HyperX Cloud Stinger 2:Is It A Good One To Use? What Is Its Durability? Let’s Find Out

The fact that gaming is a pastime loved by many participants is one of its best features. While some people just care about getting the finest experience possible, others simply want to maximize their money. It makes sense and contributes to the large variety of items that are available. The Cloud Stinger, one of the many devices HyperX provides, is reasonably priced. The budget-friendly entry-level headset offered a reliable experience.

HyperX made the decision to update the headset and create the Cloud Stinger 2 because it was getting a little dated. Is it a noteworthy replacement with a fresh appearance and new functions, or is it a subpar item in a superior container? Inside is one of their simpler presentations. However, it is not fully unknown. A rather large piece of plastic holds Cloud Stinger 2 in place, with all the important papers on top and supplies below. The windscreen also fits in a teeny space, making it simple to remove and get ready to go.

Cloud Stinger VS HyperX Cloud Stinger 2.

Cloud Stinger VS HyperX Cloud Stinger 2

Even while there are many advancements, not everything is a move in the right direction. A built-in cable is present in both Cloud Stinger variants, which is a rather significant drawback. This is because, in the event that the line malfunctions, the headset will be replaced, potentially making the Cloud Alpha or a comparable product a better long-term investment. The metal headband on the previous design may also be its only advantage over the new one. On this model, HyperX switched to plastic

. I don’t believe the alteration will affect durability because it seems to be quite substantial like some of the other long-lasting plastic headsets in this category. range, like the A10 from Astro Gaming, but it is something to be aware of. However, HyperX’s use of the headband’s numbering system is a great touch. It is considerably simpler to maintain uniformity in the headset because the number is visible through a little window on the headband.

The variation in fit is maybe one of the biggest surprises. When putting it on, the original Cloud Stinger presents a good degree of resistance due to its rigidity. With the release of Cloud Stinger 2, HyperX successfully addressed this. Although it appears that the ear cushions are the same, the overall design makes it more comfortable over time, which is a significant plus for anyone who uses their headset for extended gaming sessions.

Performance Is Strong But Not Very Innovative.

I used it while I could hear the audio cues when I utilized this with Back 4 Blood, it wasn’t nearly as accurate as I was used to. It’s similar to hearing important events but missing out on some of the smaller details, like a faint rustle or scary click. I also utilized it in the recently released remake of King’s Fall, where it adequately portrayed the main experience. Increasing the volume is really beneficial and can aid in gaining a deeper grasp of the music. With a less experience-focused sound like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R or MultiVersus, Cloud Stinger 2 also did admirably.

A comparable tale involves the microphone. It effectively muffles outside noise and captures my voice, however it occasionally has a chilly quality. if you’re taking part in a raid or minor PVP, you shouldn’t encounter any problems.

Despite this, the Cloud Stinger 2 performs as expected for a headset of its price range. It’s sufficient to do the task and be satisfying, but there is yet the potential for development. However, if you experienced that issue with the old Cloud Stinger, this is a better experience because it is much louder.

Additionally, HyperX made an effort to lessen this by providing access to DTS Headphone: X. Two years of servicing are included with Cloud Stinger 2, which is a lovely touch. DTS Headphone:X, if you haven’t utilized it, is a spatial audio service similar to Dolby Atmos or Immerse Gaming | HIVE. Although it doesn’t quite compare to Immerse Gaming | HIVE, it delivers a richer experience and is certainly worth trying out, at the very least.

Review Of HyperX Cloud Stinger 2: Conclusion

Review of HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Conclusion

HyperX created a compelling offer with Cloud Stinger 2 for the pricing. It not only feels and looks amazing, but it also outperforms their prior version. While it can’t quite compete with headsets costing $100 or more, it’s ideal for children or students who want a headset that does the job.

Question And Answer

Is the HyperX Cloud 2 pricey enough?

This headphone is excellent! Although the audio quality is undoubtedly not that of a high-end audiophile headphone, it is quite good for a gaming headset. It has closed-back ear cups and 53mm drivers. You won’t be at all disturbed when playing games thanks to the excellent sound isolation of this headset.

What surpasses HyperX Cloud Stinger in quality?

In comparison to the HyperX Cloud Stinger, the HyperX Cloud 2/Cloud II is a somewhat better and more full gaming headset. One of the most comfortable gaming headsets we’ve tested so far is the Cloud II because of its improved construction.

Has HyperX Cloud II lost any quality?

Yes, it’s still a perfectly good headset when seen in isolation, but when compared to the rest of the market and HyperX’s own current portfolio, it’s no longer exceptional.

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