Location Sharing Technique 5. Setting A Virtual Location With GPS Spoofer To Hide Location
  • iMessage location privacy setting

Can You Stop Sharing Your Location Secretly?

Can you stop your location secretly

Yes, it is possible to stop sharing the location covertly. Various functions, such as “Share My Location” and “Find My iPhone,” can be disabled. Easily block individuals from finding out where you are. The fact that no one will receive any sort of notification if they are disabled is an additional benefit. There won’t be a notification even if you decide to enable the feature again. Do bear in mind that there are techniques that will hide your existence from your buddies.

How Can I Stop Sharing My Location With Others Without Them Knowing?

Step 1: Activating Airplane Mode Turning on airplane mode is a quick and easy way to temporarily stop others from knowing your whereabouts. Almost all mobile phone kinds have this built-in capability available. Keep in mind that using cellular networks, making calls, or sending messages will also not be possible while the device is in airplane mode. When airplane mode is activated, your network connection will be turned off, making it impossible for anyone to find you. On your home screen, select Settings to activate Airplane Mode. You must now activate the symbol for airplane mode.

in-flight mode: Swiping up the lock screen from the bottom to access the Control Panel is another way to activate airplane mode. On the upper portion, you will notice an airplane icon. You must tap on it for it to change color and become enabled.

Method 2: Utilize An Additional iPhone

A distinctive feature of the iPhone lets users share their position with another iPhone. Your present location will be shared from another iPhone by doing this. hidden. Only when you are signed in with the same Apple ID on both devices is this feasible.

  • Activate the Settings app.
  • access your iPhone profile.
  • Activate the Share My Location checkbox.
  • Select the “Find My” app on a different iPhone.
  • Choose “Use this iPhone as My Location” by tapping the Me icon.
  • Now that this iPhone is shared with your pals, you can use the other iPhone and take it with you wherever you go, but its location won’t be disclosed.

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Step 3: Disable The “Share My Location” Option

Turning off the Share My Location option is another option. This will stop your location from being disclosed. The feature operates well and doesn’t send any notifications. But take noteOpen up Settings on your iPhone.

  • Location Services can be chosen by tapping Privacy.
  • You must select “Share My Location.
  • You must toggle off the setting in order to stop sharing your location.
  • disable “share location”
  • Method 4: Disable Location Sharing on Find My App
  • With the help of the Find My app, you may share your location with friends and family. To stop sharing your location with everyone, turn off the Share my location option in the app.
  • You must open the Find My app on your iPhone.
  • You must tap the “Me” icon.
  • ‘Share My Location’ should be disabled.

You can choose to remove any members you don’t want to share the location with from that group. Youcan stop sharing locations by navigating to People > Tapping on the contact, then choosing Stop Sharing Sharing Location. If you choose to cease sharing your whereabouts with that individual, you can do so without notifying him or letting him know about your decision.

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5. Making Use Of GPS Spoofer

You can spoof the location with a variety of technologies available on the market. This is a great approach to keep your current location a secret from others. We advise using iToolab AnyGo as a GPS spoofer to move your iPhone’s current location to any fictitious location.

  • AnyGo must be downloaded and installed on your computer.
  • The iPhone and computer should be connected. You need to click Start to launch AnyGo.
  • SelectChoose the Teleport button in the top-right corner.
  • To choose an available location, you must input the desired location.
  • You must click “Go” once a location will appear on the screen.
  • Hide the address By Designating A Virtual Address
  • There are even methods that let you create a virtual place to hide the phone’s position. Here’s how to carry out this action.
  • The first step is to download Tenoshare iAnyGo on your computer.
  • You must start the software after the installation is finished.
  • You must now select the Change Location option.
  • Unlock your iOS smartphone by connecting it.
  • You must press Enter at this point.
  • It will enable you toto use the search bar to input the preferred address.
  • The last step is to click Start to Modify.
  • iMessage location privacy setting
  • Your primary location will be automatically shared with the recipient when you send an iMessage. It can be advantageous but also disadvantageous. Fortunately, the app has a built-in option that lets you conceal your location.
  • You need to open the iMessage app first.
  • You must decide whether to stop disclosing the location in any contact conversation.
  • You can press the Info icon that is located next to your contact’s name on the right.
  • Select the option to Stop Sharing Location now.

Setting the period of how long can also be doneYou want to let the chosen contact know where you are. Remember that this function will notify the recipient that you are no longer sharing your location.

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