Is Costco Olive Oil Real 2022? Truth Behind It

The olive oil from Costco comes highly recommended because it lives up to the criteria of extra-virgin olive oil. Costco’s olive oil under the Kirkland Signature label is a hit with shoppers because it meets all of these criteria: it’s authentic, it’s organic, it tastes excellent, and it’s cheap.

Olive oil sold at Costco is widely considered to be of superior quality to that of competing brands. When it comes to olives, Costco is actively involved in the sourcing process to guarantee the highest quality from a variety of nations.

Olive Oil Sold At Costco

Olive oil sold at Costco comes only from reliable suppliers. The warehouse club retailer originally imported its olive oil from Greece but has since gone back to Italy as its primary supplier.

The olive oil is “bottled in Italy, with select oils from Portugal, Tunisia, Italy, and Greece,” according to the Kirkland Signature product page.

costco olive oil

Costco has met traceability requirements effectively, as reviewed by The Tasting Team at There is a Bureau Veritas seal of approval on the label of Kirkland’s extra virgin olive oil because it is produced in Italy.

In the grand scheme of things, this certification scheme is perfect because it facilitates tracking and verifies the product’s origin.

When It Comes To Cooking, How’s Costco Refined Olive Oil?

Kirkland Signature EVOO is the best olive oil to use for cooking because it comes from certified olives and is authentic.

It’s an excellent option for your home because it’s been recommended by chefs who use it in the kitchen.

Can You Tell If Costco Olive Oil Is Good?

In addition to giving his stamp of approval to the olive oil sold at Costco, renowned chef Nusrat offers some advice on how to determine whether or not olive oil is of high quality. Some examples of its applications are as follows:


If the olive oil is good, your taste buds will tell you. Fruity, brisk, pungent, and spicy flavors can all be found among the various brands. However, rancid or bitter oil is not desirable.


Check the label to see what kind of olive oil it is before purchasing. One of the best ways to tell if olive oil is of high quality is if it says it contains just Italian or California olives (or nothing else).

However, labels such as “made in Italy” don’t necessarily guarantee that the olive oil is good because the olives could be from any country.

Costco Olive Oil labels

Production Date

You should also examine the production date stated on the bottle. After about a year and a half after being pressed, olive oil typically begins to develop a bitter or rancid flavor.


The Olive Oil Times argues that olive oil stays fresher when packaged and stored in a glass bottle.

Olive oil deteriorates rapidly, so if you’re buying it at Costco, make sure it’s stored in a glass bottle rather than plastic.

Is Costco Olive Oil Organic?

Olive oil from Costco is organic if you’re into that sort of thing. Kirkland Signature is the brand name under which the corporation offers organic olive oil.

It’s worth it to get the Kirkland Signature extra virgin olive oil from Costco because it comes in larger 2-liter bottles. As a result of the product’s certification, you may rest assured that you are purchasing genuine olive oil.

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Is Costco’s EVOO A Real Thing?

We have Kirkland Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Costco. Not only do chefs recommend this extra virgin olive oil, but nutritionists have also ranked it highly, per Reader’s Digest.

Indeed, this olive oil is hailed as an incredible value.

Costco shoppers on Reddit were split on whether the 100% Italian (Italian EVOO) or Organic Kirkland Signature olive oil was superior.

Taste, cost, and quality are all subjective, yet people clearly favor both brands.

Can You Trust The Olive Oil Sold At Costco?

Olive Oil Sold At Costco

Experts consistently praise Costco’s oil, so you can trust that it’s a quality product.

Costco has taken precautions, as confirmed by Shauna Lopez, the retailer’s corporate food buyer. She guarantees the authenticity of the olive oil it sells. Costco takes part in the sourcing process by sending employees to visit the factories and mills in question.

You can trust that the olive oil sold at Costco is genuine. The company keeps tabs on the farms supplying it, as well as the mills and olives themselves.

Costco Olive Oil Price

The cost of olive oil varies widely between various labels. Kirkland Signature Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil is priced at $17.99 per bottle. Whereas the same amount of Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Olive Oil is sold for $15.99.

However, Kirkland Signature Pure Olive Oil, 3 liters for $36.49, is a more expensive but well-received option.

Costco’s olive oil comes highly recommended because it conforms to 2022’s stringent extra-virgin olive oil requirements. Costco’s olive oil under the Kirkland Signature label. It is a hit with shoppers because it’s authentic, it’s organic, it tastes excellent, and it’s cheap. Olive oil sold at Costco is widely considered to be of superior quality to that of competing brands.

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