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Is Pat Mcafee Returns To WWE: Post College Football Season?

Is Pat Mcafee Returns To WWE: Post College Football Season?

Recent months have seen a significant influx of top-tier WWE talent onto the SmackDown roster. As a result of the recent management shakeup, many former blue brand superstars have made their way back to the brand. Pat McAfee, a talent and pundit personality who has been sorely missed, might soon be making a comeback at some point in the near future.

Since September, McAfee has not been seen on any WWE TV programming because he is concentrating on his new work as a commentator for ESPN’s Gameday College Football. The colourful commentator was adamant at first about juggling both his duties in WWE and ESPN.

However, the new Head of Creative for WWE, Triple H, suggested that he take some time off and follow the new initiative instead of trying to juggle both jobs at once.

It’s possible that McAfee will return to WWE and join the SmackDown commentary table as soon as the college football season has concluded, which would be exciting news for the WWE Universe.

Since McAfee has been absent from the blue brand on a weekly basis, Wade Barrett has been acting as a temporary replacement for him. Pat McAfee is expected to return from his time off in 2023, and we will have to wait and watch how he will spend his time as the lively and harmful pundit at that time.

Pat McAfee received appreciation from a WWE star for his work on SmackDown

The tumultuous pairing of veteran Michael Cole and newcomer Pat McAfee on the SmackDown commentary crew has been well received by the audience. The WWE Universe felt that Pat McAfee’s infectious energy blended nicely with Cole’s cool-headed demeanour to create a new commentary voice.

After the new government of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H taking the helm in 2022, Michael Cole has recently become less restrained with his remarks and zeal. The wrestling community has noticed that Cole is delivering his lines with more emotion than before, and many were convinced that McAfee was to blame.

Cole claimed in an interview with The Atlantic that Pat McAfee was the one who rekindled his enthusiasm for the pro wrestling business. He added that one of his professional milestones was commentating at WrestleMania 38 with McAfee by his side.

Pat helped reinvigorate my love for our business. I have been sitting in that chair at ringside for 25 years calling live sports entertainment every single week. I have missed two television shows over that period. As one can imagine, that amount of repetition can become tedious after time. Pat changed all that, and each week became a new adventure and a new chapter in my career. Pat also gave me the confidence to open up and have fun out there. One of my career highlights was calling Pat’s match at WrestleMania. He deserves all his success,” said Cole.

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Could it be at the Royal Rumble on January 28th in San Antonio, Texas?

McAfee is no stranger to the excitement in the squared circle, so he would undoubtedly be a fantastic surprise entry in the Rumble Match itself. Imagine the packed house counting down from ten to one before McAfee’s music starts playing. He would be thrust back into the WWE Universe with a bang from the audience as if he had never left.

Return to the announce table during Wrestlemania?

It would be wise for McAfee to take a short break from all of the travelling that he has been doing right now in order to refresh himself. He will then return to his proper position next to Michael Cole on April 1 at the Showcase of the Immortals after hosting his weekday show from Indianapolis for a few months during the meantime. The show would receive an instant boost that would make it feel more unique because of his intensity.

We have no doubt that whenever and whenever McAfee reappears, it will be at one hundred miles per hour and immediately remind us why McAfee is quickly rising to the level of one of the all-time greats right before our own eyes.

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