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is cupshe legit

Who hasn’t spent excessive money on bikinis or swimsuits that are only worn for a few months during the summer and then hidden away the rest of the year? Simply put, it doesn’t seem justified. If you’re fascinated with buying swimsuits like I am, regardless of whether it’s swimsuit season or not, you may have already discovered Cupshe when looking for stylish yet reasonably priced swimwear.

When I’m looking for really cute swimwear styles at affordable costs, Cupshe is a brand that frequently comes up, but until lately, I never made the effort to get to know the company. PeopleLooker provides easy cancellation. Simply keep your nine-digit membership ID on hand to terminate your subscription or membership. You can find it in the welcome email you received as a new member when you originally signed up for it. Simply phone them at 1-800-592-7153, which is open daily from 6:00 AM to 11:30 PM EST, once you have your membership ID.

Review Of The Cupshe Cover-up And Swimsuit: Is It Reliable?

Review Of The Cupshe Cover-up And Swimsuit Is It Reliable

I purchased six various items for this evaluation from Cupshe. The Gorgeous Green One Piece Swimsuit with the Floral Mesh Kimono Cover Up is my favorite of the lot.

I had no idea what kind of brand Cupshe was and wasn’t even sure if it was legitimate, so I reasoned that I must not be the only person who had this opinion. In this Cupshe review, I discuss the swimsuits’ quality, the company’s customer service, the size of the items, the returns procedure, and my general impression of them. So keep reading to learn more about Cupshe before making a purchase.

Describe Cupshe.

A swimsuit and clothing line called Cupshe was developed with lively, playful ladies in mind around the world. Since its founding in 2015, the business has grown steadily, gaining more than 1 million clients from all around the world. Cupshe established itself in the market by designing and producing swimwear that was fashionable and accessible to all women.

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What City Is Cupshe In?

Although Cupshe’s headquarters are in China, they also operate a warehouse in New Jersey, the United States, and one in the United Kingdom, close to London. This is where you will send any things from your order that you decide to return (so don’t worry, you won’t have to pay outrageous postage costs if you do returns!). When they first launched their website, there wasn’t much information on where their global headquarters were.

based in a warehouse. However, I noted that the orders were delivered from Dongguan, China, therefore I’m assuming that this is where the majority of their operations are managed from because I noticed this when I placed the orders. Having said that, the shipping times were really quite quick. You will receive free shipping in 5-7 business days if your order is over $49. You will receive your order in 3-5 business days if it is over $119. From China, it took 6 business days for my purchase to arrive.

Is Cupshe A Reputable Name?

Is Cupshe A Reputable Name

Cupshe is a legitimate company, yes. When I first browsed their products, I was a little dubious because the bikinis do resemble those you may see on shady fast-fashion companies that take your money but never send anything. However, ordering from Cupshe went smoothly, and I would advise anyone seeking for reasonably priced bikinis to do the same.

I was pleasantly delighted by the quality of the swimsuit from Cupshe, a real company with real goods—more on this in a moment!

Size Of A Cupshe

Cup She offers sizes from 0X to 4X for plus-sized women and ranges in size from XS to XXL. You may get a fair sense of what size you would be by looking at the size the model is wearing in the photo and her dimensions for individual items. A sizing chart showing which body dimensions correspond to which size is also available.

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Review Of Cupshe Bikinis: Is It Reliable?

wearing another one of my favorites, the incredibly inventive referred to as the Dark Green Floral One Shoulder Ruffle High Waisted Bikini. The bikinis still fit, but because I got the wrong size, some of them have an unattractive bulge. Therefore, you should size up if you are in doubt about your size.

This is especially valid when it comes to any form-fitting swimwear, like the green one-piece I highlighted at the start of this column. I adore it, however, the XS is difficult for me to fit into; I’m getting the S in its place. The same is true with a few additional bikinis I ordered. They appear fine, but I just know that in a size S, especially when it comes to eating in the bikinis, I’ll feel more at ease.

If you are a person who has a larger bust than behind (or the opposite), it may be more difficult to get bikinis from Cupshe. You should stay away from the majority of Cupshe bikinis because they typically come in sets. Choose the individual tops and bottoms that are offered for sale instead to get a bikini that fits you better.

Similar to this, if you have a huge bust, you might find Cupshe’s selection of one-piece swimsuits to be somewhat limited. In this situation, I would choose one-piece swimsuits with a clearly larger bust, like this halter neck plunge.

Is Cupshe A Reputable Company?

Cupshe is not an ethical brand in terms of sustainability. They are a fast-fashion firm that consistently creates fashionable, affordable apparel. If they believe it to be out of style or if the swimsuit’s quality is insufficient to withstand another season, many people may toss it.

Having said that, I did observe that a lot of the top-selling swimwear has a tendency to be timeless, which means that it is a constant addition to Cupshe’s collection. I like this a lot as a fashion blogger because there’s nothing worse than promoting a product and then seeing that it’s already sold out after only a few weeks on the market.

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