Is Gus Fring Gay? It Seems To Be Confirmed By Better Call Saul

is gus fring gay

Better Call Saul is based on the hugely popular Breaking Bad series, which is also quite popular. The mysterious and icy mobster Gus Fring, portrayed by the incomparable Giancarlo Esposito, is a must-have for these episodes.

While a number of characters serve as the primary focus of both “Breaking Bad” and its precursor “Better Call Saul,” Gustavo “Gus” Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) has a crucial influence on both episodes. He is the owner of the popular seared chicken meal chain Los Pollos Hermanos.

The most recent episodes of Better Call Saul revealed that Gus Fring is gay. When he was actually seen flirting with a man named David while intoxicated in a wine bar, it was discovered that he is gay. Naturally, the way he has always been throughout the series, the disclosure of his sexuality was somewhat subdued.

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Gus Fring Biography

Gus Fring from Better Call Saul: Who Is He?

Los Pollos Hermanos was established by Gus and Max Arciniega, his longtime business partner and boyfriend, as a cover to sell meth that Max “baked,” according to the Breaking Bad episode “Hermanos.” They offered the head of the Juárez cartel, Don Eladio Vuente, assistance to grow their drug business, but Eladio declined since the cartel preferred to keep trafficking cocaine.

Max was selling meth in cartel territory without permission, so Eladio had Hector Salamanca assassinate him. Gus was spared, but Eladio made him work for the cartel in accordance with his rules.

Gus harbours a resentment towards Eladio, Juan Bolsa, and Hector for the next 20 years while waiting for his time to exact revenge. Despite this, he nevertheless shows outward loyalty to the cartel.

Gus surreptitiously seeks to produce and sell meth in the United States after settling in Albuquerque in order to break his dependence on cartel cocaine. Gus is forced to interact with him because Albuquerque is a part of the Salamanca family’s drug operation, which Hector controls, but he wants to discredit them.

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Gus Fring: Is He Gay?

There has long been fan rumour that Gus Fring from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul is gay. Naturally, for a number of reasons, fans of these shows have raised the prospect. The main signal that fans saw in regards to Gus’s sexuality was that he had been harbouring resentment toward a drug gang for killing his friend and business partner Max.

He held it inside until he could execute a long-planned plan of retribution, which meant that this anger endured for decades. Of course, how he carried out his revenge plan and how intensely he did it serve as the best indicators of his s*xual orientation. Fans thought that the fact that Max meant more to him than just a friend and business partner was the cause of his hostility towards the cartel.

Breaking Bad's Gus Fring Has Been Gay All Along

Gus also demonstrated other signs of his sexuality. It will never be forgotten that he built a fountain in Max’s honour. Moreover, Hector and Lalo once made fun of Gus and even referred to Max as his boyfriend, which was perceived as homophobic by some.

Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul were silent for a very long time, despite their being hints as to his sexual orientation. But because to the events of season 6, Gus Fring’s sexuality was ultimately revealed in a subtly obvious way.

Upon being questioned about Lalo’s murder in Episode 9, Gus took the option to drink wine in the evening, proving that he is, in fact, gay. Gus was seen in that scene talking to the bar staff, and it was clear from how he interacted with them that he frequently visited the place.

The most significant part of the episode, though, was when Gus turned to face him and saw that he was actually staring at one of the employees, David. At that moment, as they were conversing about their shared love of wine, David came up to him to introduce himself.

Interesting about this scenario, though, was how Gus’ curiosity in David could be seen in his eyes as he listened to him talk about wine. It was also something we had never seen previously in Gus Fring’s demeanour, which had never before shown the same level of attention to informal conversations unrelated to business.

Although the plot of Better Call Saul wasn’t really advanced by this scene, it did reveal Gus’ homosexuality. This scenario was intriguing because all it did was confirm long-held rumours that fans had been holding onto. Although it was covert, Gus’ sexual orientation was never made explicit, it allowed us to understand that he had been gay the entire time.

Gus and Max: Were They Dating?

It is reasonable to conclude Gus was in love with Max, as many viewers had believed, after the wine bar scene from Better Call Saul season 6. Was the Chicken Brothers a romantic couple in the years before Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad? That love motivated him to exact revenge against the cartel thugs (and Hector Salamanca in particular as retaliation for pulling the gun).

During a meeting with the cartel, Max defends Gus by saying, “I know Gustavo like a brother,” in a flashback from season 4 of Breaking Bad. This very platonic line might imply that Gus harboured feelings for Max from a distance but refrained from acting on them.

Or perhaps Max was in love, but it was terribly unrequited. Max could have simply been using misdirection when he said, “Like a brother.” Gus and Max would have likely downplayed any romantic ties in light of Don Eladio and the Salamancas since the cartel isn’t exactly a pro-LGBTQ+ atmosphere.

You could definitely make the case that Max was just as emotionally invested in Gus as Gus was in him based on his passionate defence. Gus’ sexuality is revealed in Better Call Saul, adding more depth to his persona and injecting some diversity into the world of Breaking Bad.

In the Breaking Bad era, the tragedy of losing Max amplifies his motivations, but in Better Call Saul, Gus is portrayed in an unexpectedly tragic light due to his estranged relationship with David. Gustavo Fring’s one entirely innocent passion eluded him for all of his wealth and intelligence.

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