In Las Vegas, the Summer Suns Glow Early With a Win Over the Lakers

Summer Suns gel early in Las Vegas with win over Lakers

The NBA Summer League’s basketball is often of a subpar standard. To start the season off right, the Phoenix Suns dominated the Los Angeles Lakers 104-84 on Friday, displaying some impressive team play on both ends.

In the early going, it was evident that Phoenix was focused and prepared to defend as a team. Despite the fact that this group has only been together for a week, they have shown strong defensive concepts and effective communication.
Everyone on the field was distributing the ball and accelerating the tempo. Suns out-assisted Lakers, 25-11.

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In Las Vegas, the Summer Suns Glow Early With a Win Over the Lakers

As a result, everyone had a good night and numerous Suns had strong ones.

The Pac-12 introduced us to point guard McKinley Wright IV when he was playing for the Buffalo Bulls. He was one of the game’s better passers while also playing good defense. There was no shortage of stats on Wright’s stat sheet. He scored eight points and dished out nine assists, along with two steals and one block.

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Last year’s Summer League MVP Louis King scored 20 points and big Ish Wainright continued to develop as a shooter.

For 17 points, Wainright sank five of his nine 3-pointers, and a number of those shots were made while he was moving.
This is a testament to the dedication and hard effort that the 27-year-old has put in since he couldn’t even shoot 3-pointers in college.

For much of the first half, Phoenix had an 18-point advantage, but its overall team effort remained steady enough to blow the game up in the third quarter.
Keep an eye out for Ahmad Caver at the guard position. When he was able to get into the lane quickly, he posed some issues for the Los Angeles Clippers. Within the time allotted to him, Caver managed to rack up eight points, three rebounds, seven assists, and two steals.

Olivier Sarr, a seven-footer who appeared in 22 games for the Oklahoma City Thunder last season, agrees. Despite his stature, he was able to score 13 points and grab 10 rebounds in only 14 minutes of action.

Among the Suns’ current roster, only Wainright has any prior NBA experience, while Wright, King, Caver, and Sarr each have a smattering of it. It’s possible that Phoenix will start the season with a two-way player from the summer league.

They face Denver Nuggets at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday in their second summer league game.

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