Shaq Justifies Why He Will Never Return To The NBA After Retiring

Shaquille O'Neal announces retirement

Shaquille O’Neal, the iconic centre for the Los Angeles Lakers, is unquestionably one of the best and most dominant players the National Basketball Association (NBA) has ever seen.

During his career, which earned him a spot in the Hall of Fame, he amassed a total of four championships, three of which were won in Los Angeles, and provided fans with an abundance of unforgettable experiences.

If the young talent helps propel Boston near the top of the league in 2011-12, it could be the right circumstances for Shaquille O’Neal to come out of retirement for one last run at a championship.

In the past, he might have held a press conference to announce his retirement, but now he simply sends out a tweet and makes ingenious use of the new real-time social media tool Tout.

The last thing that Celtics supporters want to see next year is anyone older than 30 years old on the club, and that includes Jermaine O’Neal.

However, if everything falls into place, the addition of Shaquille to the Celtics’ roster before the end of the free agency period could prove to be the decisive factor in the team’s success down the stretch and in the postseason.

In light of the fact that Shaq is on the verge of officially calling it quits, the Celtics will be able to spend the rest of the season integrating more youthful and athletic players into their scheme. In terms of the roster, you should anticipate losing at least one big guy and possibly two.

It is imperative that the younger players get as much playing time as they possibly can if they are to maintain their position as future cornerstone players.

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Even in a reduced position, Shaq would take minutes away from the younger players who need to learn by doing, and they need those minutes. Shaq’s blockage is not something that Boston needs at this time.

O’Neal will have plenty of time to recuperate completely from all of his ailments, get into fantastic shape, and assess the situation before determining whether or not one more attempt at a fifth ring is reasonable if he sits out the first half of the season.

In the event that Shaq achieves his fitness goals, the choice will be up to him. He has the option of remaining retired, or he could pick up the phone and inquire with Danny Ainge, the president of basketball operations for the Celtics, as to whether or not the team would be interested in having the Big Shamrock come back.

In recent times, there has been speculation regarding the comeback of superstar players. Dwyane Wade, another former teammate of O’Neal’s, has made the announcement that he will be returning to the Miami Heat for one more season.

O’Neal himself has speculated that Kobe Bryant will remain with the Los Angeles Lakers for one more season. There is no chance of Shaq making a comeback at this time in his career.

Shaquille O'Neal announces retirement

O’Neal stated that he would never come out of retirement for a return to the NBA because he wants the memories that people have of him in the league to remain the same. He made this statement while making an appearance on The Official Lakers Podcast.

O’Neal said, “The memories that people have of me, that’s where I want my DVD to end. The lob pass from Kobe, everything like that. The battles that we used to engage in, complete with elbows. In the regular season, Shaq had a 28-point average, but in the postseason, he shot up to 40 points a game. It comes to an end there.”

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This is very fair given that many athletes across all sports have a tendency to hold on for too long, which can damage the way fans view them.

O’Neal had many memorable moments while playing for the Lakers, the Heat, and the Magic, and he hopes that those are the ones that fans will most often think of.

Naturally, when dealing with somebody of his calibre, ultimately just the good times are what people remember. Nobody ever brings up Michael Jordan’s time with the Washington Wizards, Hakeem Olajuwon and Patrick Ewing’s time with the Toronto Raptors, or Patrick Ewing’s time with the Seattle SuperSonics.

Even if O’Neal were to try to make a comeback, it would in no way be able to eclipse the success he has already achieved. Nevertheless, the fact that he is 46 years old means that the prospects of a comeback are, at best, minimal, and that’s great because his resume is just as outstanding as anyone else’s in the history of the NBA.

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