Is KicksCrew Legit? Everything You Need To Know!

is kickscrew legit?

As with any other industry, the sneaker business has seen its fair share of con artists over the years. Many of them have set up phony websites selling counterfeit sneakers at inflated prices to dupe unsuspecting customers.

When dealing with a new online store for the first time, it is normal to have reservations about the business’s reliability. This is because most websites boasting that they sell name-brand sneakers actually sell knockoffs.

So, be wary of counterfeits whenever you shop for sneakers. It’s not easy to put your faith in websites that demand personal information or money.

If you’re in this group, you can learn more about Kickscrew’s legitimacy by doing a search for “Is Kickscrew legit?” If you find positive results, you’ll have more information to help you decide whether or not to make a purchase from Kickscrew.

About KicksCrew Site

Hong Kong, the Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, is home to Kickscrew, an online sneaker store.

The sneaker-obsessed founders of KicksCrew set out to create a platform where like-minded individuals from all over the world could buy and sell sneakers at wholesale prices.

KicksCrew was founded in 2008 by Johnny Mak (CEO) and Ross Adrian Yip (COO) to democratize the sneaker industry, asserts that they have a pair of shoes for anyone who needs them, regardless of their preferred brand, budget, looks, or purpose.

The Hong Kong-based company began as a reselling operation focused on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Tmall, and JD, all of which cater directly to consumers.

kickscrew sneakers

The company switched to a direct-to-consumer model in 2021, propelling its rapid expansion, as its community and fanbase grew through the brand’s channels. As of now, Kickscrew is a global company with the main office in Hong Kong.

They are the largest sneaker store in Asia, which is the equivalent of a pop shop in the West. Kickscrew plans to establish a domestic footprint in the US, with a new Los Angeles headquarters and warehouse, as stated in a Forbes article about the company.

They stock a wide variety of sneaker styles, from mainstream releases and collectibles to exclusives and hot streetwear trends.

How Does KicksCrew Work?

Kickscrew does not sell products that have been previously owned or are otherwise not brand new; instead, they purchase excess stock from legitimate retailers and resell it at a discount.

Kickscrew is well-known as a streamlined online marketplace for sneakers, and it is also branching out into other apparel and accessories. Currently, Kickscrew has over 400,000 different styles available online, and it ships to customers all over the world.

KicksCrew is an excellent place to find cheap, high-quality sneakers from popular brands. The Asian online sneaker store offers surprisingly low prices on shoes from high-end brands.

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However, some have wondered if it is safe to buy shoes from Kickscrew or if it is a scam because it seems too good to be true. So, rather than searching for “Kickscrew review,” searching for “Is Kickscrew legit?” will yield more relevant results.

kickscrew website

Should You Trust KicksCrew?

For authentic sneakers and apparel, look no further than KicksCrew, a reliable online retailer. However, delivery is slow and expensive, and getting a refund or a different size is a hassle.

Despite being a legitimate platform, KicksCrew’s high shipping costs are the first major drawback. They typically charge between $25 and $50 for shipping, though this can vary depending on your location.

KicksCrew’s delivery time is excessive, despite the high shipping costs, because the product is typically shipped from Hong Kong. Typically, orders are fulfilled within two to three weeks of placement. Adding insult to injury, sending an item back for a refund or size exchange is an expensive process.

In the event of a refund, the customer is responsible for the cost of return shipping, and 15% of the original payment amount will be deducted as a restocking fee.

Additionally, the customer is responsible for covering the cost of both the original shipment and the new shipment in the event of size exchange. Despite these issues, KicksCrew is still an authentic destination to purchase footwear and apparel.

kickscrew sneakers

How Do I Know KicksCrew Is A Trustworthy Business?

Someone in my social circle recently placed an order with KicksCrew, and their shipment arrived on time and in good condition. However, shipping was expensive and took two to three weeks to arrive.

Moreover, KicksCrew has been operational for over 13 years, whereas scam websites and businesses typically don’t survive this long. They are also not hiding their identities while doing business.

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KicksCrew isn’t trying to hide who they are or where they’re from like some other shady online retailers. In case you were unaware, Johnny Mak (CEO) and Ross Adrian Yip (COO) started the company. A well-known sneaker platform where Rose has worked in the past is a GOAT.

They’re managing the company from Hong Kong, but their main office is in Los Angeles. If KicksCrew wasn’t a legitimate e-commerce company, Gobi Partners, Pacific Century Group, and Complex China wouldn’t have invested $6.2 million in it recently.

kisckscrew verified

Does KicksCrew Sell Counterfeit Shoes?

You need to know how KicksCrew operates in order to determine if the shoes it sells are authentic or counterfeit.

KicksCrew has partnered with stores all over the world to provide our users with a reliable source for authentic sneakers and other products. Simply put, it connects customers with legitimate sellers of name brands (sellers).

When a customer places an order, KicksCrew notifies a third-party vendor of that order. The vendor then verifies whether or not they have the item in question in stock. If an item is sold out or unavailable, KicksCrew will cancel the order and issue a full refund. This is extremely uncommon, though.

If the option exists, the seller will ship the item to KicksCrew’s quality control center to verify its authenticity. Box, color, material, stitching, tag, sizing, manufacturing quality, and more are just some of the aspects of each product that are checked for accuracy and perfection.

After ensuring the product’s legitimacy, KicksCrew affixes a verified label and sends the package to the courier. Next, the product is delivered to the customer by courier.


Buying genuine, name-brand sneakers has never been easier than on KicksCrew. However, the items take too long to arrive, and exchanging them for a different size or refund is inconvenient and expensive.

Furthermore, KicksCrew does not assume responsibility for the additional costs of sales tax and customs duties, should they apply. Or if your shipment is delayed or seized by the customs office.

Taking everything into account, you can decide for yourself whether or not to do business with them. In conclusion, Kickscrew is a genuine shop where customers can purchase authentic name-brand sneakers at fair prices.

However, you will need to be patient during the shipping process. As their products are typically delivered to customers at a slower pace. It’s possible that you’ll get the wrong goods or sizes.

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