Is EZContacts Legit? All You Need To Know! (2022)

Is EZContacts Legit?

EZContacts is a reliable source for genuine designer eyeglasses and contact lenses, stocking popular labels like Oakley, Ray-Ban, Gucci, Nike, Versace, and many more.

In addition, 200,000+ favorable customer ratings show that is unquestionably legitimate. Although there is no Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating for the company, this is very typical for modern online merchants, so you shouldn’t let it deter you.

EZContacts has an address listed for them in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey on their Duns & Bradstreet page. You opted to purchase designer glasses or sunnies. If they are so genuine, how can you verify their legitimacy?

You should learn to recognize fake eyewear because many people try to pass off imitation designer frames as the real deal. When describing an item, some dealers are “sneaky honest.” Be on the lookout for “inspired by [brand name]” or similar language in product descriptions to spot this kind of marketing ploy.

Don’t miss the significance of the word “replica.” Also, keep an eye out for any misspellings, no matter how slight (Prada, Gucci, etc.).

Focus On The vendor

Authentic eyewear can be purchased online from reliable, official retailers. Don’t buy anything from a street vendor. In addition, it goes without saying that you should always be on the lookout for scams when shopping for pre-owned eyewear, no matter where you happen to be.

An implausibly cheap price could be the first indicator that the product is counterfeit, even if you have shopped elsewhere for the most enticing price (or a price-match policy).

ezcontacts real or fake

Don’t buy from an online store if they have an unreasonable return policy or if you can’t reach them easily through email or the phone.

Verify the file’s integrity by looking for obvious problems. The e-commerce industry heavily utilizes review and rating systems. If the vendor can’t provide any sort of customer review, don’t buy from them.

Keep an eye out for “trust badges” that validate online verification and reselling agreements. Inconsistent or nonexistent brand certifications may indicate fraudulent activity.

Time And Delays In Shipping

Oakley has recently added a 2-hour in-store pickup option to its popular free shipping policy. But if you can get it delivered to your door the next day, that’s the simplest choice.

Unfortunately, when we attempted to complete the purchase, we discovered that only the slower shipping option (5-7 business days) was available. The “Next Day Shipping” option really cost $35.

ezcontacts real or not

In a world where Prime members may get free shipping in as little as one or two days, we found this to be a little deceptive. It appears more plausible that “Ships Same Day” refers to items already being in stock as opposed to being ordered specially for the customer.

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Although they are known as “EzContacts,” they also provide eyewear such as glasses and sun shades. And not just any old glasses; they have Ray-Bans, Tom Fords, Persols, Burberrys, and more from every major designer.

With over 10,000 options, it’s probable that you’ll discover the exact pair of glasses you’re looking for at EzContacts.

Help Desk

For any online store selling contact lenses, quality customer service is crucial. The support staff at EzContacts can be reached via a number of different channels.

trustpilot rarting ezcontacts
  • One of my favorite ways to get responses is through live chat because it’s so instant and convenient. Their live chat feature is great if you have an urgent question during business hours, but is unavailable at night. (It’s not always accessible)
  • The toll-free number to reach EzContacts is 1-800-217-2020.

EzContacts Costs

If you’re looking for the cheapest online option for contact lenses, EzContacts’ standard prices won’t cut it. When compared to other online contact lens retailers, they fall somewhere in the middle.

Discount Code For EzContacts

On the front page of EzContacts, you can find a discount code. Using discount codes to buy contact lenses is not a good strategy to save money. Even if you use a discount code that saves you 5 percent, 10 percent, or 15 percent, you’re still paying too much for your contact lenses compared to other sites.

Guaranteed Lowest Prices

EzContacts would look like any other online retailer of contact lenses if not for their price-match guarantee. Their price-match guarantee, however, makes them the greatest online destination for purchasing contact lenses.

EzContacts will beat every price by 5%! In fact, they will not only meet the prices of other contact lens websites but will offer a 5% discount.

ezcontacts legitimate

Many places offer price guarantees on contact lenses, but I’ve yet to see one that will beat the competition by 5% as will. Most competitors either match the pricing or undercut it by 2% at most.

If you want to get the most out of a price match guarantee, you should look around for the best deal you can find on the brand you want to buy.

Finding the cheapest price for your band might be a time-consuming process if you’re not familiar with the various contact lens websites available. Nonetheless, using Contacts Advice, you’ll be done in a matter of seconds.

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So How Do They Sell Eyewear At Such Low Prices?

EZContacts is able to provide lower prices because the company is content with a smaller profit margin in order to make high-end eyeglasses more accessible. Put that way, it’s not something you would have considered! However, in reality, they operate on a slimmer profit margin than conventional shops and make up the difference by sheer volume.

ezcontacts legit real

Is EZContacts Legit And Reliable?

The truth is that many of their clients freely express their initial hesitation, only to return with glowing assessments of the site’s credibility and the authenticity of the goods it sells. But they get your bewilderment about our astronomical rates.

All of’s eyewear comes from reliable sources, with the vast majority coming straight from the manufacturer. Many high-end brands now source their frames from China; even the insides of certain rare sunglasses are marked “made in China.”

The sunglasses you just bought are not phony for this reason. It’s the original warranty that matters, not where the product was made. Whether you’re looking at Burberry, Gucci, or another well-known brand, you can expect a one- or two-year warranty on any manufacturing flaws in your designer sunglasses.

Proof of purchase is always proudly provided to any affiliates, and marketplaces they participate in, and the glasses you buy at are made by the same manufacturer you’ll find at the mall, only at much lower costs.

The only option for brick-and-mortar stores to compete with online prices is to advertise that only their designer eyewear is genuine. So, don’t let the cute saleslady at SunglassHut fool you; EZContacts’ eyewear is just as fashionable as theirs.

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