How To Take Screenshot On Chromebook? Updated 2022

How To Screenshot On Chromebook?

Chromebooks skyrocketed in popularity during the pandemic, as parents snatched up these inexpensive laptops for their children who were now able to take classes from their kitchen tables or bedrooms. In spite of the fact that the demand for Chromebooks has slowed in recent months, there are still millions of Chromebooks in use, and there are probably some features of the Chrome OS that you haven’t even heard of.

For a long time, Chromebooks’ screenshot tool was limited, requiring the use of a non-standard keyboard shortcut. Last year, however, Google released a screenshot tool for Chromebooks, making it possible to record still images and moving video of whatever’s on the screen. Here are both ways to initiate the Screen Capture utility, as well as instructions for using it and locating your captured images.

Try making some screenshots. Given that Chromebooks are cloud-based laptops, there aren’t as many third-party screenshot tools available for them as there are for Windows or macOS. There are many add-ons available for Chrome, but the built-in features of Chrome OS make screen capture the quickest option. Here’s how it operates:

Guide To Taking Screenshots

You can record your screen with the Screen Capture toolbar in addition to taking screenshots. To switch between still images and video, use the toggle on the far left of the toolbar. To the right of that switch, you’ll see options to capture the entire screen, a custom region of the screen, or a specific window.

taking screenshots on chromebook

These are suitable for both still images and moving pictures. The microphone can be activated or muted during the recording of the screen via the settings cog in the toolbar, making it simple to add voiceovers to screenshots.

Capture Any Part Of The Screen With A Keyboard Shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots have always been available in Chrome OS. Shift + Control + Show on your Chromebook (the Show window looks like a rectangle with two vertical lines next to it). Choose Screenshot from the drop-down menu that appears. Pick the screenshot mode that best suits your needs: full screen, partial, or window. To access the screenshot menu without the Show button, press Shift + Ctrl + F5 on an external keyboard.

chromebook screensot shortcut

Simply pressing the keys Shift + Ctrl + Show Windows will bring up the Screen Capture toolbar. The Show Windows key, represented by a window with two additional windows stacked behind it, can be found in the top row of the keyboard. Those three buttons will bring up the toolbar at the screen’s bottom.

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Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+Show Windows to capture the entire screen at once, rather than just a selected area.

Each and every Chromebook can benefit from these keyboard shortcuts. However, the top row of some Chromebooks’ keyboards features a dedicated Screen Capture key. Try pressing the key depicted as a camera (a square with a hole in the middle). When you press it, the program will begin running without requiring a special key combination.

Quickly Capture The Screen With The Screenshot Tool

When Chrome OS 89 was released in March 2021, it brought with it the ability to capture the screen of a Chromebook.

screeshot through toolbar on chromebook

Select Screen Capture from Quick Settings in the system’s lower right corner. Make sure the target is visible on the screen before you start recording. Select the area of the screen you want to capture, the entire screen, or a specific window in the resulting tool. Select “Capture”

Steps To Taking Partial Screenshot

Take a screenshot of only a selected area on your Chromebook by following these steps.

partial screenshot shortcut on chromebook
  • Identify the material you wish to capture a screenshot of.
  • While holding Ctrl and Shift, press the Show Windows button.
  • A prompt will appear that reads, “Drag to select an area to capture.” The screen brightness will have decreased and your cursor will now be a crosshair.
  • Drag out the region you want to grab using the mouse or trackpad. Whenever you take a picture, the area you’re focusing on will be highlighted.
  • Click the “Capture” button located in the middle of the screenshot. Your screenshot, as before, will be stored in the My Files/Downloads section.

Location Of Screenshots Stored On A Chromebook

The Clipboard remembers the most recent five items you copied to it, so you can quickly access screenshots and recordings. In order to see what’s accessible, you can either use the Search key or the Everything button plus the letter V.

The Tote section of the Shelf is designed to hold your Chromebook. Your most recent screenshots will be stored here. You can also pin files to Tote so that you always have that crucial screenshot at the ready without having to dig through your files.

When the Clipboard is full, screenshots are no longer copied to the clipboard and must be manually saved. If you have a Chromebook, your screenshots and screen recordings will be stored in the Images folder within the Files app, while your screen recordings will be located in the Videos folder.

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