iPad iOS 15 Disable Split Screen Features

iPad iOS 15 Disable Split Screen

The new Apple iPad’s Split View feature is one of its most useful additions, as it allows users to run two apps side by side on the same screen. If you like to multitask, you’ll find this to be especially helpful. On the other hand, you probably won’t want to leave the feature enabled all the time.

The iPad’s split-screen mode can be turned off by resizing one of the two windows to its full width and dragging the bar separating them to the left or right. The three dots that appear when you split an app cannot be removed, but they can be used to minimize and reposition the split window.

The two windows of Split View can be distracting, but it’s useful if you only need to run a single process at a time while multitasking. If you want to know how to turn off Split View on an iPad, read on!

What Activates Split View On iPad?

The iPad’s Split View feature is always on, so you might accidentally use two screens when you only need one. When you want to multitask, the feature is automatically turned on, which causes Split View to launch without your knowledge.

Split View has many potential applications, having it pop up when you don’t want it to can be a nuisance. It’s worth noting that some people find the feature distracting and turn it off altogether.

If you’re just getting started with the iPad, know that you have a choice between two methods for controlling Split View. If you don’t want to use split-screen mode, you can turn it off in the settings or just exit the app. However, in iOS 15, you can’t turn off the split view on the iPad by itself.

ipad screen split

Given the recent changes to multitasking, it’s safe to assume Apple realized it would be harder for users to inadvertently launch Split View. To judge by the fact that you are here, however, it did not work.

Working on multiple projects at once is made easier with Split View. But it also has the potential to slow you down. You wouldn’t want, for instance, Split View on your iPad Mini screen to keep popping up and getting in the way of your work. A bad interaction with a feature that appears by accident is common

Because of this, many iPad owners have found that split-screen mode was accidentally opened while they were using other apps. So, Apple should implement a feature that lets you relocate the split-screen button or turn it off entirely.

How To Close iPad Split Screen?

Knowing how to use the iPad’s multitasking features, such as Split View, can significantly increase your output. You could either disable split-screen mode in iPad Settings. Or exit the app(s) using split-screen mode on your iPad before iPadOS 15.

Disabling split-screen mode on the iPad is no longer an option. So closing it is the only way to get rid of it now. Split View can be undone by dragging the divider bar in the direction of the app you want to close.

This is useful if you accidentally entered Split View and can’t get split screen to stop interfering with your layout and making your app windows small. Here are some quick fixes to get your app windows back to their usual size.

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iPad iOS 15 Disable Split Screen
  • To move the gray controller to the left or right edge of your iPad screen when in Split View, tap and hold the black divider bar.
  • One side of the screen will be closed and the other will be left open depending on which way you slide the divider. As soon as you release the iPad’s split-screen button, the smaller window will disappear, while the larger one will continue to run in full-screen mode.
iPad iOS 15 Disable Split Screen
  • Hold back until the divider is near the display, then let go.

In spite of its apparent simplicity, this method for ending a split-screen session on an iPad is anything but intuitive.

Accidental iPad Split Screen Error

Keep an eye on the three dots at the top of your iPad’s app windows to prevent accidental split screens in the future. If you drag this icon by accident, the window will resize and move around in unexpected ways.

For the time being, you’ll need to know how to exit the split screen on your iPad. If you ever find yourself in a situation where your iPad is only displaying a half-screen app view. In the following paragraphs, we’ll demonstrate.

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iPad iOS 15 Disable Split Screen

Users Find Split Screen Confusing

Apple boasts that the new features make split-screen functionality easier, but not everyone agrees. When presented with two screens on their iPad, many users, especially the elderly, become disoriented.

Split-screen mode is automatically enabled in certain situations; for instance, when you start typing a URL in Safari’s address bar. Apple doesn’t provide a simple interface by only providing two screens. Many iPad owners have been asking for the ability to switch between apps ever since the device was released.

Split-screen mode can be very distracting on the iPad Mini’s screen size. The end result is usually a bad time for the user as a whole. After reading about this, some people might think twice before buying a new iPad.

Unfortunately, many apps also include a button directly beneath the split-screen pop-up option, making things even more difficult. Therefore, many people accidentally use their apps in split-screen mode.


Split-screen mode can be left on the iPad by dragging the bar dividing the screen to the left or right. As soon as the bar has traveled roughly halfway across the screen, let go of it. Drag the split-screen bar to the left to hide the left side of the display.

Simply drag the bar to the right to hide the right side of the screen. Apple needs to let its users customize the split-screen button’s location or disable it altogether. Send Apple a message explaining why you despise the split-screen mode that activates on its own.

They have a better chance of effecting change if more reports are submitted. iOS 15 doesn’t offer a way to completely turn off the split-screen feature.

If the iPad senses that you need to switch between multiple apps at once. It will automatically switch to Split View. You can exit Split View by swiping the bar that separates the two screens to the left or right.

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