Intercontinental Championship: Its History, Participants, And Many More

intercontinental championship

The American professional wrestling company WWE on the Raw brand produced and marketed the WWE Cruiserweight Championship as a professional wrestling championship. It is defended on 205 Live, which is only for cruiserweights, and Monday Night Raw. Enzo Amore, who is in the midst of his first reign, is the current champion.

It is fought in the WWE’s cruiserweight division by wrestlers at a maximum weight of 205 lb and was introduced on September 14, 2016, as the prize for the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic, which was won by TJ Perkins (93 kg). Up until the launch of 205 Live in November 2016, the championship was only available on Monday Night Raw.

The previous WWE Cruiserweight Championship, which had its roots in World Championship Wrestling and was retired in 2007, is not comparable to this one. The two headings share the name but not the history of the title.

History Of Intercontinental Championship

intercontinental championship history

A WWE Network series and competition for cruiserweights was called the Cruiserweight Classic. Matches for the tournament were held in a number of independent promotions, including well-known ones like Revolution Pro Wrestling, Progress Wrestling, and Evolve. The opportunity to qualify for the 32-man tournament was extended to numerous cruiserweight wrestlers from all over the world. The event took place over four days in 2016: June 23, July 13, August 26, and September 14.

TJ Perkins and Gran Metalik faced off in the Cruiserweight Classic championship match. The winner would not only receive a trophy but would also become the WWE Cruiserweight Champion for the brand-new cruiserweight division on the Raw network, according to Triple H before the championship fight. Then, Metalik was defeated by Perkins, who then won the first championship. The Cruiserweight title’s side plates, like those of the WWE Championship, feature detachable spherical parts that may be customized with the winner’s emblem; by default, the sections display purple and silver global maps with the WWE logo above them. For WWE, they commissioned Peter Ellis of Leather Rebels to design the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, which he did. Under Neville’s leadership, the center plate’s logo’s slash was altered from purple to orange. The Cruiserweight Championship is defended on 205 Live, a new cruiserweight-only program on the WWE Network that debuted on November 29, 2016, in addition to Monday Night Raw.

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The Number of Wrestlers At The Intercontinental Championship.

The Giants used to reside in WWE. Although The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan once ruled supremely, times have changed. The number of Superstars who met the requirements to compete as cruiserweights were substantially lower in 2007 when the title was retired than it is today. There are more than enough wrestlers on the roster who could fill the division, so bringing the belt back seems justifiable.

The most obvious candidates for the division are Kalisto, Sin Cara, Neville, Sami Zayn, Tyler Breeze, AJ Styles, Xavier Woods, Epico, and Primo. However, depending on where WWE specifies the maximum weight, Superstars like Stardust and Dolph Ziggler may also be eligible.

On top of that, who would be qualified to battle for the championship out of all the people that are now in NXT waiting to be called up to the main roster? Additionally, just because a person is a cruiserweight does not automatically rule him out of contention for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

These days, title reigns last longer. There was a period when it appeared as though titles were being played like a hot potato, but that has changed. We no longer experience the same level of enthusiasm when someone wins a title because championship reigns now last much longer than they formerly did.

Here Is a Brief Summary Of How Many Titles Have Changed In The Last Year Or So:

  • Intercontinental Championship modifications ever since March 29, 2015, seven times.
  • Since March 29, 2015, the United States Championship has changed hands six times.
  • Since April 26, 2015, the Tag Team Championships have been transferred three times.
  • In the previous 12 months, the Divas/Championship Women’s just once changed hands.
  • Since March 29, 2015, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship has changed hands six times.
  • In recent years, some title reigns have lasted as long as 10 months. At one point, CM Punk had the WWE Championship for 434 days.
  • It’s nice when a champion proves to be a formidable opponent, but nothing compares to the joy of witnessing someone win a belt after a thrilling contest.
  • The Cruiserweight Championship would enable WWE to schedule more events. every year, a few more titles are changed and another deserving Superstar is encouraged.

3 OF 5 Global Cruiserweight Series

intercontinental championship 3 OF 5

According to, a unique Global Cruiserweight Series that WWE is organizing for the WWE Network will include wrestlers from all over the world from organizations like Resistance Pro Wrestling, Evolve, and the Progress promotion located in the United Kingdom.

Not only is it significant for WWE to collaborate with these businesses and use its stars, but it’s also great to see the organization support cruiserweights by hosting a unique competition. These promotions’ events will include qualifying matches, and the 32-man tournament will air on the WWE Network starting on July 13 and over the course of ten weeks.

It would level out the situation. It would be preferable if WWE gave the victor a brand-new Cruiserweight Championship, but even if the champion is a non-WWE Superstar, it would still be advantageous to bring the belt back so that the wrestlers who meet the requirements on the WWE roster had another championship to contend for.

Matches between Cruiserweights Are a Tonne Of Fun

Matches involving cruiserweight wrestlers can be a lot of fun, as anyone who watched WCW during the Monday Night Wars would attest. While NWO was at its height, guys like Eddie Guerrero, Juventud Guerrera, Chris Jericho, and Dean Malenko produced the most thrilling performances every week while NWO was at its height.

WWE might recapture some of that magic with a new version of the championship carried by with the level of talent now on the roster. very talented wrestlers. For a second, put aside the time that Hornswoggle was the champion and try to recall when people like Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio held the title. Again, it might be that way.

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NXT 5 OF 5 May Win a Second Singles Championship.

Only one of the three titles available in NXT is a men’s singles championship. There is always the option of a second singles championship in NXT if WWE decides against adding the cruiserweight championship to the main roster.

Only seven NXT champions have held the title in the four years since it was first introduced. Longer reigns undoubtedly contribute to a Superstar’s legitimacy, but they also mean that many individuals who deserved reigns never had the opportunity. that belt around their waist, to feel it. Many more people would get the chance to serve as a champion before being called up to the main roster if NXT added a second singles belt.

Tyler Breeze might have had a chance to win the cruiserweight championship if it had been available last year instead of moving to Raw and SmackDown, where he has been mistreated ever since his debut.

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