How To Use Grammarly In Google Docs? Is It Even Possible? Let’s Find Out

how to use grammarly in google docs

We upgraded the Google Docs interface. Learn how our advanced writing tips will help you write in Google Docs more effectively than before. Grammarly aspires to be a part of all of your writing. We are aware that Google Docs is where some of the most collaborative work is completed, even though many of our users compose their essential documents in a word processor (or in the Grammarly Editor). For this reason, we’ve made Grammarly for Chrome in Google Docs available in beta to all users.

Grammarly is a well-liked alternative; it’s a free tool that plugs into your browser and can improve your writing anywhere you type online, including Google Docs. Although Grammarly for Google Docs is still in beta, getting started with it couldn’t be simpler. It functions in all widely used browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge, but Chrome offers the most comprehensive experience and the most sophisticated suggestions.

Why Is Grammarly Integrated With Google Docs?

Why Is Grammarly Integrated With Google Docs

At Grammarly, we consider users when developing new features and products. One feature request that we’ve received Users enjoy Google Docs and the Grammarly browser plugin, and it would be fantastic if the two were integrated. It’s one of the features that we get the most requests for.

Naturally, we couldn’t just introduce any Grammarly version into Google Docs. We wanted to be certain that this was the function that our users wished for. Our beta has been put through its paces by premium users, who have provided feedback on how they like it and how we can improve it. We now want to provide everyone the chance to try it out.

You should see a pop-up stating that you have access to the beta whenever you open any document in Google Docs. Look for the Grammarly logo in the lower right corner once you’ve seen that. That proves it’s functional! You could notice a notification asking you to confirm that you wish to check the entire document (if the document you open is lengthy).

Write away now! Similar to how they do in our other products, Grammarly’s errors and recommendations will show up as red underlines in your writing. To accept a proposal, click on each red underline that you see.

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Installing Grammarly In Google Chrome: Steps

  1. Start Google Chrome, visit the Grammarly for Chrome page, then click Add to Chrome to add the extension if you haven’t already
  1. By selecting Add extension, you can confirm your installation of the extension.
  2. The Grammarly website ought to load. Register a new Grammarly account for free or sign in to an existing one.
  3. Open a document on Google Docs by going there in your browser. In the lower-right corner of the document, you should see the Grammarly icon (an arrow that curves into the shape of the letter G) or the total number of suggested fixes.

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How To Make Grammarly Available In Google Docs?

How To Make Grammarly Available In Google Docs

You should be able to use Grammarly in Google Docs after installing the extension. Grammarly may be deactivated if you don’t see the symbol or the number of suggested edits. To verify:

  1. In the toolbar at the top of the browser, select the Extension icon.
  2. In the
  3. drop-down, select Grammarly.
  4. Make sure Google Docs’ Check for Writing Suggestions feature is enabled. Swipe the button in a rightward direction.
  5. Picture of the Grammarly Chrome addon

How To Make Goals In Google Docs For Grammarly?

Grammarly is an effective tool for making sure your spelling and punctuation are flawless, but many people also use it to make sure their tone and presentation are appropriate for the document’s target audience. Depending on how you define the objectives of your work, Grammarly can adjust the suggestions it makes. Here’s how to apply it

  1. To access the Grammarly sidebar, if necessary, click the suggested edit counter at the bottom of the document.
  2. Click the Adjust Goals button at the top of the sidebar, which resembles an archery target.
  3. Make your selections for this document’s settings in the Set objectives window. You can choose your audience, formality level, tone, and intent. You can select the domain if you have a premium subscription, and options include academic, business, artistic, and others.
  1. Click Done when you’re done.

The number of suggested modifications may now change, and the specific suggestions may differ depending on which document options you select. Depending on whether you’re aiming to appeal to a wide audience or specialists in this sector, Grammarly will advise alternative word choices, for instance.

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