Ironmouse Face Reveal: Does She Use Art To Cope With Her Serious Illness?

VTuber and live streamer Ironmouse is from Puerto Rico. She started out as a pioneer member of the 2020-born VTuber collective VShojo and has been active since 2017.

With over a million members, she is the most well-known English-language Twitch VTuber, and in February 2022, her paid subscriptions had the highest activity of any Twitch channel.

Ironmouse Persona

After realizing that other users, including Kizuna, were referring to themselves as VTubers, Mouse began to consider herself one.

Her normal avatar is a horned demon with pink and purple hair, and its backstory suggests that the character is an incarnation of Satan itself. This is likely due to the fact that she had playfully referred to herself as such on stream.

She described the persona as being like a “larger version of me” and looking like a superhero. Ironmouse has a distinctive, high-pitched speaking voice as a result of CVID difficulties.

She claims that as a result, some individuals have failed to take her seriously, and some other streamers have been shocked to discover that this voice is indeed hers and not a voice changer.

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Ironmouse’s Twitch audience began to expand in 2020 and 2021, as part of a greater trend of expansion for broadcasters, particularly VTubers. She was able to pay for better medical treatment because of the increased revenue from her streams. Then, when her health began to improve, she was able to frequently do longer broadcasts.

In November 2020, Ironmouse became one of the founding members of VShojo, a new English-language VTuber agency based in the United States, joining other streamers and famous people including Nyanners and Projekt Melody. She also collaborates frequently with Welsh YouTuber CDawgVA.

What Does Ironmouse Suffer From? Is Ironmouse Allowed To Leave The House?

Common Variable Immune Deficiency, a rare immune system-attacking disorder, affects Ironmouse. The VTuber has previously explained that her disease significantly restricts her, preventing her from leaving the house and causing her to spend most of her time in bed. 

She is unable to spend a lot of time outside, not because she doesn’t want to, but because her Ironmouse sickness prevents her from doing so. Despite her best efforts, her body is unable to handle it. Outside, there are numerous virus and bacterial varieties that will make her sicker than usual.

Relationship Status Of Ironmouse

Ironmouse may be a single person. She has never made public disclosures about her dating life. She may have made a hint if she was seeing someone. She won’t be able to share her information with us until we ask, though.

Ironmouse‘s Career

Hollywood Mask claims that Ironmouse started streaming on YouTube and other websites in 2017, but by 2019, he was solely doing it on Twitch. She interacts with her Twitch fans largely while playing the video games Amongus, Rust, and Minecraft.

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Ironmouse said that he was lonely and desired to intervene with the Washington Post. She decided to join the group after watching the Japanese VTuber Kizuna AI.

She has roughly 601k followers and 7,000 subscribers as of this writing. Additionally, she earns between $1.5K and $27K per month from her Twitch account and between $2.3K and $37K from her YouTube uploads.

In essence, she is making a fair living off of her online activities. According to some sources, she may earn more than $800K a year from all of her online endeavors. Given her large earnings, it is safe to conclude that she has a net worth of at least $500,000.

In addition to everything else, she also receives a fair income through sponsorships and advertisements.

What Does The Real Name Of Twitch Gamer Ironmouse Mean?

The real name of Ironmouse is currently unknown. She goes by the name Iromouse on most of her social media platforms, though.

Ironmouse, who turned 25 on January 11, 1997, was born. She often performs musical numbers for her audience and has a high voice.

Ironmouse Face Revealed?

Ironmouse is a private person who has only partially shared her personal information with a select group of individuals. She once stated that talking about her personal life on camera made her feel uneasy.

Twitter users continuously pushed Ironmouse to show her face. But in the end, she publishes humorous pictures that make people curious about her true appearance.

When Will Ironmouse Show Her Face?

One Twitter user posted a tweet. People who submit videos to the internet while hiding their faces are known as Vtubers. Instead, they wear an animated avatar over their visage.

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