Is Kathryn Dennis Seeing Someone? Let’s Find Out More About The Love Life Of Kathryn Dennis

who is kathryn dennis dating

On August 6, 1991, Kathryn Dennis was born in Charleston, South Carolina. The 30-year-old star of Southern Charm has been a part of the program since its debut. The first season of the show began in 2014, and the eighth season will debut in 2022. According to US Weekly, Dennis and her ex-boyfriend, Thomas Ravenel, have two children together, named Kensie and Saint.

At the moment, Dennis has more than 940K followers on the social networking platform. With her hordes of fans, the TV actress frequently shares personal information. Her life has “been replete with ups and downs over the last decade,” according to her Bravo TV bio. When she initially made an appearance on the show, she was just 21 years old and a college student.

Who is Kathryn Dennis dating?

who is kathryn dennis dating

According to reports, Kathryn Dennis of “Southern Charm” and her partner Chleb Ravenell is no longer together. They are no longer living together, a source informed Us Weekly on Thursday. “She abandoned him.” There are no bad sentiments between them. The source claims that Dennis, 30, wants to get married and have more kids, but Ravenell, 32, isn’t on board. Kensie, age 7, and Saint, age 6, are the children of Dennis and his ex-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel. (Co-star Craig Conover said earlier this year that Caleb’s family was formerly owned by Thomas’ family as slaves, which is why their names are similar, although Chleb and Thomas are unrelated.)

After her breakup with Ravenel

kathryn dennis breakup

Dennis began seeing Apple Product Specialist Chleb Ravenell after her breakup with Ravenel, and they have been together for more than a year.

The couple moved in together before things went south in Season 8 of the show.

Everything between the couple was going perfectly until they moved in together and the honeymoon phase vanished, according to Bravo.

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Us Weekly reported in November 2021 that the two had broken up.

The insider at the time informed Us Weekly that “she broke up with him and they are no longer living together.”

“They are not at all hostile toward one another.”

However, Ravenell eventually opened out about the separation, claiming that the custody dispute between Dennis and her ex-partner played a part and that it occurred soon after they moved in together.

We evaluated it. chance We were in a genuinely loving relationship when we first started dating, but as soon as we moved in together, things started to fall apart, he told E! News on July 8, 2022.

Kathryn Dennis’s New Partner

She is now a loner after her most recent breakup. The mother of two and the 32-year-old creative director began dating in the summer. They declared their love on Instagram in October. Dennis shares a 5-year-old boy named Saint Julien and a 7-year-old girl named Kensington Calhoun with her ex-husband, Thomas Ravenel.

More than a year after their protracted custody battle was resolved, the 58-year-old former Bravo star temporarily regained primary custody of their two kids in late February. Earlier in February, Dennis told PEOPLE that she and Ravenell were “building a life together.” Dennis continued, “It’s very much an adult bond between us, and we’ve certainly matured in the past year.” She exclaims, “I’m simply so delighted because I honestly believe I have a mate.

EX Boyfriends

Kathryn Dennis had a sporadic relationship with Thomas Ravenel before meeting Chleb Ravenell. Thomas Jonathan Jackson Ravenel, an American politician, and reality television star hails from the country. Arthur Ravenel Jr., a former South Carolina representative, is his father. He appeared in the Bravo reality series Southern Charm for five seasons, held the position of state treasurer for six months, ran as an independent for the US Senate in South Carolina in 2014, and ran as a Republican in the US Senate primary in 2004.

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He also attends the French Huguenot Church in Charleston. The couple had two children together, Kensington “Kensie” Calhoun and St. Julien Rembert Ravenel, after a few seasons of intermittent dating, before legally divorcing in 2016. Following her divorce, she dated country musician Hunter Price and politician Joseph Abruzzo, although neither of these relationships lasted long.

Who Is She Currently Dating?

Kathryn Dennis is not dating anyone right now. But Chleb Ravenell was the person she most recently dated. Chleb Ravenell was born and raised in South Carolina. Additionally, he briefly lived in Arizona and Michigan. Debbie, Ravenell’s mother, is a close friend and is often outspoken about what is best for her son. Ravenell, however, had never participated in a reality show before Southern Charm. He went on the show with his ex-girlfriend Kathryn to cement their connection and find out what their future might hold.

Being a fitness enthusiast, he attended Georgia Military College full-time as a cadet, where he earned an Associate’s degree in Communication and Media Studies in 2009. He pursued his athletic career full-time. Likewise, at Western Michigan University. His LinkedIn profile states that he “organized kids sports camps at Western Michigan University and received the honors of Mid American (MAC) All-Conference Player in 2009-2011.” He also played in the Little Caesars Bowl Game (2011) against Purdue University.

After graduating from the university in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Communication and Media Studies, he started working as a sales consultant for American Honda Motor Company, Inc. After working there for more than a year, he left to join Kenneth Beatrice Clothing as Creative Lead in December 2012. He shared his knowledge as a wide receiver with the Calgary Stampeders from March 2015 to July 2017, before working full-time as a product specialist at Apple.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Is Kathryn Dennis, exactly?

The 30-year-old star of Southern Charm has been with the program since its inaugural season. Her name is Kathryn Dennis.

2. In 2022, who is Kathryn Dennis dating?

Kathryn Dennis hasn’t dated anyone and is presently single as of 2022.

3. Who Is the Boyfriend of Kathryn Dennis Right Now?

Kathryn Dennis is not dating anyone right now.

4. Who Was the Former Boyfriend of Kathryn Dennis?

Kathryn Dennis had a sporadic relationship with Thomas Ravenel before to meeting Chleb Ravenell.

5. Are Chleb Ravenell and Kathryn Dennis still dating?

After dating for approximately a year and a half, Southern Charm actress Kathryn Dennis announced her breakup with Chleb Ravenell.

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