“Is It Wrong To Try” Season 4: Know Everything Here


Is Trying to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon Wrong?came to an end in the middle of the first part of its fourth season run during the summer of last year has at long last resumed production on new episodes, and with it comes a brand-new theme song for the beginning as well as the conclusion of the second half of the current season.

In the first half of the fourth season, things were left on a huge cliffhanger, as both Bell and Ryuu ended up trapped in a much different and more dangerous area than they ever wanted to be trapped in. Fans are now finally getting to see what happens next to them in these new episodes, as the show has finally gotten around to addressing the cliffhanger.

New Episodes

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? has finally resumed production on new episodes for its fourth season after a hiatus of several months. To mark the beginning of this new story arc, the show has introduced a brand new opening and closing tune.

You may watch Saori Hayami perform the opening theme, which is titled “Shiko” and can be found in the video that is located above this one. “Kirikizu” is the name of the new ending theme, and Sajou no Hana is the group responsible for performing it.

New episodes of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon IV: Late Arc: Disaster have begun broadcasting as part of the ongoing Winter 2023 anime season. This marks the beginning of the series’ fourth main arc, which is titled “Disaster.” You can now watch all four seasons of the franchise, as well as the OVA specials and the feature film adaptation of Arrow of the Orion, streaming on HIDIVE.

This will allow you to watch the new episodes as soon as they become available outside of Japan, as well as catch up on the anime to this point. They tease the series in the following ways:

“In the world of Orario, brave explorers band together in order to explore the treacherous underground maze known as the Dungeon in search of glory and money. But Bell Cranel, a novice adventurer, has more ambitious goals than gaining fame and fortune; he battles monsters with the expectation of having a chance encounter with a beautiful woman. When anything like this takes place, his plans for how things should proceed are disrupted. This is how the story of an unlikely duo, a kid and a deity, begins.”

“Both characters are eager to establish their credibility and work hard to achieve their objectives.”

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Recap of Season 4, Part 1

A little review is necessary in order to clarify how Bell and his group got into such a precarious situation in the first place. Bell’s team, which included several members of his family, became separated from him, forcing them to battle for themselves against a monster with two heads that was a two-headed dragon.

On the other hand, Bell and Ryu were forced to contend with a monstrosity known as the Juggernaut, which possessed unmatched strength.

Ryu was knocked completely unconscious, and Bell was left with a fractured arm and gushing wounds as a result of the narrow escape the two managed to pull off. Even though they are safe for the time being, the two are nonetheless in constant danger since monsters are closing in on them.

The Prison Of Despondency

Because the episode starts with the appearance of Amphisbaena, a floor boss who appears much before his intended respawn interval, the focus stays on the party that has become separated from Bell for the most part rather than on Bell himself. This is because Amphisbaena causes the party to question whether or not the dungeon is trying to kill them on purpose. After being subjected to the scalding heat of the dragon’s blue napalm, Aisha Belka issues an order for everyone to evacuate the area.

The dragon, however, aims for the roof in order to obstruct the exit with falling rubble, rendering the group helpless and causing them to feel hopeless.

Even though Aisha does her best to boost their spirits, the party has a difficult time summoning the will to fight when they are at their weakest, both physically and emotionally, at the beginning of the battle. Even the leader of the party, Liliruca, had given up all hope, and Cassandra had given in to the hopelessness that she had prophesied even before the battle had begun.

On the other hand, Welf used Bell’s behaviour as an illustration to stoke the fires of motivation in the hearts of everyone else and encourage them to battle the two-headed dragon. As soon as the battle begins, it is immediately clear that neither magic nor physical assaults will be effective against the dragons. This is because the dragons’ mist nullifies any magic, and their crystallised skin prevents any physical attacks.

Liliruca goes into a tailspin as a result of the crippling pressure, and she becomes entangled in a whirlwind of self-doubt. This is something that Daphne is able to break through, with her words cutting through the haze that is present in Liliruca’s thoughts. Suddenly, she seizes control of the situation and turns it to her advantage. She moves to the back line to survey the battlefield and then gives the order for a counterattack.

She then gives Mikoto the signal to use her ability to ensnare the amphibian dragon, which causes the ceiling of the dungeon to collapse, causing masses of rubble to fall on top of the monster and rendering it unable to fight. Taking advantage of this opening, the party delivers the killing blow to the monster, which allows them to triumph over it on their own.

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The Deep Floors

While the rest of the group battled Amphisbaena on the lower floors of the dungeon, Bell was cornered on the 27th floor, which is one of the dungeon’s deep floors. Bell was in no condition to fight after suffering a broken arm and deadly wounds, and the adventurer froze in place, unsure of what to do next in the face of the threat posed by the approaching monsters. Bell’s arm was broken, and her wounds were fatal.

Even leaving the floor was not an option because there was no way to tell what was on the other side of the door leading to the next level.

Bell, upon realising that the deep levels have the power to render a person mentally incapacitated, attempted to find an exit with Ryu while he was barely aware; however, the episode comes to a conclusion just before they reach the exit from the deep floors. It is safe to infer that something frightening is waiting for Bell behind the door, as the closing scene portrayed nonstop monster cries, which signal another arduous battle for Bell and leave the series on another hair-raising cliffhanger.


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