Is Caroline Stanbury Pregnant Every Thing You Need To Know

The eleventh installment of Bravo’s “Housewives” franchise, “The Real Housewives of Dubai,” features one surprisingly recognizable name in the cast. Fans of the network will recognize Caroline Stanbury as one of the main characters from “Ladies of London,” a series that aired from 2014 to 2017 and followed the lives of six London-based women. After her time on the show ended, Caroline moved on to other projects, including starting a podcast called “Divorced Not Dead” and working as an ambassador for a luxury brand.

According to the Milken Institute, since Caroline’s relocation to Dubai in 2016, she has become a spokesperson for regional brands like NMC Healthcare & Cosmesurge and Accor Hotel Group.

Her three children from her marriage to ex-husband Cem Habib and to soccer player Sergio Carrallo all live with her in Dubai at the moment. With only a few weeks on the air, Stanbury and her family have delivered the drama that “RHODubai” viewers have come to expect.

Caroline Stanbury fears Sergio Carrallo Will Leave If She Doesn’t Get Pregnant

Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo, of “The Real Housewives of Dubai,” are expecting a child. As seen in a sneak peek for the upcoming episode of “RHODubai” airing on June 22, Caroline and Sergio are at odds over when they should start a family. Caroline admits, “I’m very scared to have to do this again.” Sergio, however, has very divergent sentiments. “My mom and dad will eventually become grandparents. Sergio tells Caroline, “Honey, the Carrallo generation has to keep goin

g. I don’t want someone else to carry it.” At the heart of Caroline’s confession was her reluctance to change their current way of life. She gushed, “I love going on adventures with Sergio and having the life that we do right now.” “I’m not sure if today is the day I want to have a brand new baby.” “But if I can’t have the baby, Sergio won’t stay… Fact,” she pressed on.

Caroline Stanbury fears Sergio Carrallo Will Leave If She Doesn't Get Pregnant

It’s a relief to know that Caroline and Sergio “have one baby boy on ice,” as she told Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” on June 22. In a conversation with Cohen, Caroline stated, “I don’t want to be the oldest mother in history,” before confirming that she is, in fact, “going to carry the embryo.” The podcast hostess added that her kids from her first marriage are cool with the idea of having a new sibling. While her two sons are “coming around,” Yasmine Habib’s daughter is “allowing it as soon as she moves out to go to school” (via Bravo).

Is Caroline Stanbury Pregnant

Caroline Stanbury, one of the stars of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Dubai, recently talked about the difficulties she faced while pregnant. Her relationship with her husband has been a focal point of the show due to the drama that has surrounded them.

Caroline and her partner of 27 years, Sergio Jose Carrallo, have been at odds over their divergent views on whether or not they should start a family. Sergio was eager to start a family while Caroline was hesitant. It was also said that their age difference has caused them to value different things. But they adjusted to parenthood in the end.

Caroline Shares Her Struggles

Caroline revealed to E! News just recently that she is having difficulty conceiving. She came clean about having to undergo IVF in order to have a baby. She further explained that she has one fertilized embryo at the moment, but that she was unable to produce another healthy embryo. Since she wants to increase her chances of success, Caroline plans to undergo additional IVF in order to obtain another healthy embryo.

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“The RHODubai star said, “We have one [embryo] on ice—a baby boy. Unfortunately, I did another round, and none of them were viable.” The [doctor] has banned me from drinking. Before we leave for the summer, we’re going to give it one last shot at getting at least two eggs in the fridge. When will we install them? Sorry, I have no idea.”

Caroline Shares Her Struggles

Caroline Shares How Busy She And Sergio Are

Caroline and her husband, she said, have been so occupied recently, they haven’t even had a chance to have a quiet dinner together. Indeed, Caroline is currently in New York City recording the very first RHODubai reunion with Andy Cohen. “When you’re married, you’re married. There hasn’t been a chance for us to talk yet “”I lied,” she said.

She also mentioned that they would be spending the next three weeks touring Bali in Indonesia. “We’ve built a house, tried in vitro fertilization, and gotten married all within the span of a month; basically, we’ve done everything that two people shouldn’t do in a year. The fact that we’re still together and haven’t gone our separate ways speaks volumes. We’ve got so many fun things in store for the future, now is a great time to get started “This, she said, was the final straw.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Is Caroline Stanbury pregnant with Sergio José carrallo’s child?

Caroline Stanbury is not carrying Sergio José Carrallo’s child, despite widespread rumor to the contrary. Supposedly, Caroline discusses her desire to expand her family in the fourth episode of the second season of The Real Housewives of Dubai.

Who is Caroline Stanbury’s husband?

Cem Habib was her husband for 15 years, during which time she had Yasmin, Zac, and Aaron. Skiing at Courchevel, Rhone-Alps, France, with her husband Sergio José Carrallo Pendás.

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