Is Laura Coates Pregnant? Is She Married To Dale Gordon?

Is Laura Coates Pregnant?

Now serving in the capacity of Senior Legal Analyst for CNN, Laura Coates is best recognized for her work as an attorney, commentator, author, and associate professor at the George Washington University School of Law. Coates has experience as an attorney in a variety of settings, including public and private firms. Despite this, she is not permitted to engage in the practice of law or to represent private clients at this time. Instead, she is the host of The Laura Coates Show, which is a weekday talk show broadcast on the P.O.T.U.S. channel of SiriusXM.

She is also the author of “You Have the Right: A Constitutional Guide to Policing the Police,” which was published in 2016 and became a New York Times bestseller. This book examines police liability as well as the interaction between the police and the community.

Career Of Laura Coates

In the beginning of her career, Coates worked as an attorney in private businesses in Minnesota and New York. There, she represented clients in a wide variety of disputes, including those pertaining to property rights, debates over the first amendment, slander, and media law.

She later became a successful federal prosecutor after being hired by the public service department of the United States Department of Justice, where she had been recruited. She worked as a Trial Attorney in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice during the Bush and Obama administrations, with the primary focus of her work being the protection of citizens’ constitutionally protected right to vote across the nation. In addition to this, she also held the position of Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, where she was responsible for the prosecution of a wide variety of serious felony charges. These included drug trafficking, armed crimes, domestic abuse, child abuse, and sexual violence, among others.

Laura Coates Career

The Continuing Legal Education (CLE) status of Coates is voluntarily restricted at the Minnesota Judicial Branch. This indicates that she has chosen not to keep an active license and to meet the educational and reporting duties that are outlined in the CLE Rules. Despite the fact that she is in good standing, she does not have permission to practice law at this time.

Subsequently 2017, Coates has been the host of The Laura Coates Broadcast, which initially began as a daily show but has since transitioned into a weekday talk show airing on SiriusXM’s P.O.T.U.S. channel. Coates engages the audience in a thought-provoking discussion about the intersection of politics, the legal system, and popular culture during his act, which he refers to as “edutaining.” In between the more serious parts of the program, she’ll throw in some of her trademark pranks, which showcase her intelligence, sense of humor, and refined style.

In addition to the experiences she has gained throughout her career, Coates is currently an associate professor at the George Washington University School of Law. In this role, she travels the country giving lectures on topics such as civil and human rights, social equity, economic independence, and springs of faith. Her extensive professional background enabled her to earn the position of constitutional expert. In addition, she has garnered admiration from people all around the world thanks to her convincing neutrality and her capacity to comprehend difficult and emotionally fraught themes without displaying any form of bias.

Is She Married To Dale Gordon?

A significant number of websites on the internet have named her spouse Dale Gordon. On the other hand, the accusations regarding the name of her husband appear to be untrue. In none of her public appearances or posts across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, she has ever divulged the identity of her husband.

Is She Married To Dale Gordon?

In spite of the fact that Coates has covered up both the photo and the name of her spouse, it has been determined that the couple tied the knot in July. During their honeymoon, they also rode the “Eurorail train,” and while they were there, a random passenger gave them a bottle of wine.

The information was initially shared by the CNN journalist via an Instagram post on the 31st of July, 2019. Coates uploaded a picture to her Instagram account with a note that she had received from a server at a restaurant. She went on to say that she read the message on her wedding anniversary while she was at a restaurant with her family. In addition to that, she said that a complete stranger had paid for her meal as a random act of kindness.

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Her Daughter Battles With Her Dark Skin

On the 20th of August in 2018, Coates disclosed that her daughter has an issue with the complexion of her skin. She was upset and couldn’t stop crying as she relived the moment her daughter Sydney told her that she despised her skin tone as she was on her program on Sirius XM. The event had left her feeling helpless. She sobbed as she continued to speak:

“Hearing my kid tell me this morning that she just didn’t like the way that she looked was such a crushing blow to my heart. It tore a hole in my chest.” Coates stated, “If anyone has any suggestion for me about what I can do to make my daughter feel what I know she is — because dropping her off at school this morning almost killed me — because I know she is — because I know she is — because I know she is — because I know she is — because I know she is

Coates also addressed her own experience, which included instances in which she was bullied due to the fact that she is of African descent. She voiced her concern that her young child, who was only a toddler at the time, may suffer the same fate.

She went into additional detail about what had taken place. In addition, some of the children at the elementary school where her daughter, who is 4 years old, attends chose not to invite her to their “princess tent” celebration because of the color of her skin. As a direct consequence of this, her daughter had developed an insecurity over the appearance of her skin.

Is Laura Coates Pregnant?

In a recent video, viewers noticed changes in her physical appearance. However, Laura did not disclose any information regarding her new pregnancy in the year 2022. We are unable to draw any conclusions regarding her pregnancy unless and until she confirms or denies rumors that she is expecting. Laura Coates and her husband, Dale Gordon, are the parents of two children, and Laura frequently shares images of her children on various social media platforms.

However, she has not revealed their appearances in any of the photographs. They are either turning their backs to the camera or hugging her at this very moment. Coates is the proud parent of a beautiful daughter as well as a handsome son. In addition to that, she is enjoying every minute of being a mother and bringing up her children. However, fans are anxiously awaiting news in 2022 regarding Laura’s potential pregnancy. She has been keeping her pregnancy a closely guarded secret up until this point.

FAQs – People Also Ask

What is Laura Coates doing now?

A legal commentator for CNN, Laura Gayle Coates was born in the United States on July 11, 1980. She is a legal expert for CNN, having joined the network in May 2016. She has been the anchor of a talk radio show on SiriusXM’s Urban View channel since 2017. In early January of 2021, the Laura Coates Show began airing on SiriusXM’s POTUS channel.

Is Laura Coates married to husband Dale Gordon?

From the looks of her social media, Laura Coates and her husband, Dale Gordon, are very happy together. She has kept his identity hidden from the public and the press. As a result of her excellent judgment, she must have found a handsome, kind, and considerate companion.

How tall is Laura Coates?

Coates, Laura Measurements: 1. Brown Eyes Cut/Color of Hair, No. 2: Brown 3 Height in Centimeters: 5′ 2″ Feet/Shoe Size: There is currently no verified information. 5 Coates, Laura In the midst of a pregnancy? At the moment, she is not planning to have children.

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