Is Costco Beef Grass-Fed? (All You Need To Know)

is costco beef grass-fed

Grass-fed meats can be found in Costco’s fresh meat and frozen food sections. Grass-fed beef is pasture-raised, never given any growth-promoting hormones or antibiotics, and never contains any genetically modified substances.

Many Costco shoppers choose grass-fed beef because it comes from cattle that were given a diet predominantly consisting of grass.

Grass-Fed Beef

Beef that has been grass-fed has come from cattle that have been fed predominantly grass.

The absence of synthetic hormones, antibiotics, and other artificial additives in beef is a result of its being raised in a natural environment. Unlike grain-bred beef and other meats, grass-fed beef was not reared on grain.

Costco’s beef is labeled so you can tell if it was grass-fed or grain-fed. In most cases, Costco labels its products to let you know if they come from grass-fed animals or not.

Is Costco Beef Grass-Fed

It’s also important to note that the term “grass-finished” appears on the labels of some products to denote that the animal was fed grass in its final stages of life. Shop assistants are available to assist you in locating the beef you require if you are having trouble doing so.

Grass-Fed Beef Brands Available At Costco

Stores like Costco sell grass-fed beef from reputable producers like Great Southern and Pederson Natural Farms.

These brands only use grass as a feed source for their cattle, therefore their beef is completely natural and free of any artificial hormones or antibiotics.

Grass-Fed From Down Under

While the United States, Canada, and Australia all supply some of Costco’s meat, the majority of their grass-fed beef comes from Down Under.

Beef from Southern Australia, where there are grasslands that stay green all year, is used for brands like Great Southern because it makes it easier to raise cows on a grass-only diet.

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Organic Grass-Fed Beef At Costco

The majority of Costco’s organic beef is grass-fed. In contrast, some of it isn’t since grass grows more slowly in the winter.

As a result, silage and grains are added to cow feed. For this reason, not all of Costco’s organic ground beef is 100% grass-fed, and the store does not designate it as such.

It’s not hard to get the two kinds of beef mixed up. However, grass-fed beef is not the same as organic beef.

Organic beef is farmed utilizing a mixed diet of grass, grain, and corn, whereas grass-fed beef comes from cows kept on open pastures. Neither of them, however, is tainted with artificial components like hormones or antibiotics

Grass-Fed Ribeye At Costco

Grass-fed Great Southern ribeye steaks are available at Costco. Grown in a natural setting without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or genetically modified organisms, this steak is renowned for its tenderness and flavor.

Is Grass-Fed Beef Available At Costco’s Kirkland Signature?

Under its brand name, Kirkland Signature, Costco offers a variety of beef items. They vary in whether or not they were grass-fed.

Kirkland Signature hamburger patties made from grass-fed beef are available at Costco.

Kirkland Signature lean ground beef, premium extra steak strips, and organic ground beef are not grass-fed, however, there are alternative meat options available. Because of this, these products might not be the ideal choice if grass-fed beef is a must-have for you.

Costco Grass-Fed Beef Prices

It’s important to remember that grass-fed beef is typically more expensive than conventional beef when you’re buying at Costco. Beef prices, on average, change depending on cut, brand, and quantity.

Costco sells grass-fed beef for an average of $119.99 to $249.99 for every 10 pounds you purchase. Spending more money on beef occurs when more of it is purchased.

How Good Is The Grass-Fed Beef Sold At Costco?

Some consumers prefer to eat meat that has been raised in a more natural setting, and these people are the ones who buy the most grass-fed beef.

The components in this cut of beef are among the many reasons it is so popular. It sells well because it doesn’t include any artificial preservatives or flavors.

Costco Grass-Fed Beef Order Options

Grass-fed beef is available for purchase from, an internet retailer. Before you buy, examine the labeling and the specifics of the product to make sure the beef is grass-fed.

Same-day and two-day delivery are both available from Costco. Select the most convenient payment option there. In addition, you can bring the meat back to the store or send it back by mail if you are not satisfied.

In 2022, Costco’s fresh and frozen meat sections will provide grass-fed options. Grass-fed beef is pasture-raised, never given antibiotics, and available in several brands that guarantee no genetically modified components. Many Costco shoppers choose grass-fed beef because it comes from cattle that were given a diet predominantly consisting of grass.

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