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Because puppy sales are at an all-time high, it’s not surprising that you might be looking for a new dog right now. The truth is that puppy scams are on the rise as puppy purchases do.

In today’s digital age, practically everyone shops online, including when looking for a new puppy! Do not panic; if you are aware of the warning signs to watch for, it is simple to identify puppy frauds online. Finding a reputable breeder is made even simpler when you know what inquiries to make. Before beginning your online puppy search, read the following information.

How Do Puppy Scams Work?

How Do Puppy Scams Work

Online puppy scammers advertise phoney litters or pose as someone they’re not (often an established breeder) to prey on unsuspecting victims. dog sales (sans the puppies.) If you don’t take caution, you can locate the ideal dog, give the ‘breeder’ your money, and never get a puppy or any other correspondence in exchange.

While these false listings frequently surface on places like Craigslist, some con artists manage to pass as legitimate breeders by collecting their customers’ personal information. fortunately, it’s simple to know what to look for when purchasing a puppy, ensuring both safety and enjoyment.

What Constitutes A Red Flag?

Not a single call. The vendor would rather communicate via email than the phone. A respectable breeder will always get in touch with you by phone or video chat (if not in person). dishonest vendors are frequently located outside of the United States and may be concealing their phone numbers by just contacting them over email. stock photographs or knockoffs. Many websites contain images of the dog or advertisements. To determine whether the vendor copied and pasted text from another website, look for it in the listing unreliable payment.

The seller requests wire transfers or gift cards as forms of payment. Be advised that the likelihood of receiving your money back if you use a non-secure way of payment is quite slim. Avoid utilizing apps like Venmo to pay strangers since it is more difficult to get your money back if you don’t receive what you paid for. Typically, using a credit card or PayPal to make a payment

Sturdiest Alternatives

The price is unreasonably low. Beforehand, do some research on the cost of the breed you are thinking about. Usually, purebred canines offered at steep discounts are fakes. You can contact the organisation to confirm if the seller claims to register their canines with it. insignia for breeders. Breeders cannot receive badges from the AKC. American Shepherd puppy in miniature lying in the grass.

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How Many People Have Puppy Scams Affected?

How Many People Have Puppy Scams Affected

Almost 10,000 fraud reports and complaints about “companies” selling puppies and dogs have been received in the last three years, according to BBB data. Since only 10% of victims of these crimes report them, the actual figure could be significantly higher.

60 percent of According to these allegations, some customers never got the pets they ordered, while others got animals with health or genetic issues or without any accompanying paperwork.

According to Steve Bernas, president and chief executive officer of BBB servicing Chicago and Northern Illinois, scammers “love to try to take advantage of people when they are in high emotion situations.” “The joy of getting a new pet can impair judgement, and victims might suffer financially and emotionally when they learn they have lost their money and dreams for a new pet,” says the article.

How Can I Discern Safely an Online Breeder Or Puppy Seller?

Legitimate sources will always take the time and effort to ensure the puppy you get is what you paid for, unlike fraudsters who are likely to start talking money right away.

Study customer and referral feedback. The finest places to buy purebred puppies will have a lot of recommendations or positive reviews from happy puppy parents demonstrating their legitimacy and reputation.
Get to know the breeder or puppy vendor. Always request a phone call or online video chat. When feasible, it’s fantastic to meet in person.

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Demand Proof.

Be brave; trustworthy breeders will be pleased to provide you with information on your puppy’s parents as well as documentation of their screenings and health records. You should confirm that the puppy has been examined by a qualified veterinarian and be familiar with the puppy’s vaccination schedule. Additionally, this will enable you to have the necessary medical information when you bring your puppy home and to be aware of the subsequent vaccinations that are required.
Obtain documents. Make sure you have a copy of your dog’s paperwork before you leave with your puppy. Both the phrase “American Kennel Club” and the AKC logo must be legible. When a breeder or puppy seller is reluctant to hand you paperwork, this is typically a red flag.

Be tolerant. You should exercise caution if someone pressures you to decide quickly about a puppy or if they appear eager to close the sale or receive your deposit right away. Such actions are frequently a red flag that the person you are working with is a con artist and there is no puppy.

As long as you keep an eye out for the aforementioned red flags, the AKC Marketplace is one of the finest venues to begin your puppy hunt. AKC Marketplace is the only website that solely lists pups from litters that can be registered with the AKC, and it conducts thousands of kennel inspections each year. When looking for a dog on AKC Marketplace, report any questionable activity.

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