Is Elizabeth Banks Pregnant? Does She Have A Child?

is elizabeth banks pregnant

Since the game show was renewed for another season in 2020, the popularity of the series has skyrocketed, which demonstrates how much viewers missed having it on their television screens. Elizabeth’s dress is drawing a lot of attention, and the show is already in its fourth season.

In spite of the fact that a lot of people have mentioned how much they enjoy the host’s attire, another issue is starting to circulate among fans, and that is whether or not Elizabeth could be having another child. Reality Tidbit conducted some research in order to get the answer.

The majority of us were first exposed to Elizabeth Banks when she appeared in The 40-Year-Old Virgin alongside Steve Carell. The following year, she was cast in the role of J.D.’s love interest in the television series Scrubs. Elizabeth Banks has dominated both the big screen and the small screen for decades, with credits ranging from 30 Rock to The Hunger Games; nevertheless, her most recent effort is very different from any of her other work.

Elizabeth collaborated with ABC in 2019 to bring back the popular game show from the 1980s known as “Press Your Luck,” which then went on to air for a second season beginning in May of 2021. Fans have been speculating ever since the first episode of the season that Elizabeth and her husband may soon be expanding their family with the birth of a second child. But does Elizabeth Banks have a baby on the way?

Is Host Elizabeth Banks Pregnant On ‘Press Your Luck’?

On the show Press Your Luck, there is no evidence to suggest that Elizabeth is pregnant, nor is there any indication that she will be expecting a bundle of joy in the near future. However, she already has her hands full with her two young children, Felix and Magnus, who were both born through surrogacy.

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The actress has, in the past, spoken openly about the challenges she faced conceiving a child due to infertility. In a prior interview with Women’s Health, Elizabeth discussed her road to motherhood and her decision to utilize a surrogate. In that interview, Elizabeth also discussed her decision to use a surrogate.

It was helpful to hear from other mothers that, after giving birth to their children, they quickly forgot that they had been pregnant in the first place. According to Elizabeth, “Once I shifted my attention to the child rather than the pregnancy, making the decision seemed extremely simple.”

Is Host Elizabeth Banks Pregnant On 'Press Your Luck'?

Despite the criticism that Elizabeth has gotten for her decision to have a child through surrogacy, she does not feel the slightest bit sorry for herself. She stated in an interview with Net-A-Porter, “I definitely think that I am still criticized for what I have done and that people do not understand my decisions; nonetheless, I do not feel that I owe anybody any explanation.” And if individuals are able to feel less isolated on their journey as a result of my tale, then I will be eternally thankful.

Who Is Elizabeth Banks’ Husband? Meet Max Handelman.

Years after their initial encounter at the University of Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman finally tied the knot in 2003. According to Elizabeth, she had no way of knowing that she would meet the man who would one day become her husband on the first day of school, but the two of them were immediately attracted to one another.

Elizabeth stated the following in an interview with Allure in the year 2015: “When I met my husband, I didn’t immediately think, ‘I’ve found the man I’m going to marry.'” I thought to myself, He’s so adorable. I’ll f**k him even though I’m only 18 and still in high school.”

“In all honesty, what took place was that I came across someone who I liked more than anyone else,” Elizabeth continued. “When I was younger, did I go through phases when I had crushes on certain people or random hobbies that came and went? I am aware that both my husband and I did it, but despite this, we chose to remain together. Even in modern times, we keep the big picture in mind.

Who Is Elizabeth Banks' Husband? Meet Max Handelman.

Elizabeth and Max are not only partners in their parenting of their two sons, but they are also partners in their business. The duo is the owner and operator of a production firm that has been responsible for the release of films such as Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2, in addition to Charlie’s Angels, which Elizabeth wrote, produced, and directed.

She told Women’s Health that having a business partnership with her husband “provides a lot of balance in our life, and it’s a way for us to [see one other] because I travel so much for work.” She was referring to the fact that she is frequently away from home for her job. Elizabeth continued by saying, “I have an incredible marriage, and it will endure for many years.”

She Addressed Pregnancy Rumors In 2016

When Jennifer Aniston stated in a 2016 post for the Huffington Post that she is “not pregnant” but instead was “fed up,” Elizabeth shared a link to the piece with the following quote: “I love #JenniferAniston.”

Elizabeth received over 800 likes on the Tweet she shared six years ago, despite the fact that she had her own personal experience with pregnancy rumors for many years. In one part of the piece that Jennifer had written, it was noted that:

To clear the air, I can assure you that I am not pregnant. Simply put, I have had enough. Under the cover of “journalism,” the “First Amendment,” and “celebrity news,” we are subjected on a daily basis to a level of scrutiny that is reminiscent of a sport, and we are made to feel ashamed of our bodies.

Quite a few of Elizabeth’s devotees were of the same opinion, and one of them exclaimed, “AMEN to THAT!!! Jeez! I can almost guarantee that when I’m in my 70s, people will still try to convince me that I should rethink my decision about having children.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Has Elizabeth Banks given birth?

The actress and director had a “broken belly” and was unable to give birth. Magnus, 7, and Felix, 8, are her boys with husband Max Handelman, a sportswriter and film producer.

Does Elizabeth Banks have a child?


Is Elizabeth Banks infertile?

Infertility troubles, which Banks refers to as her “broken tummy,” led her and her husband, Max Handelman, to decide to seek a surrogate for their kids. Banks acknowledged that not everyone shares her excitement about being a mother, despite the unique circumstances under which she became one.

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