Is Kik Safe and Private? Murky Predatory History Of Kik

Is kik safe

Stay away from random people. That’s one of the earliest lessons we get, probably as soon as we can talk. Wow, that’s some serious real-world guidance, right? So why do young people disregard it in their online interactions?

That’s a big selling point for Kik, a smartphone messaging app with over 300 million users, half of whom are between the ages of 13 and 24. Kik is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, but it can also be used to strike up conversations with complete strangers.

Scary? Certainly, given Kik’s past. In contrast, however, it is wildly popular among young people. So, how do you safeguard your children from the perils of using Kik? Can you be sure that adults aren’t creating fake accounts on Kik’s kid-friendly service? How safe is it to use Kik, exactly? Check out the rest to learn more.

Sexual predators, spammers, hackers, chatbots, and other forms of cyberbullying have been frequently reported by Kik users. Cases of users being blackmailed by con artists who obtained private photos through deception are common.

The reliability of Kik under these conditions will be evaluated. There are some precautions you can take to make the Kik app even more secure, and we’ll go over them with you.

Is Kik Secure?

To sign up for Kik, you don’t need to provide your phone number. Also, a person’s name and other identifying information aren’t needed to verify their identity. That’s why con artists and teenagers alike love it. All the risks associated with using the Kik app are detailed below.

Kik Scams Are Possible

Kik is used by a sizable percentage of its user base as a dating app. Criminals are creating fictitious identities to trick people into sending them personal information or photos that can be used for blackmail. In addition, they employ chatbots designed to look like official Kik accounts, tricking users into giving up their personal information.

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Hackers Can Get Access To Your Kik Account

Many hacker groups pose a threat to Kik’s safety. They target random Kik users with enticing offers and schemes in phishing links. In response to these phishing emails, some Kik users enter their usernames, passwords, and even payment information.

In a similar vein, hackers will send links in chats that, when clicked, will cause the user to download a spyware app.

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These malicious apps spy on phone users by recording their every move. Online account credentials, Kik message monitoring, and other similar activities are just a few examples. Plus, hackers can see the photos, chats, and messages of their targets through the target’s phone.

Kik Can Monitor Your Messages

Kik does not monitor user communications in real time, but your chat history is still searchable in their databases. This means that your chat history could be exposed in the event of a data breach on Kik’s servers. As a result, the contents of your chat, including any sensitive information you may have disclosed, may be made available to the public.

Privacy Issues With Kik

Kik has become a haven for con artists due to its lack of identity and phone number verification requirements. As a result, the Kik app is not the best place to meet people or have meaningful conversations with strangers.

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This is due to the possibility that the person you are chatting with and considering to be a nice person or a friend is actually a scammer. Don’t open links from unknown sources or share private information with strangers.

Is It Safe For Children To Use Kik?

Sure, as long as Mom and Dad are keeping an eye out. More than 50 million people around the world using Kik, a free messaging app that facilitates communication with total strangers. Kik’s age restriction of “over the age of 17” is not enforced in any way. In addition, kids can talk to strangers online who they think are their age because it is so simple to make up a false identity.

Although some messages may be reported and removed after being deemed inappropriate, Kik does not actively screen for sexually explicit content.

Kik’s anonymity features have made it appealing to predators who prey on children who aren’t yet aware of the risks they face. And while most parents wouldn’t dream of letting their kids download the most popular dating app Tinder, many might be more open to the idea of them downloading Kik.

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Is Kik A Private App?

The number of people who use the messaging app Kik is consistently high. Kik’s huge user base can be attributed to the fact that it offers functionalities not available on competing for messaging platforms.

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Users of this app can have discreet conversations with their pals. The users can have a conversation with their pals without giving out any personal information. So, if you were wondering, “Is Kik private?” rest assured that it is entirely so.

Is There Anything Dangerous About Using Kik?

Kik has a lot of advantages, but there are also some risks that parents should be aware of.

If law enforcement wanted access to user data, they would need a warrant, but since Kik doesn’t collect or store any personal information, they wouldn’t have it. For this reason, you have no way of knowing with certainty who your child is communicating with while using the app.

Kik users can chat without giving out their real names or phone numbers, and the app doesn’t snoop on their conversations or store their contact details. Because of this anonymity, child predators are able to more easily use Kik to communicate with minors.

Many users of Kik have admitted to exchanging nude photos and other sexually explicit messages. There is no way to know how far a photo will travel or who will see it once it has been leaked.

Users of Kik can do more than just chat with one another; the app supports the exchange of media like videos from YouTube, drawings, GIFs, and more. This means that stranger-shared content could be harmful to children.

The News About Kik Is Bad for Business

A Philadelphia Action News undercover reporter pretended to be a 16-year-old girl on the Kik messaging app in 2017. The reporter had lewd photos sent to her within minutes.

Forbes released the results of its own investigation, which revealed multiple instances of child exploitation on Kik. We won’t bore you with the gory details, but know that Kik used to be crawling with predators. To see the dangers of Kik, all you have to do is conduct a simple Internet search of Kik predators; the results will make your skin crawl.

Just how terrible was it? The messaging app Kik announced in September 2019 that it would be closing permanently. However, another major development occurred a month later, which surpassed the significance of the initial announcement. According to an October 2019 Kik announcement, the app would continue to exist thanks to a purchase by California-based MediaLab. Yet, the question, “How safe is Kik?” remains a concern for parents.

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