Is Gabby Barrett Pregnant? Is She Married To Cade Foehner?

Due to her pregnancy, country star Gabby Barrett is gradually winding down her partnership with Jason Aldean. The singer best known for “Footprints On The Moon” is expecting her second child with her husband, Cade Foehner, an alumnus of “American Idol,” in the first week of November.

The 22-year-old singer and songwriter hosted an impromptu question and answer session on social media on Sunday (August 14), during which she discussed the ups and downs of her pregnancy as well as life on the road. When Barrett was inundated with inquiries, one inquisitive fan checked in on her general well-being to see how she was doing.

Barrett gave a reaction that was forthright and honest, in which he stated that performance has become more “tough” than it has ever been. “I love performing. Despite that, it is getting more difficult,” the vocalist said. “What most people don’t realize is that there is a lot of time spent just sitting around all day long before the event. Because of this, everybody feels groggy.”

The artist who has won multiple platinum awards revealed that she has been having problems with her blood pressure. In 2021, when she gave birth to her daughter Baylah May, she experienced the first signs of the pregnancy problem. Barrett was diagnosed with postpartum preeclampsia after the delivery of her daughter, which occurred after she had given birth.

Gabby Barrett Is Pregnant With Baby No. 2 

Gabby Barrett has a child on the way! The country music sensation, who initially found popularity on American Idol, made the announcement that she and her husband, Cade Foehner, are expecting their second child together on April 8 via her Instagram account. This will be the couple’s second child. “My son. Another opportunity to love and be loved by another life. “Happy Mother’s Day,” the singer wrote next to a video clip of her ultrasound she had posted on social media. What a wonderful gift for mom on her special day!

Gabby Barrett Is Pregnant With Baby No. 2 

Cade made the news on his own social media accounts and uploaded a clip of the sonogram while simultaneously gushing about how beautiful his wife is. “I want to wish my wonderful, courageous, and fertile bride a happy Mother’s Day!” @gabbybarrett_ According to what he wrote, “she is currently carrying another priceless life that was formed in the image of God.” “A son who will carry on our family name into the following generation. Our offspring will one day hail her as blessed, and in the meantime, this spouse sings her praises. Proverbs 31:28.”

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The new little bundle of joy will definitely be a joyous addition to the growing family, who also has a daughter named Baylah May Foehner, whom delighted parents Gabby and Cade welcomed into the world in January 2021. “Gotten to spend a very sweet week with our newest addition…meet our girl. In the Instagram post where she made the birth announcement, Gabby referred to the baby as Baylah May Foehner 1.18.21.

The revelation that the pair is expecting their first child together came on August 16, 2018. The couple initially met each other in 2018 while competing in a reality singing competition and exchanged their wedding vows the following October. At the moment, the vocalist of “Big Love” expressed their excitement to PEOPLE by saying, “We are extremely excited.”

“The Lord has blessed us with a little one, and we are really pleased to finally be able to share the news with everybody and just have a big old family celebration about it,” said the parents. “The Lord has blessed us with a little one.” She went on to say that regardless of whether they were having a boy or a girl, they were really excited. Growing up, I always wanted both a girl and a boy, so the fact that I was blessed with a daughter first is really thrilling for me. I really hope she takes his hair since she won’t get mine!”

Gabby Barrett Gives Pregnancy Health Update

The former contestant on American Idol responded to questions posed by fans on Instagram stories. She revealed that during her first pregnancy with daughter Baylah, she suffered from “a very bad case of PUPPS rash that covered my entire body.” She also revealed that she later experienced postpartum preeclampsia, which is characterized by high blood pressure.

According to Country Now, the artist, who is now 22 years old, reportedly stated in an essay, “I had to get on blood pressure medicine when I was 20.” “We give thanks to God that there are doctors available to help.”

On the other side, Gabby revealed that she has been dealing with very low blood pressure during her pregnancy, which has a negative impact on her energy levels and makes it more difficult for her to perform on Aldean’s tour. This pregnancy was “not exactly” planned.

Gabby Barrett Gives Pregnancy Health Update

“Okay. I adore performing. Nevertheless, it is becoming more challenging,” Gabby added. “What most people don’t realize is that there is a lot of downtime all day long before the concert… Because of this, everybody feels groggy.”

She Is Leaving The Tour

Because Gabby is planning to take a leave of absence for maternity at the end of August, she will not be participating in the remaining dates of Jason Aldean’s tour, which are slated to run through the month of October. After the 27th of August, Chase Rice, Tracy Lawrence, and Travis Tritt will take over the tour duties previously held by Gabby.

This news was shared by Aldean in the month of May, not long after Gabby and her husband Cade Foehner shocked their audience with an ultrasound video, in which they announced that they are having a son. The pair wed the next year after meeting on the show American Idol.

During Gabby’s live appearances, Cade often provides guitar accompaniment for her. The couple became parents to a daughter in January of 2021, and they called her Baylah May.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Did Gabby Barrett have a baby?

Motherhood has found Gabby Barrett. The country star has welcomed her first baby with her husband Cade Foehner. See the first picture of the American Idol stars’ baby girl below. It’s safe to say she’s a good person. American Idol’s Gabby Barrett and her husband Cade Foehner are now the proud parents of a baby girl.

Is ‘American Idol’ alum Gabby Barrett pregnant?

Former “American Idol” contestant Gabby Barrett is pregnant. The country singer, who is only 20, and her husband, Cade Foehner, are expecting their first child. Their baby will be a girl. “ Three more appeared, and the total was three.

Is Gabby Barrett married to Cade Foehner?

Gabby Barrett, an American vocalist, is married to the musician and singer Cade Foehner. On October 5th, 2019 the happy pair exchanged wedding vows. Cade is a famous singer and musician from Texas who competed on the 16th season of American Idol.

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