How Tracy Morgan’s Truck Accident Changed His Life?

How Tracy Morgan’s Truck Accident Changed His Life?

Trucking accidents involving commercial vehicles almost always have devastating consequences. Crashing into one of these behemoths can cause serious damage to your car and your body.

In 2014, actor and comedian Tracy Morgan was in a terrible accident that changed his life irrevocably. His limousine was hit by a Walmart truck on the New Jersey turnpike, resulting in multiple serious injuries and the loss of one passenger. Morgan has a lot to say about how this unfortunate event has changed him, despite his apparent miraculous recovery.

Morgan Still Mourns His Close Friend

Morgan was on the way to an event with his friend and fellow comedian Jimmy McNair, who rode along in a limousine bus. All six passengers in the limousine escaped unharmed, but only McNair’s injuries were fatal.

Morgan Still Mourns His Close Friend

In spite of the passage of time, Morgan has not stopped publicly lamenting McNair’s death and paying tribute to him on social media. While Tracy Morgan’s health has improved dramatically, this is one loss from which he will never fully recover, and one that he still publicly mourns.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Morgan’s traumatic brain injury was one of the most tragic aftereffects of this incident (TBI). The Walmart tractor trailer driver wasn’t paying attention to the slower speeds of the other vehicles on the road and swerved into Morgan’s limo as a result. There was a rear-end collision involving Morgan’s limousine bus, which sent it careening into oncoming traffic. Following its initial flip onto its side, the limousine came to a complete stop.

The comedian says he had long periods of depression in the beginning of his recovery, but that his loved ones and professional team were there for him the whole time. Morgan’s attorney claims that after a full year had passed since the accident, the comedian still showed no signs of improvement in his health.

Diminished Mobility

After his accident, Tracy Morgan was confined to a wheelchair for a while. He underwent extensive physical therapy and, eventually, was able to walk again, albeit with the aid of a cane. Morgan’s crash left him with multiple broken ribs, a pulverized femur, and numerous facial fractures. After a few days in a coma, he woke up to find that he had been blind for a week.

Tracy Morgan has made great strides toward his pre-accident self, but he is still hobbling along. Morgan gave an interview in 2020 about how difficult it was for him to get around without using a cane or crutches, despite the fact that his accident had occurred in 2014. To prepare for his upcoming wedding, he has been working hard to master walking without the aid of such devices.

Diminished Mobility

In this interview, the actor revealed that he had to relearn basic movements like sitting and standing without help and that he still has trouble with them today. Even though he has made remarkable progress, the physical difficulties he faced in the accident persist in his daily life.

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The Pursuit Of Compensation

It’s safe to assume that the Walmart truck driver who collided with Morgan’s limousine bus was going too fast just before the collision. Tracey Morgan’s life was irrevocably changed when he attempted to avoid a jam caused by a large concentration of slow-moving traffic.

In a surprising turn of events, however, Walmart’s legal team argued that Morgan’s injuries weren’t the result of the driver’s negligence but rather Morgan’s own negligence in not using a seatbelt. Despite this contention, Walmart reached a confidential settlement with the actor and the other passengers. This incident emphasizes the significance of consulting a legal professional following a personal injury.

Most accidents involving trucks cause severe damage. There is no guarantee that a person who has suffered a traumatic brain injury will ever be able to return to their pre-injury level of mental capacity, and the road to recovery can be extremely long and difficult.

In addition, many people are unable to regain their previous levels of personality, communication, and other abilities. Tracy Morgan has made an inspiring comeback from his traumatic brain injury (TBI), but he is still dealing with the physical effects of the accident over six years later.

FAQs – People Also Ask

What happened to Tracy Morgan accident?

On the New Jersey Turnpike on June 7th, 2014, a Walmart truck collided with Morgan’s limousine. James McNair, a 62-year-old comedian and a close friend of theirs, was killed in the accident. Following the accident, Morgan spent five months in a wheelchair and has admitted he considered suicide several times during his ordeal.

How much did Tracy Morgan get for the car accident?

McNair’s children reportedly received $10 million in a settlement reached in 2015, while the terms of Morgan’s truck accident lawsuit settlement remained private. More than 90% of Walmart’s total payout was for Morgan’s and another passenger’s claims, according to subsequent court documents.

How long was Tracy Morgan in a coma?

James McNair, a comedian in his 62nd year, was riding along with Morgan when the crash occurred. Morgan was in a coma for two weeks and used a wheelchair for five months.

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