Is Spokeo Legit & 20 Million Users are Fake?

Is Spokeo Legit?

Spokeo first appeared in 2006. Since its launch 16 years ago, they’ve grown into a social search engine that attracts over 20 million unique users every month.

Spokeo, which has been included in both Deloitte’s tech fast 500 and Inc.’s 5000, scours over 12 billion records from over a thousand data sources to provide you peace of mind when transacting business online.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and hundreds of five-star Spokeo ratings, this intelligence service has helped millions of consumers rediscover lost contacts and even avoid becoming victims of online fraud.

To determine if Spokeo really is the one-stop-shop for internet background checks, we look deeper into the service. We’ll discuss the several kinds of background checks you can run with Spokeo, as well as the service’s price and subscription tiers, and how user-friendly it is.

What Exactly Is Spokeo?

In the United States, Spokeo’s popularity as a people search tool is unparalleled. Users can conduct a search for a certain individual based on a variety of criteria, including name, phone number, address, email, and more.

Contact details, social media profiles, and even criminal histories might all turn up in a search’s results. Contrarily, Spokeo can be a helpful resource for reuniting with long-lost acquaintances and loved ones. Don’t forget that everything it contains is available to the public and should be utilized with caution because of this. 

spokeo app

Identity theft and other crimes could be committed with the help of Spokeo’s data if it is misused. So, before utilizing Spokeo or any other search engine, you should consult an attorney. The program provides an abundance of resources for locating a certain person.

Everything from your online profiles and public information to your email and white page listings is fair game. The data about the person can be found quickly and easily thanks to the search engine’s comprehensive layout. In this way, you may easily track down each one of the United States three hundred million citizens.

The service can be utilized by anyone with just a few basic actions. The service can also be used to research a person’s background, including their credit history and criminal record.

Spokeo Controversy

“So, JUST SO YOU KNOW — is a virtual phone book that includes a photo of your residence “This breathless chain email has been circulating the Internet for the past three years. It’s probably impossible to locate an inbox or wall on Facebook that hasn’t been disrupted by the terrifying message.

It has all the hallmarks of urban legend spam, but Spokeo is really such a thing. In fact, the site is so legitimate that the FTC has now fined it $800,000 for allegedly misleading consumers and breaking the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Although Spokeo did not confess guilt by agreeing to pay the fee, it also did not try to avoid the Big Brother comparisons. In spite of the penalty, the site continued to use the slogan “Not your grandma’s phone book” on its home page on Wednesday.

A lot of people have heard about Spokeo due to the scary allegations made in chain emails and internet posts: One version boasts, “It’s an online phonebook that has a photo of your house, credit score, career, age, and the number of people who reside in the house,” hoping to go viral.

spokeo information directory

Spokeo Membership

There are two primary paths presented to users in all Spokeo Membership reviews: signing up for a free account or paying a membership price.

Free Sign-Ups

By signing up on the website or using the mobile app, you can create a free account with some limited functionality. Among its many useful functions is the ability to attach a name and/or picture to an incoming call.

It helps block unwanted calls, whether they’re from scammers, salespeople, or someone you just don’t want to talk to.

Subscription Fees

Paid membership grants unrestricted use to all the site has to offer. More than twelve billion public records may be accessed, profiles can be monitored, users can receive updates notifications, and data from personal address books can be accessed.

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We’ll talk about how much it costs to use the Spokeo service in this section of our evaluation. How much does it cost to join the organization in its entirety? Come on, then, let’s find out.

Spokeo Enterprise is the company’s lineup of commercial plans. The following are the prices for each of the three business plans available:

spokeo tracker
  • The most common type of business subscribes to the basic plan, which costs $35.95 per month. It’s been our experience that the majority of this plan’s members never use it for anything but private, non-commercial purposes.
  • The Professional Plan costs $65.95 a month and provides access to 500 detailed reports on firms and individuals.
  • Among the available plans, the Enterprise Plan is considered the best option. A monthly subscription of $119.95 gets you a whopping one thousand reports.

To our dismay, however, additional research into Spokeo’s people search discovered that even their most fundamental price plans for individual customers are not as transparent as we had hoped.

A Spokeo subscription is “extremely reasonable” and there is a range of low-cost payment plans available. But this isn’t much help in answering the query “How much does a Spokeo membership cost?”

What’s The Best Use Of Spokeo Background Check Service?

Many different things can be accomplished with Spokeo’s people search engine. Spokeo has been praised for its ability to help people locate long-lost contacts, monitor their partners’ internet use, and even spot signs of fraud.

Spokeo exclusively offers background checks based on information gleaned from publicly available sources, as that is the company’s primary focus.

In accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the web service may not be utilized to make decisions about a person’s employment, credit, insurance, or rental eligibility (Fair Credit Reporting Act).

If that’s the case, you may want to look into tenant screening or other types of background check services.

Spokeo compiles data from a wide variety of sources into one convenient location. There is zero assessment or confirmation of the information gathered.

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Critiques On Spokeo And Reputation In Cyberspace

Spokeo’s A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau demonstrates its prominence as a preferred social search platform. Only 177 of the 390 complaints submitted to Spokeo over the past three years have been handled during that time.

Among all complaints, 108 were about the quality of service, and 144 were about billing. We found that the majority of customer complaints included pricing confusion, for which Spokeo provided reimbursements.

Many additional complaints come from individuals who are not members but who have asked that their information be deleted. Spokeo does utilize data found in public sources. Such as websites, social media, real estate listings, phone books, and consumer surveys.

While some reviewers have complained about inaccurate data, others have praised the service. You can trust the evaluations posted on Spokeo’s own site because they are genuine.


In order to safeguard themselves from con artists and fraudsters. Spokeo members can conduct a thorough online search and acquire multiple background reports. Spokeo is useful for people who desire to reconnect with long-lost acquaintances or relatives.

The Service has been praised in numerous user evaluations. Demonstrating the service’s usefulness in providing users with peace of mind by verifying their identity and whereabouts. Spokeo can fulfill all of your verification needs in one convenient place.

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