Is Agoda Legit? Lets Figure It Out

Is agoda legit

Booking Holdings, formerly known as Inc. from 1998 to 2014 and The Priceline Group Inc. from 2014 to 2018, is the owner of several websites, including,,,, and One of the biggest travel firms in the world, it has been traded publicly since 1999. (consistently on the Fortune 500 list). In 2019, Booking Holdings brought in $15 billion.

One of Booking’s most valuable assets, and one of its very first, was Agoda (purchased in 2007). Since then, Agoda has developed a reputation for being the place to go for deals on a variety of lodging choices. In order to enhance the client experience and highlight its finest prices, Agoda launched money-saving options like AgodaCash, AgodaVIP, and Promo Codes over time.

How Trustworthy Is Agoda?

How Trustworthy Is Agoda

Typical dependability worries include:

  • Agoda’s reservation notification is not reaching hosts
  • Overbooking (Agoda or host over-selling a room)
  • Agoda bookings are not recognized as valid by hosts

First reliability worry:

  • The Agoda reservation notice is not reaching hosts.
  • When reservations are made, Agoda emails hosts and guests a confirmation.
  • You may access each reservation you’ve booked inside of your Agoda account as a guest. From their own account, your host can access their reservations. A few days before check-in, Agoda also emails your host and you a reminder.
  • Reservation Confirmation

Second reliability worry:

  • Overbooking (Over-Selling Rooms)
  •’s listings are determined by what hosts indicate as being available.
  • If a host forgets to let Agoda know that a room is no longer available, Agoda may overbook if it sells the room without the host’s knowledge. Overbooking is uncommon since hosts often sync their inventory across all platforms, which updates the availability of rooms in real-time. When you arrive at a property and learn that your accommodation was overbooked, let Agoda know.
  • Agoda shows the number of available rooms.
  • Agoda shows the number of available rooms.

Third reliability worry:

  • Guests Refusing An Agoda Booking
  • listings can only be sold with the host’s consent.
  • If upon arrival your host declines to acknowledge your Agoda reservation,
  • Report the incident to Agoda right away, even after you’ve shown identification (a passport if you’re a foreign national) and proof of booking.

How Agoda Applies Its Rules?

Problems between visitors and hosts are resolved by Agoda. When publishing listings, hosts accept the terms of Agoda’s Policy page. When making a reservation, guests accept these terms as well as the host’s rules.

Agoda penalizes hosts in accordance with its regulations if they are at fault for something, such as unfairly canceling a guest’s reservation or posting an advertisement with false images or text. If a customer is at fault, Agoda penalizes them in accordance with the terms they agreed to when making their reservation.

Is Booking With Agoda Safe?

Is Booking With Agoda Safe

Agoda is a legitimate organisation that upholds its regulations toward both hosts and guests, but what about worries regarding guest safety?

  • Typical client safety worries include:
  • Payout Security (card details, personal information)
  • Visitors’ Security on the Property
  • Scheduling Fraud and Scams

Safety Issue No. 1:

Payout Security (Card Details, Personal Information) Nobody wants to be concerned about the safety of their credit card information when making an online purchase. Fortunately, with, you won’t have to worry about this.

Agoda employs both the merchant and agency business models. The guest pays Agoda for their reservation using the merchant model, and Agoda then gives the host a portion of the guest’s money. Agoda immediately and without passing the credit card of the visitor the host with the card’s information.

Agoda uses the agency paradigm to mediate interactions between hosts and guests. Agoda gathers the card information from the visitor and gives it to their host, who uses it to make the complete payment instead of billing the visitor directly. A percentage of each guest’s bill is paid by the host to Agoda.

Second issue:

Visitors’ Security on the Property Whether you’re in a resort or guesthouse, safety can be a concern. If you’re new to and want to book with confidence, I advise sticking with listings that have a lot of reviews (30+) and excellent reviews.a score of (8.5+). Additionally, read the complete listing description and the last six months’ worth of customer evaluations.

Agoda does not discourage hosts from listing in any certain regions. Research nearby communities before making a reservation if neighborhood safety is a concern for you. By using “Location” beneath the search box, you may filter by neighborhood and distance from attractions.

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How to Prevent Problems When Making an Agoda Reservation

When making a reservation online as opposed to in person or through a suggestion, there is always a chance that an unanticipated problem will arise. It’s understandable given the enormous volume of transactions and properties joining every day and the fierce competition in the travel lodging market.

However, there are easy steps we can take to reduce the possibility of a negative event occurring when travelling. the following advice

When Making A Reservation On Agoda, Adhere To:

In order to find a listing:

  • Prior to searching, decide on your destination, dates, and spending limit.
  • Narrow results using Agoda’s search filters according to your requirements.
  • Consider only listings that have:
  • recent testimonials from happy clients that are positive
  • Photos clearly displaying the room and front door

Choosing a room and completing your reservation:

On, you’ll find a lot of charming rooms, however some are spread apart. Booking somewhere close to where you’ll spend time after arriving is advised. Each listing has an interactive map that shows how far it is from nearby landmarks.

Read the entire listing description. Make sure the amenities, whether they be breakfast, laundry, or parking, are what you need. A thorough description demonstrates that the host took time to create their listing.

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I hope you found my advice useful. We discussed the history of as a business, three reliability issues that many customers have, how Agoda enforces its policies, three safety issues, and how to steer clear of potential pitfalls when looking for and reserving accommodations on Agoda.

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