Is Costco Premium Gas Good? (Know The Cost Behind It)

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In order to improve the efficiency of motors, premium fuel mixtures have been devised. These mixtures are developed to enhance the functionality of automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles.

Traditional gas, mid-grade gas, premium gas, and high-performance gas are all available for purchase at Costco.

Quality of Gas at Costco

Many manufacturers of automobiles and trucks use detergent additives in gasoline in an effort to boost engine efficiency. Detergents are the common name for several chemical compounds. In order to boost the octane rating, these chemicals are also added to high-quality detergent gasoline.

Some detergents, like octane enhancers, raise the octane rating of gasoline, while others, like cetane boosters, improve engine performance and prolong engine life.

There are premium fuels available that use ethanol and these fuels may benefit from the use of a cetane booster, which contains isopentyl alcohol. Premium grade gasoline without ethanol content may also contain isopentyl alcohol as an additive.

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By enhancing combustion efficiency and decreasing engine wear, these blends aim to boost overall engine performance.

Most people agree that Kirkland Signature gasoline is the best on the market. It satisfies all the standards set forth by the United States government for premium-grade gasoline. 

Especially those relating to the presence of harmful additives and the quality of the fuel itself. One of the world’s strictest evaluation requirements for gasoline can be found in the United States federal government.

What this indicates is that Costco’s gas is on par with, if not better than, the quality of gas sold by other major retailers.

Gas Stations at Costco

Fuel pumps at Costco gas stations are constructed to avoid contaminating the subsurface pipelines.

These pumps are constructed to resist the constant raising and lowering of fuel storage and delivery tanks. Costco’s gas pumps have more robust construction, with thicker metal components and more seals.

The underground tubes at Costco gas stations are uniquely designed to be corrosion-proof. This guarantees the purity and safety of the gas sold at Costco. There is a Costco gas station in most major U.S. cities. In addition to being spread across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, these gas stations can also be found in Japan.

costco gas station pump
Citrus Heights, California, USA: Vehicles waiting in multiple lines for gasoline at Costco, members only, gas station. Costco is known for discounted prices on its merchandise and services.

However, there is significant doubt regarding the safety of Costco gas. The extent to which Costco gas is tainted by issues with delivery or contamination from the gasoline tanker vehicle is unknown.

Third-party tests have not confirmed concerns that Costco gasoline is tainted with water and perhaps other additives from the fuel tanker truck’s tank before it reaches your local Costco station.

Is Costco Gas Bad For Your Vehicles?

You don’t have to worry about the several detergent additives in Costco gas destroying your vehicle. It’s high enough quality to be labeled elite.

In addition to keeping the engine clean and operating smoothly, the Kirkland Signature gasoline sold at Costco also contains a good dose of cleaners and polishes.

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When it comes to putting extra chemicals into your fuel tank, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has some particularly stringent restrictions.

And Costco’s brand of gas goes beyond the minimum amount of additive necessary to satisfy those standards.

AAA conducted research contrasting Top Tier gas with regular gasoline, which merely satisfied the minimum specifications set forth by the US government. It found that engines operating on Top Tier gas had an average of 19 times fewer intake valve deposits.

Some Other Premium Gas Labels

Many Reddit users claim that Costco’s gas is just as good as that of major oil corporations like Mobil, Shell, Chevron, Texaco, and Exxon. Furthermore, this business has rebranded the petroleum it purchases from refineries as its own Kirkland Brand.

When compared to Shell, whose fuel rack is refined, Costco’s on-site fuel additions are more cost-effective. This is the one and only distinguishing feature between the two. 

Further, similar to Texaco, Mobil, and Shell, Costco satisfies the US government’s additive criteria.

There are several other gas stations in the United States that supply high-quality fuel that is comparable to that sold at Costco. It’s the fuel that meets or exceeds the quality standards set by the United States government.

costco gas pump fuel tank

Top-tier fuel is available at the gas stations of several popular retail brands, including:

  • Esso
  • Mobil
  • Shell
  • Texaco
  • Wow
  • 76
  • ARCO
  • BP
  • Chevron

Top-Tier licensed fuel may also be available at some neighborhood convenience stores. Consequently, there are numerous places besides Costco where you can buy verified high-quality fuel. But you can expect to pay much less per gallon at Costco.

Customers Are Satisfied With Costco Gas

Costco gas certainly is popular, and it’s easy to understand why. Gas from Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand is not only the best quality but also the most cost-effective choice. However, its widespread acceptance is also a major limitation.

Costco gas stations often have huge lines since so many people use them. It’s possible that you’ll have to wait for an hour.

While waiting, it is advisable to have someone in the car do all the necessary shopping.

Still, while you wait, you could always send someone from the automobile into the nearby Costco warehouse to pick up any necessities.

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